Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Strapya World Order - iPhone flip cases and Sanrio keychain plush

I completely love my Liz Lisa x My Melody (3rd collab) phone case,
but I saw a trunk style flip case in this post from the LLxMM blog and several others so I did my best to track it down! Luckily, I didn't need to look much farther than Strapya World.  I've ordered from there a few times before for phone charms and other little accessories but not in awhile. There's a pretty large selection which is a little hard to navigate through depending on what you're looking for, and if you're just casually browsing and trying to view each item, it'll take awhile.

Unfortunately, most of the trunk style phone cases in the designs that I was interested in were sold out, but I signed up for the restock email alerts without expecting much. About a week later, the 3 designs I was considering were all relisted for preorder. That's better than nothing! My mom told me she would buy me one of the cases for Girls' Day :)
I was considering another My Melody trunk style case with a slightly different design or the Little Twin Stars one,
but I finally decided on the case that was in the original post that intrigued me enough to search for it in the first place
iDress My Melody trunk style diary iPhone 5/s/c case -
One of the things I don't like about Strapya is that there's not enough stock photos for all of the individual items. I've included what photos were provided in the listing, but as you can see, not all photos are specific to the particular item I purchased so I don't exactly know the flip interior details or TPU phone case color for the phone case I ordered. That's not enough to discourage me from purchasing, but just a minor gripe.

Since the shipping is basically flat rate (1050yen with EMS tracking), my mom and I looked for other things to add to the cart. 

Sanrio Hangyodon plush doll ball chain -
Yeah Idk, we just like Hangyodon lol. And while we were looking at Hangyodon, my mom also thought we should get this owl haha.
Sanrio Patapatapeppy plush doll ball chain -

I'm not the only one who needed a phone case. My mom liked the idea of a flip case that has pockets for your cards and also functions as a stand. Right now she's using this really crappy $2 clear plastic from eBay, and she definitely needs something that provides a little more protection. She almost got the same case as me haha, but I found a few other options. She likes this kind of green for some reason so she picked this one.  
Solozen iPhone 5s Case -

Since my iDress phone case was a pre-order (not ready stock) item, my whole order won't ship until it's available some time in April, but there's no rush for me. 

I wonder if these posts about what I order (before I receive them which is a separate post) are annoying. I feel like they might be handy because when people ask me where I got something after I receive it, sometimes it's sold out or the sale is over, so if you're dying for something, it's best to order it sooner rather than later? 


  1. Oh love love those cases! The fist pink and white ones really look look Liz Lisa and Jugeetta trunks! XD I'm seriously envying people who own iPhones because you get such a huge variety of phone cases to choose from.

    I like Strapya World. I'm not entirely sure but nowadays it seems like the store has sized down a bit. Personally I myself have only ordered once from the store and it was a positive experience. Bt you're right, the lack of individual stock photos can make one hesitant to go ahead with the purchase.

    1. Haha I think so too! That's what really helped sell me on them.
      I feel like there might be less stuff on Strapya but that's just because I have a harder time navigating it due to its reorganization and that's why I can't find as much? Does that make sense? Regardless, I feel at least it's trustworthy!

  2. OMG! I'm in love with that phone case. Looks like LL luggages. If I ever get an iphone, I'm definitely going to buy cute phone cases. For now, I'll just deal with my crappy android mytouch which freezes every 10mins >.<

    Strapya World website looks updated and easier to view. I remember back when it looked all crazy with a bunch of items everywhere now it's so much more organized ^^

    <3 Sachiko

    1. Haha yeah the likeness to the LL luggage really sold me on it! I hope the quality is not bad.