Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tony Moly products

A few of the Tony Moly products that I've bought! There are two Tony Moly locations on Oahu - one in Palama Market in Kalihi and another near Ala Moana on Keeaumoku Street. Tony Moly Hawaii seems to almost always be having a sale although it doesn't extend to every single item. I think I should also note that at the Kalihi location, my mom (who shopped with me) has had to correct the sales girl about what she got charged every single time we made a purchase there.
Anyway, onto the pictures ~

Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist / Moist Mist
Ahhh I think these are just so cute. A bit hard to photograph because they're so light in color. They're meant to help "refresh" your face with the spray, but I honestly just like looking at the bottles. I have seen them with the ears broken off in the stores (I'm assuming it's because they were accidentally dropped on the hard floor) so I don't carry them around much. Tbh, it feels like you're just spraying water on your face.

Petite Bunny Gloss Bar
These each have a different scent and emotion! The orange one is orange, obviously. The lavender is grape, and the hot pink is strawberry. I like the lavender one the best for the color it gives and the smell. So far the ears appear to be sturdy. I just throw them in my purse with no real regard for them and none have broken off so far.

Sheet Masks (assorted)
I somehow always end up buying these because they typically have some sort of Buy X amount and get Y amount free. They're super simple to use and there's quite a few different ones. The shop staff suggested keeping them in the refrigerator so they're nice and cool when you apply them! It's very refreshing lol.

Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack
This is the product that made me interested in Tony Moly skin care. I was constantly seeing rave reviews for it and decided to purchase it the first time I visited a store. The smell is light and not overpowering. My boyfriend has very sensitive skin, and I think this was a bit too much for him.

Green Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream
I actually received this as a free gift during a giveaway by the Tony Moly store. It didn't come with a box or any instructions (a lot of the products are sold that way in the store and I'm not sure why). I could tell it was new though because the sticker seal was unbroken. It smells as expected, like green apple! Not something I would use regularly but I was happy to receive it for free :)

Eggpore Blackhead Out Oil Gel
The actual gel itself is not very thick, and I had a hard time taking the picture. You can probably see it was spilling out a bit haha. I really hate the smell of eggs, but that scent is not overly present or really there at all although it's not odorless. As the name implies, it's supposed to help get rid of blackheads. I've read some reviews that say it's not very effective though.

Clean Dew Broccoli Sprout Cleansing Cream
I love the packaging for this! The leaves on this bobble and move a bit, and it's so so cute! The smell is mild but pleasant. I like that you can see the green bits in it - something I like visually for cleansers. Meant to remove impurities and make-up.

Unfortunately, I don't use any of these products regularly enough to know if they really work lol. So this was really more of a photo post sorry. [Perhaps I can do more in depth reviews of each product in future posts!]
I mostly purchased for the packaging, and they were typically purchased during 30-40% off sales at the stores. I do plan to use them more in the future (because otherwise it's such a waste of money :|) when I decide on a skin care routine I can really stick with.
The only think I don't like about the most of the products is that you kind of have to stick your finger into the goop to take it out (except for the tomatox which comes with a small "spoon") but it often gets stuck under my finger nails. I would much rather have a squeeze bottle or something similar for easier use, but obviously the packaging wouldn't be as aesthetically appealing!


  1. I have the white bunny mist - I like that one under powder make up because it gives a nice dewy finish~ The Lip glosses - I have the peach one - tots recommend it if you like the smell of candy peaches. I've never tried the tamtox? I want to one day but I love the apple - I really like using that one like once a week I feel like it works better than an exfoliate? I never tried the egg one, but I don't really have a blackhead problem soooo yeah... and I don't like broccoli so that's that. Tony Moly has really cute things so sale - you should try the peach hand cream... smells so nice and the bottle is cute. Don't try the mandarin one cause it smells like mandarins and you won't like it.

    1. Lol is that how you're supposed to use the mist? For some reason I thought it was to spray on your face if you need a refresher throughout the day? I'm just really clueless about skincare. How exactly do you use the apple? Since that one didn't come in a box, there weren't any instructions. (Easily google'd but I'd like your point of view.)

  2. Can u post a link? I tried the Hawaii link that u posted in the first paragraph and it won't let me look at the prices of the item, do u think it's because I'm in california?

    1. Hmm no I don't think it's location specific. I think the problem might be that the website is not an online shop? I haven't actually looked at the website more than twice (including once just now) but it seems like it just shows what stock is available, but it's not for sale on the web? Anything in particular you're interested in?