Thursday, October 8, 2015

Only Love Daily online shop: first purchase & how to

I follow a few shops/brands and shop staff on Twitter, and one day I noticed some new stuff in my feed coming from Miauler Mew & their shop staff! Tbh I was really confused at first, probably because I'm not overly familiar with Miauler Mew but also because of my limited Japanese skills. Anyway, I finally caught on that Miauler Mew has a sister brand of sorts called Only Love Daily which features items that are a little more otona/adult style, but still very cute and casual. It's definitely a departure from the loud colors and prints of Miauler Mew though.

What really piqued my interest is how amazing the shop staff looks in the items -
Everything fits so well and is coordinated on point! I'm really not a fan of overly distressed denim for myself but I like the use of it here. And I feel like there's quite a range even in just these photos from a bit cutesy to more casual cool. I also really like the use of hats!

This was enough to convince me to check out the web shop which was linked in the tweets. I had a little trouble accessing the website from one of my computers. I'm not sure why - if it's some kind of firewall or something? because the website doesn't have a ".com" or something similar? I really don't know. But I didn't have any problems with my laptop and that's all that really matters lol.

In any case, I poked around the website for a bit and noticed that there were a few items on sale for a price that I didn't mind paying just to try it out. On a complete whim, I decided to attempt to register/create an account for the web store and see if I could make a purchase. I didn't have too much trouble and the process isn't very complicated. If I had come against any sort of real road block, I would have given up and resolved to just admire the pieces on Twitter, but it was simple enough that I went through with everything at like 11:00pm without thinking too hard about anything lol.
I was a bit worried that they wouldn't take my credit card or they wouldn't ship to my Tenso address or something like that, but I received the order confirmation email and then the shipment alert email the next day without any fuss. And within 24 hours of shipment, I had already received an email from Tenso letting me know my package had arrived! Super quick and no headache on my part worrying that I had filled out the form wrong lol.
(I'm including a short how-to-register/order tutorial at the bottom of this post if you want to order as well and need a little help or reassurance.)

Here's my small order! -

Back ribbon OP in black

Back open OP in white

Flare OP in pink

Sorry for just a quick post of the pictures without too much individual commentary but I don't have much to say about them individually and feel pretty blah. None of these items fit me very well which is not what I was expecting at all. I ordered the dresses in size M because that's usually the "letter size" equivalent of Japanese free size and size S is typically just a little too small. I figured the shop staff in most of the twitter pictures was wearing size S and she was super tiny - much smaller than I consider myself. I don't know if these are just kind of janky pieces or what but they are huge. The white and pink dresses don't look too bad with the belt but I would NEVER wear them in public without it. And the black dress can't really be worn with a belt because of the cut and yeah that one fits especially horribly, especially in the top in the bust and under the arms and the waist too. Also can't wear it in public. It doesn't even really seem like the same dress from the stock photos based on the material? 
When I first opened the package, my first impression was that these items seemed like cheap, eBay-from-a-warehouse-in-China quality. I don't know if this is the case with all the items from this brand or just the ones made from this type of fabric. The items don't appear cheapy in the staff photos at all. Then again, I do feel like Miauler Mew items are a little bit on the cheaper side for fabrics but not THIS bad. Truly, it's not horrible but it's just not what I was expecting.
I would say this order is a complete bust for me. I don't want to get down on the brand as a whole because I feel like some of the designs are really interesting, but just based on what I have here, I wouldn't order any similar items and definitely not at full price. I'm glad I only purchased on sale this time and didn't gamble more money. I don't know how much of a difference it would have made if I ordered size S but there's no way for me to know now. If I do decide to order again in the future, that's definitely the size I'd get though. For girls who are a bit bigger than Japanese free size, maybe the size M from this brand might be better for you.
If you think these will fit you better than me and are interested in taking any of these off my hands, please let me know. I can provide more information on request. I know I won't be wearing any of them any time soon, if at all. Otherwise, they might just go straight to donation because the sizing is really not on par with what I feel comfortable wearing.

I know that I didn't have the best result from my order, but that doesn't mean that ordering from this brand won't be right for anyone else! If you're interested, the process basically follows along the vein for most Japanese online shops but since I had time, I made a short tutorial.

How to register and order from Only Love Daily online -
If you're unfamiliar with reading Japanese, you may want to use Google Chrome/automatic page translation.
You will need a forwarding service address to order from this website if you are an international (outside of Japan) customer. I personally use Tenso and will be referencing my address with Tenso in this guide. 
If you need help registering with Tenso, please use this guide before proceeding with your order from Only Love Daily.

Go to
In the top right, click on the My Account icon (the one that isn't your cart).

You're directed to this page to log in. You're a new member, so click on the new member registration link.

