Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Buyee purchases 3 - Liz Lisa x My Melody 2nd collab OP, Liz Lisa Bouquet print OP & Liz Lisa novelty key pillow

After a long "hiatus" where nothing on Yahoo auctions was catching my eye, suddenly there was a whole bunch of things I wanted lol. I didn't win all of the auctions, but I did get a few things I'm really happy to now own! Most of these were purchased/won prior to my trip to Japan in August but I didn't consolidate and ship until after I got back lol.
After I consolidated, the weight was fine but apparently the box size was too big for SAL small package and I decided to go with EMS instead. Even though I wasn't in any particular rush to get it, somehow the package arrived in 3-4 days wtf. So this post is actually quite late because I received these items on like 17 August lol. But I had to get all the trip posts done first before I forgot anything and I also prioritized a few other orders, so this ended up taking a backseat!

Liz Lisa x My Melody 2nd collab OP in white; Condition: Used -
Although I often see listings for the 4th, 5th and 6th collab OPs (albeit for somewhat extravagant prices but regardless), I feel like the 2nd collab dress is much more rarely seen. Ofc, after I won the auction for this, I see two other listings for the dress in the green and pink color months later, but at the time, I felt like I had hardly seen this collab's dress for (re)sale for a semi-decent price and condition. Although it's used, it didn't seem horribly worn out in the pictures and in person, fortunately that's true as well.
I was actually online when this dress was first listed (back then) on VENT Online Store and watched it sell out completely within the hour. The collab items weren't as highly popular as the more recent ones that sell out in minutes but still quite a hit back then. At that time, I wasn't really keen on buying things at the full retail price so I hesitated and really missed out. I haven't had huge regrets about it but I do always kick myself a little for not being able to commit because this is a really cute dress and the opportunity was there. Anyway, when the listing for this dress secondhand presented itself years later, I set a strong limit for myself and decided to go for it. I don't doubt the choice I made this time because this dress is so cute!

with Flag J pumps and Kate Spade New York purse -

with Flag J sandals and flower headband -

with Liz Lisa ankle boots, Liz Lisa dot mesh pork pie hat & Yui Kanno collab rose drop cardigan -

with Liz Lisa knee high pom pom boots, Liz Lisa beret & Liz Lisa cardigan -
Although this was more of a spring release, I totally believe this dress could work in many different seasons! It works with open toe sandals, boots and pumps. The color is neutral and very tasteful and cute but not overpoweringly so. It goes well with cardigans and would layer well under other outer pieces like coats as well, I'm sure. It's a typical free size piece with shirring in the back in the "waist" area and because of the cut and the fabric, I feel like it fits me quite well. If I saw it for what I would consider to be a reasonable price and condition, I would definitely scoop the dress in pink as well. I think it's simple but not too basic and although the fabric is on the heavier side (not super heavy but definitely holds more weight than cotton), the dress is short sleeved so that allows a bit more seasonal fluidity.

Liz Lisa Bouquet print OP in brown; Condition: New -
This was a featured dress for Autumn 2012 and I totally ignored it. Well, that's not exactly true. I knew it existed but I purposefully didn't purchase it. I think I really wasn't fond of the print back then lol. It really grew on me the more I saw it in the later years, especially seeing it a few different times (in different pictures for different events) on Amarin! I don't know why I can't get my crap together when an item is actually released lol. I've seen it on YA in the past in used condition for a price I was unwilling to pay, but this one came up as "New", so I jumped on it. I'm really not much of a secondhand buyer, but when I do, I prefer to purchase unused items when at all possible. This was a great opportunity for me and I'm happy to have found this dress in this color in this condition after so many years!

with Tutuanna ankle socks and Liz Lisa 2-strap bow pumps -

with Steve Madden sandals and Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab rose barrette -

with Flag J pumps and Liz Lisa batwing knit -

with Liz Lisa OTK boots and Liz Lisa lace peek cardigan & Michael Kors handbag -
I do think it looks and fits better on Amarin than it does on me, but I'm still happy with my purchase. I think it would have been better if the dress had a ribbon tie back so it would be a bit more fitted for me personally, but it's still a reasonable fit. However, it does not fit on my mannequin. Just barely. There isn't a ton of shirring in this dress. I hardly own a lot of "true brown" color Liz Lisa items and since this dress is so solidly a representative of Autumn 2012 (the theme was "Royal British Modey"), I'm glad to have this one specifically. I believe the dress also came in a red and pink option, but I personally like brown the best and browns were heavily featured that season.

Liz Lisa key novelty pillow; Condition: New -
I really love my Liz Lisa key print skirt and was sad I couldn't get the novelty when it was released, but YA is definitely good for trying to get in store novelties! They're not always at a great price (because I think sellers are well aware of the supply and demand levels) but the price on this listing in particular was not too bad imo. The domestic and international shipping ended up being more than I anticipated just because of the size of this pillow, but I'm still happy to have it even though I have no real purpose for it lol.
It's actually pretty big lol. And by no means a super high quality item (I mean, lbr about it, it was a free gift when you purchased a minimum amount), and definitely just for show, but I still think it's nice to have both the skirt and the matching pillow since I do love the key aspect of the print. People who were unfamiliar with the item including my parents thought it was a guitar lol.

This post is getting just about two months after I received the items, but I feel like for secondhand goods, there's no real rush since it's not like they're selling out online or anything and I need to review them right away lol. I'm definitely warming up a bit to using YA, especially for these types of items. I'm still a big proponent of buying direct from TKL when you can, but for items that are long gone out of the outlet or only available in store, I'm happy to have the option to scour YA and other secondhand sites with a large number of Liz Lisa listings and a variety of different sellers.



  2. Oh my god.. you got the second collab dress?!?! Mad jealous. I love it - you look great in it! I really like the second dress as well but I'm not super fond of brown :/

    1. The brown is really very brown but I personally prefer it to the other two color options and it really grew on me! I think I probably felt the same way you did several years ago lol.

  3. OMG, so pretty :)
    I need to buy one dress from Liz Lisa!

  4. I love the brown OP. LOL the pillow is pretty big, it looks smaller in the individual picture.

    1. Haha yeah I don't quite know what to do with it.

  5. You always look super cute in your outfits! :D I wish I could wear LL but I'm too fat. =_= Sigh. #LifeGoals

  6. The first dress is so lovely. Colab dress with MyMelody is always dreamy and all princes-sy, and sometimes it can be too cute and adorable to be true (if Liz Lisa itself isn't) but the white really makes it more 'mature' and quiet lady-like.

    The pillow tho! w

    1. I do really enjoy the collab dress despite there not being any print on it like collabs 4-6! I feel like the cut is really nice.

    2. Their wallets are to die for as well! And Liz Melody's collection are usually my taste, I wonder if they have different production team/designer for Liz Melody line(?) and regular line

    3. I feel like the Liz Lisa x My Melody collaboration items (sold in Liz Lisa stores) must have a regular Liz Lisa design(er or team) who works with someone on the Sanrio side but maybe the LizMero line that was sold in Shimamura maybe had its own team?

  7. I got that brown dress from Buyee a few months ago, and when it came the seam under the armpit had been ripped open. :( Luckily my mum is good at sewing and she fixed it, so only I can really tell... but it made me realise how I need to read the description properly because it might have said it...

    1. Oh damn! That really sucks. Are we able to leave feedback as Buyee customers? I think that's the reason why I'm usually really hesitant to buy used :\