Thursday, March 27, 2014

So....I got a haircut

Yeah lol. I went to get my haircut on Saturday, and I was delaying this post because I thought I would want to take pictures of it with my DSLR, but I decided this crappy haircut doesn't deserve that kind of time or effort. Plus, better quality pictures won't make the haircut look any better lol. It might even make it look worse (if that's even possible).
My previously side-swept bangs had grown out to about my chin so I decided I just wanted to chop them. My bang inspiration was semi-short blunt bangs with longer bangs on the sides that frame the face. If that makes sense. I was thinking something slightly similar to/inspired by what I see a good number of Japanese (gyaru) shop staff have.
on the left and right (click photo for source)

  from @senyarin11's twitter

from @ayana0526's twitter
Anyway, enough inspo pictures because my hair didn't turn out like this!

I did, however, basically get straight across, blunt bangs that are kind of poofy for some reason. Maybe it's because there's too much of it or maybe it's just because I haven't learned to style it right (probably not because I left the salon that way). In any case, I don't love it and I've started flicking it into a side part even though it looks a little weird if you look closely because my bangs are really a little too short for that right now. Sigh. Also because of this slight poof that I can't get rid of, (my) right side looks shorter but if you press my bangs flat, it's all the same length wtf.

 Okay various selfies in lieu of the DSLR photos -
immediately after hair cut
after air drying and then slight straightening

"side-swept" versus straight down

windblown + ocean air messy bangs with hair up
messy "sideswept"?
basically how I'm trying to wear it from now on
I feel like this length and thickness of bangs would be fine if they didn't extend so wide across my forehead if that makes sense. Like, if maybe 1/8 or 1/10 from each side weren't chopped and instead remained at the chin length that it was pre-cut, I wouldn't hate it so much and it would look a lot more like the inspo pictures...My hair stylist kept insisting that the long side framing pieces that I thought were part of the bangs was actually part of the main body of hair and just styled forward to look like bangs, but the more I look at what I ended up with, I'm pretty sure they're bangs wtf.
Basically I'm just wishing my bangs were narrower -___- and less of it was cut because I swear they were already a good length for the side things. But, of course, too late! I guess I can live with it. And I *was* looking for a change. I was thinking of a change that I liked of course, but this'll do I guess. Haha. It's going to be difficult to grow it out nicely, but I'll deal because I'm not keen on keeping up this length. I look super freaking awful when I first wake up and don't have make up on wtf. This particular hair cut is not for me.

Oh and my mom decided to buy this Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell thermal curling kit thing.
I hope to do a review on it in the next few weeks. Supposed to be good for curling hair because it does very little damage due to the process and the tools used (metal never touches your hair).


  1. I like the last picture actually!! Side swept style - looks pretty!! Hehe. I already saw all these posts anyways. Ahaha.