Friday, January 10, 2014

How to order from Liz Lisa

Edit: 4/25/2014

NEW! How to order from Liz Lisa and Tokyo Kawaii Life video and photo tutorial here!
 Edit: 4/8/2014
Please note: The site has changed as of 4/1/2014. VENT Online Store --> Tokyo Kawaii Life. The ordering process remains much the same, but the look and name of the website is different.
I hope to make a second how-to video with the new website, but I want to wait until I place an order myself to help walk you through all the steps completely. The next video will be available after I place my next order! Done!


I've had this posted on my YouTube and Tumblr for awhile but forgot to make a post for it here!
How to order from Liz Lisa (and Tokyo Kawaii Life) using as a forwarding service broken down step-by-step for first time buyers in English

The basics -
1. Register with and receive a Tenso address
2. Register with Tokyo Kawaii Life/Liz Lisa using your Tenso address
3. Shop with any or all of the VENT stores -- Liz Lisa, Juge Etta, Tralala and Liz Lisa Doll
4. Checkout with your credit card and ship to your Tenso address
5. Tenso will receive the package
6. You pay Tenso for EMS shipping (based on the weight of your items) + service fee (based on your item subtotal)
7. Tenso will ship your items to you

Important sites:
Liz Lisa Online Shop -
Tenso -

This video is specifically for ordering from Liz Lisa/Tokyo Kawaii Life, but you can use Tenso to order from any store that will not ship to you internationally (such as Ank Rouge). Simply use your Tenso address as your mailing address and the process is very much the same.

I tried my best with this video tutorial, and I hope it will be of use to someone! It is a little wordy, but to avoid any confusion, I thought it best to just explain even some of the most common sense steps. I'll do my best to answer any questions you have ♡

**I should have mentioned that Tenso charges the service fee based on the monetary value of your items. The EMS shipping fee is determined by the weight of your items and the shipping supplies. You will not always pay 1990yen to use their service which was the example in the video. If you know how much your items will weigh (as far as I know, Liz Lisa does not list item weight), Tenso has a cost calculator at the bottom of their main site**


  1. Hi Emi,
    Thanks for posting this! I was using this guideline to order from Ankrouge but I wasn't very successful :( my order said " お客様は現在、ご購入、発送後、受取拒否、長期不在、キャンセル、お客様ご都合によるご返品のいずれかが多いためお受け取りの意志が無いと断定され、システムでご購入に制限がかかっている状態です。

    do you have any idea what this means? >< thank you in advance

    1. Hi there. Just so you know, this post is the old tutorial and there is an updated one here - But regardless, I'm not sure why you had a problem since I've also used the basics from this tutorial and applied it to ordering from Ank Rouge in the past.
      I really can't be sure what the message says since I'm not fluent in Japanese, but did your credit card get charged? At what point did you get this message? Months after your order or immediately? If you can provide a few more details, I *might* be able to help you a little better, but at this point, maybe someone who can provide a better translation would be best.

    2. Thank you so much for replying!

      I think Ailand had an issue with my tenso address even though I entered everything correctly (which was odd cause I ordered from before)

      I ended up using a different japanese address from another company instead :X

      Please update if you have an issue with Ailand if you make a future purchase with them ^^"

    3. Glad that you were able to figure it out but I'm not sure why you weren't successful earlier. I talked to a few of my friends and one of them ordered from Ailand with Tenso as a forwarding service just a couple weeks ago with no issues and I don't think they (Ailand or my friend) have changed anything regarding their policies about this. (My other friends had also ordered from Ailand with Tenso and a forwarding service successfully as well but just not as recently,)