Enter your email address and then submit.

You'll get an email (to the email address you entered) with a link to complete the registration. The link expires, so if you don't do it before the allotted time, you'll need to complete the above steps again. In that same vein, you can only use this link once so be sure to open it in the browser you want.

 Fill in your member information including your email, password and your Tenso address/information. This is very similar to Liz Lisa/Tokyo Kawaii Life's or any Japanese online shop's registration process, so if you've done it before, it shouldn't be too difficult. There might be more than one way to do it, but the way I personally filled it out is outlined above using my Tenso address as a reference. (And it arrived at Tenso's warehouse without issue so I'm assuming it's okay.)
It will also ask for a fax number, so I put the Tenso's phone number for that as well but it's not a required field when you check out. It will also ask you if you want to subscribe to their mail magazine - elect in or out based on your own preference. 
You need to confirm the information on the next page after you complete the form, and then you should be ready to shop!

The website is pretty simple. I just use the categories on the left side to navigate to what types of items I want to look at. The top choice in kanji is "All items".

For certain items like OPs, be sure to select the color and size that you want. The size measurements are usually specified under the item name at the top. Free size usually equates to size "M" and is what I purchased for myself.

 Once you have all the items you want in your cart and everything (item, quantity, size, color etc) looks correct, click on the red check out button on the bottom to proceed.

This will take you to a screen that asks you to enter your log in information at the bottom. Enter your email address and password and then click the yellow log in button.

Once you log in, scroll down the page and you should see your member information as you entered it earlier. You shouldn't need to make any changes if you entered it correctly. Click the orange next button.

This page is asking you to choose your delivery method. There's essentially one choice. If you're using a Tenso address, you will be paying 864yen unless you met the minimum spending amount for free shipping.
Below this should be your shipping address which should already be filled in. You can double check it if you want to. Click the orange next button to proceed.

Then you need to pick your payment method. You cannot choose cash on delivery with Tenso and I doubt bank transfer will be advantageous (if even possible) for international customers. I would only suggest the middle option which is for credit cards. Click the orange next button.

 Fill out your credit card information. This form is pretty standard for any online shop regardless of country. The only difference is the option that I boxed in pink which is giving you the option to pay for this purchase in installments. I do not suggest trying to use this if you are unfamiliar with it. Leave it as the default which is the one in the pink box. If you're using a translator, it might translate as "lump-sum payment" or "bulk payment". This just means that you will be charged the full amount all at once which is how most purchases work. 
Once you have completed the form, click the orange next button.

On the next screen, scroll down and double and triple check all the information that you entered. Once you are satisfied with that all is correct, you will proceed with your purchase by clicking the red button on the right available at the top and bottom of the page. 

Then you should be directed to a confirmation page and also receive a confirmation email with this subject line. You do not need to take any action as a result of receiving this email.

When they have shipped your order, you will receive another email with this subject line. You do not need to take any action as a result of receiving this email.
Tenso will send you an email when they have received and in-processed your package. The remaining part of the process (package forwarding) needs to be completed with Tenso which has an English website. If you are unfamiliar with Tenso's process, you can check out this portion of my How to order from Tokyo Kawaii Life tutorial. I will not be repeating the steps in depth here. Essentially, you just need to pick your shipping method with Tenso, pay for the shipping, Tenso will ship your package and then you should receive it at your specified mailing address. Delivery speed depends on the shipping method you select.

(Note: I am nowhere near fluent in speaking, reading or writing Japanese. I am sharing this information based on my personal experience that I considered a success after one try, but I cannot answer anything more than basic questions concerning this process. I am still exploring and learning more about this site myself, but this information should be enough to help you make a simple purchase!
If you are having trouble proceeding past the credit card information form or checking out after the payment screen, your credit card company may be blocking the purchase because it's an international purchase and deemed "suspicious activity". The only way to resolve this is to contact your credit card company. Usually there's a phone number on the back of the card you can call and just approve the purchase. I cannot do anything to help you from my end and the online shop cannot do anything to help you. This is something you need to do for yourself.) 

Hope this is helpful if you are worried about ordering from this website! It worked for me, so I'm assuming it should be okay to work for others, but let me know if I should make any corrections. I didn't go through the registration process wholly again for this post (and wasn't 100% sure it was going to work when I did it the first time, so I hadn't done screenshots during that time), but usually filling in your Tenso address is the "hardest part" which is why I covered that specifically.
Good luck and happy shopping!


  1. It's a shame the items you purchased weren't too great for you - they look so nice the site and the shop staff :/

    1. I was pretty surprised about the outcome myself. I'd be interested to see a wider range of their products in store. I see a bunch of models and other people purchase from them so it can't be all bad? Price isn't horrible but sizing definitely needs to be right lol.

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