Monday, October 26, 2015

OOTD - September & October 2015

I've been slacking a little bit with the outfits. After coming back from my trip I kind of just wore the clothes that I bought on the trip (because I mean no one saw me wear it in Japan so I can wear it right away at home lol) so there wasn't much new to show. And lately I've just been feeling kind of lackluster with fashion (and idk even maybe life??), so I've been repeating a lot of outfits or just not putting in a lot of effort. I also haven't been doing too much shopping because I did my share of it for this time period on the trip. But enough excuses, here are the few from the past two months-ish -

Outfit 1 -

Outfit 2 -

Outfit 3 -

Liz Lisa floral ribbon OP, Flag J pumps, bow barrette from Daiso & Michael Kors handbag

Outfit 4 -

Outfit 5 -
Liz Lisa floral shirring OP, bow headband, Dream V heart heel mules & Betsey Johnson dot bow handbag

Outfit 6 -
Liz Lisa big flower romper, Flag J pumps & Samantha Thavasa purse with Kaiyukan whale shark charm and Liz Lisa Champouf flower charm

Outfit 7 -

Outfit 8 -

Outfit 9 -

Outfit 10 -

Outfit 11 - 
Liz Lisa dot flower OP, off brand cardigan, Flag J pumps & Samantha Thavasa purse with Liz Lisa Champouf flower charm and pom pom charm

Outfit 12 -
Liz Lisa bouquet print OP, Flag J pumps & Ank Rouge handbag

Outfit 13 -
Material Girl lace dress, Flag J sandals & Juicy Couture purse 

Outfit 14 -
Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno stripe flower OP, Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals in pink, bow barrette from Daiso & Samantha Thavasa bow handbag with Champouf pass case

Outfit 15 (for the Epik High Hawaii concert!) -
Material Girl peplum top, Material Girl skinny pants and Guess? mary jane pumps

Outfit 16 -
Liz Lisa x My Melody 2nd collab OP, Liz Lisa ruffle ribbon purse and Liz Lisa flower wedge sandals

Changed it up with a few non Liz Lisa coordinates in this post lol. The Cecil McBee is actually a huge current favorite of mine. I love the combination of that top and skirt and I definitely want to shop from the brand more during sales lol. Also my outfit from the Epik High Hawaii concert is definitely one that isn't seen very often on this blog but actually closer to what I typically wear when not in Liz Lisa. I was a bit overdressed for the concert compared to a lot of other audience members because I had no idea what to expect but I still liked the look lol. Hopefully I'll have better or more innovative outfits for the next post :3


  1. I really love the 6th outfit! Aside from my sucker for blue, the whole outfit is just so polished!

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad I ended up getting the romper :)

  2. Is the white dot and flower print dress quite a thick fabric? I've been eyeing it off, but Australian Summers are so hot... and I don't want to buy a dress that I can't wear.
    You have also inspired me to wear Liz Lisa more to my school, rather than keep it in my closet and never reallt wear it, and it makes me so much happier :)

    1. No, definitely not imo. It's not flimsy or cheapy & it is fully lined, but for an item that's technically from autumn, it's more of a summer material. I would not call it thick by any means but in the same vein, it's not like lingerie thin or anything. I actually think it's a really good material for the weather I have here. Hope that makes sense. I definitely understand your concerns.

  3. I love love love outfit 16 ^^ Lol, it's funny how many of these items this month I have as well. looking super cute last month and the one before too~