Sunday, March 9, 2014

VENT order arrived - Liz Lisa pink wedges, bow earrings, Juge Etta OP, Tralala Knit & JC wedge pumps

Preceding post - Did I really place another VENT order? 

(I swear this is the post title to like 3 or 4 blog posts already, but it's the best way to describe it I think!)
This post is pretty much all photos! 

Liz Lisa wedge sandals in pink (131-9624-0)
Love these shoes! I had a lot of fun taking pictures in these although I've posted a couple of these outfits (with different shoes) before. I like that I can mix and match Liz Lisa shoes and clothes depending on my mood. The color is exactly what I wanted it to be and it's the same subtle pink in a lot of Liz Lisa prints. Since I already have these in yellow, the design, etc was not much of a surprise. I'm super glad I was able to snag these in this color! They're still available in the Outlet Shop in M and L, although it seems like the price went up? Definitely recommend.

Juge Etta resort floral OP in pink (331-6037-0)
Laid flat, this dress, I swear, looks like a bag. But actually the fit is not bad! It almost barely doesn't fit on my mannequin (although a lot of free size items don't), by which I mean, it's not huge. The silhouette and neckline are simple, but I don't mind it. At some angles, it looks really poofy after the empire(ish) waist but it's growing on me. I definitely like the color, print and the length. The material though, is a little odd. I was expecting it to...have more structure? Like a thicker, slightly stiffer material? But it's some kind of synthetic, chiffonish material. (Sorry I'm really bad at differentiating fabrics.) Despite that, it feels and looks well made and is fully lined. No regrets here.

Tralala cable knit in white (632-3210-0)

It's a basic knit. It's more of a light beige color than a white despite this being the "white" color option. It's reasonably thin (compared to other knits I have from VENT) but still a knit. Therefore, I couldn't bear to wear it for too long and, as a result, there are less photos of this one lol. I think it'll be good for layering especially over dresses and with skirts.

Liz Lisa ribbon earrings in gold (131-9012-0)
My eyes/face looks deranged in these photos but I had a really hard time taking the photos. I don't know if you can tell lol. Otherwise I would have taken more. They're smaller than I was expecting them to be, but that's not a problem. Also very light in weight!
I don't wear gold all really. But that's because I feel like all the earrings on my ears should match? And I feel that would be too much gold, but it's not too much silver lol. Idk. I may have to take out most of my other earrings if I want to wear these.

(Juge Etta) Jeffrey Campbell back strap pumps
No coordinate photos with these because they're too big! I plan to try to sell these. Brand new without box but will be shipped in a box (versus envelope or soft packaging material).
Just to clarify, they are Jeffrey Campbell Pizans despite the Juge Etta tag (see insole of shoe for brand name). Nothing wrong with them except that it's not a good fit. I bought size "L" but these aren't Japanese shoes so obviously they don't exactly fit the sizing conventions. And I think I read somewhere that JC's run a bit big in general? The number on the bottom of the shoe is "38", and I think I'm more of a 37.

Despite a bad fit for the JC's, I'm happy with this order. I just hope I can find a good home for them!
I can't wait for the spring stuff to go on saleeee and for the Liz Lisa x My Melody 4th collab items at the end of the month/beginning of April. Hopefully I'm not compelled to make any more orders before then :O

  How to order from Liz Lisa and Tokyo Kawaii Life video and photo tutorial here!


  1. Hehehe, I love those pink shoes... if I weren't after so many Spring pairs - I would for sure go after those ones. The colour is really lovely!
    The JugeETTA dress is nice - ofc because I have it so naturally I agree it's nice lol. And then, I like the knit - there has to be something wrong with a knit for me not to like it however.

    1. Haha thank you! Thanks for convincing me to get the dress too :3

  2. Yay another haul post! I really love reading this kind of posts mainly because of the photos. :p Haha I kind of noticed you used the same title for multiple posts, but nothing wrong with that. :D

    Those wedges are so pretty! I checked out the page immediately but they only have the M size now. Which is a good thing because else I might end up getting them but not be ab,e to wear the, because the heels are crazy high for me. XD

    1. Haha I always want to pick another name but I don't know what's appropriate? I always hesitate to use the word "haul" because that implies like a large quantity to me? Idk. I've seen people call 1-item orders from two different brands (so 2 items total) "hauls" and I'm like ...hmmm.
      I think I saw someone selling the wedges in size L on eBay yesterday. For once, doesn't seem like a scam (like a replica shoe) although if you're really interested, I would message her and ask to see her purchase receipt from VENT or something!

    2. Geez I didn't realise the typos I made in the last comment. u.u

      Now I'm guilty of the 'haul' thing (have used this once or twice). But this is mostly due to the lack of better words to describe it. I normally use 'gets' and 'orders' though they get overused sometimes.

      Thank you for letting me know about the wedges and the offer! However I'm sort of saving up for a pair of pumps I saw on the auction site. It is the same as the one you have, I think it's called the lace-up back pumps. Speaking of which, how's the comfort level of the pumps? Are they comfortable to wear for long periods of time?

    3. Haha well there isn't really a better word for it sometimes! I mean, really it's Idk lol.
      The lace-up back pumps. Reasonably comfortable. I don't remember getting any blisters with them (yet). But depending on the fit you might have a few problems if size L fits a little tight on you because it's a close-toed shoe. The heel height is fine though!

    4. Thanks for the heads up on the pumps! That's the thing, I won't know if it will fit tight on me since I don't own any pair of LL shoes. I do own a pair of Axes Femme shoes in L size any they're a bit big on me but I don't think that applies to LL since I hear LL shoe sizing could be off sometimes?

    5. I hope you love them! Maybe you can also wear a sock if they don't fit well? Depending on the sock that may or may not help :|
      I am a steadfast L no matter what style/design of shoe, but I know others have been an M in boots but L in regular shoes...I just feel fortunate my feet fit in Japanese sizing at all!

    6. You're so lucky to be able to be able to fit into one size all the time! I hate having to constantly worry about the sizing everytime I buy shoes online. Half of the time the shoes aren't a good fit on me despite having ordered them in the correct size and I was being extra careful when choosing them. I'm beginning to think my feet might have a mind of their own. XD

    7. Haha yeah I always feel fortunate that I fit in *any* of the shoe sizes and that I still fit free size for the time being.
      Make up your mind feet!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I was really pleased with this order!

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