Friday, September 11, 2015

OOTD - August 2015 (Japan trip Summer 2015 coordinates)

I've really been slacking with outfits lately, but I think the important ones for August are the ones from my Japan trip! This post is being published a little late because I wanted to get all of the most relevant trip posts done first, but hopefully it can still be appreciated lol. I put a link to the trip blog post corresponding to each day with each outfit so you can go read the post to see what I did that day in that particular outfit lol. These were all taken once I was back in Hawaii because the Airbnb apartments we stayed in did not have full length mirrors and my bf is horrible at taking photos of me that I like so I gave up trying to get them on the actual day and just recreated them at home the best I could. Overall, the trip was very, very humid, and I think the way I was dressed reflected the weather lol.

Outfit for Day 1 -
Liz Lisa stripe peekaboo OP, off brand cardigan, Liz Lisa rose quilted purse and Liz Lisa flower lace-up back wedge sandals --> then Ank Rouge lace frill high top sneakers

Outfit for Day 2 -
Liz Lisa lace sleeveless top, Liz Lisa floral chiffon sukapan, Liz Lisa rose quilted purse and Ank Rouge sneakers

Outfit for Day 3 -
Nineteen89 floral dress, Liz Lisa crochet cover up, Liz Lisa rose quilted purse and Ank Rouge lace frill high top sneakers

Outfit for Day 4 -
Liz Lisa sunflower OP and Liz Lisa (flower removed) wedge pumps --> then Liz Lisa flower lace up back wedge sandals

Outfit for Day 5 -
Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab sweets OP in pink, Liz Lisa rose quilted purse and Liz Lisa (flower removed) wedge pumps

Outfit for Day 6 -
Liz Lisa off shoulder ribbon blouse, Liz Lisa cinderella suspender skirt, Liz Lisa 2015 3 piece cup Team C bag and Tralala pearl gladiator wedge sandals

Outfit for Day 7 -

Outfit for Day 8 -

Outfit for Day 9 -

Outfit for Day 10 -

Outfit for Day 11 -
Spinns ruffle sleeve collar embroidery top, Liz Lisa floral chiffon sukapan, my Liz Lisa tote and trunk! and Ank Rouge lace frill high top sneakers

The items I brought with me from home are the ones that do not have a link in the description of the outfit. I packed: 4 dresses, 2 tops, 2 bottoms, 2 cover ups, 1 purse and 1 pair of sandals. If I bought it during the trip, the item does have a link, and the link goes to the blog post about that item. You can kind of see that I wore all of the clothes that I brought with me first and exhausted those options, and then I went straight for all of the new stuff lol. For the clothes, that was intentional. For the purse and the shoes, it was not lol. There were some days where I changed footwear in the middle of the day because of situational appropriateness lol. I did re-wear 1 top and 1 bottom, but thankfully we were able to do laundry while we were there, so the clothes weren't gross despite all the sweating due to the heat lol.

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  1. Ehhh, I can't pick a favorite outfit lololol. Maybe the outfit on day 2?

    1. Haha thanks. I feel like I wasn't as "creative" as I wanted to be because my feet were constantly dying and it was so freaking hot. Spring coordinates definitely won over these.

  2. Hi Emi! :) You look pretty in all outfits♡ I loved the snikers ^^
    I don't like hot weater and is really difficult for me try to wear kawaii clothes but you look very fresh and nice !

    1. Thank you! I'm not a huge fan of hot weather either but at least there are some good sales during summer, haha.