Monday, March 17, 2014

Juicy Couture Purse

So....I was at the Hawaii Convention Center, which is across the street from Ala Moana, for a GIS-related "expo" with my coworker, and we decided to head to the mall after we were done.
When my coworker arrived that day, I immediately noticed that she had a new black purse and asked about it. She mentioned that Juicy Couture was having a pretty great sale and that the store locations were all closing according to one of the shop staff. The brand will still exist and will be sold in some places but no more stand-alone stores. (I guess similar to what happened with the Betsy Johnson brand/stores?) I'm not a huge Juicy fan - I never feel compelled to go into the store unless I'm looking for a gift for certain people - but I do love a good sale lol!
Upon arriving at the store, my coworker led me straight to the section where she got her purse the previous day, and I noticed they also had it in beige with subtle rose gold accents for the same great price! I tried it on in front of the mirror, and at first I thought it might be too big for my body, but my coworker is more petite than me, and I thought it looked great with her so I left those concerns in the back of my mind haha.
Even though she mentioned that she didn't care if I got the exact same purse as her in black (lol), I decided that I liked the beige purse more than the black one, especially because I already have a few other black bags in this size. It was an extreme impulse buy, but I thought the deal was too great to pass up!
The retail price of the bag was $398.
The store had it for $139 (even though the sticker said $199) and then there was an additional 40% off!  With tax, my total was around $88 for a (pretty big) leather purse!

Here's the bag!
I liked that the purse wasn't *obviously* from Juicy Couture. There isn't a big JC or anything on the front and the brand name is small/inconspicuous and tastefully placed on the front lock, side panel and zipper. The accents look a lot more gold than rose gold in these pictures, but I like it either way. The only minor gripe I have with the bag is the navy lining (seen better in the price tag photo) and the way that the navy is translated throughout much of the edges of the bag (see close up pictures above), but that's still pretty minor.

I definitely see this bag as something I'll take to work so I quickly threw together 3 boring? work outfits before the clouds started rolling in. I feel like I apologize for the crappy lighting in every blog post, and this is no exception lol. For some reason, we've just been having awful weather on the weekends when I have time to take photos...

Anyway ~
with Juge Etta dress

with Forever21 dress

 with dress from Macy's (I bought this dress on sale for $11 wtf)

I've used the bag a few times so far, and it is a little bigger than my usual purses so there's a bit of extra room, but that's good if I need to stuff my cardigan in there or really anything lol. I think I like using the shoulder strap the best, which loans the bag a kind of slouchy look, and therefore makes it look a little less...large, but in general, I'm happy with this buy at the sale price! Also I think it's just fun to have a matching purse with my coworker haha.


  1. Cute bag is cute!! It's actually really big so I guess it's a really good work bag size!! :D

    1. Lol yeah when I don't use the shoulder strap, I think it looks really huge if you're viewing it straight on and me from the side (if that makes sense) haha.

  2. omg such a bargain wtf!!! ;-; i love JC! so sad they're closing their retail storefronts...

    1. Haha I just couldn't pass it up! What crazier is that my purchase wasn't even final sale! Guess they're not closing down super soon. The JC outlet though was having 60% off but non-returnable.

  3. WOW such a good deal! OuO// That bag looks great with any outfit. お姉さんみたい! It might look a little odd on for me being 5'0 lol

    <3 Sachiko

    1. Lol I was so happy to get such a great deal! I do think it's a little large so close to my body but it's good for certain occasions :)