Sunday, June 19, 2022

Mercury Duo compact fake leather jacket

At the end of spring, I realized I could do with a new black cropped length/non-coat outer that isn't too casual but still warm. I was pretty much wearing the same cardigan over and over again. I looked through a lot of different Jfashion brands and finally settled on this one from Mercury Duo!

Mercury Duo compact fake leather riders jacket in black
(Faux) Leather riders jackets are nothing new and I've had a few in beige, pink and lavender from Liz Lisa over the years. This is my first purchase of a black one actually which is a bit surprising! There are always a lot of options and I often think about getting one, but have never been able to justify it since I have something a little similar already. However my existing jacket is finally starting to shred in a couple places (my fault) and I specifically wanted something with a very specific length/crop that didn't extend too far past my natural waist.

with EATME (vest bustier) OP and EATME belted mules -

with EMODA tie-front romper and EATME belted mules -

with EATME off shoulder garter OP and EATME belted pumps -

with EATME sheer sleeve decolette OP and EATME belted mules -

with EATME cross neck blouse, EATME faux leather zip skirt and EATME belted pumps -

(repeats from previous blog posts) 
with EATME off shoulder tulle OP -

with EATME side pleats cache coeur OP, EATME cross wedge sandals and Michael Kors manhattan purse -

with Resexxy cross back flare OP and EATME belted mules -

This Mercury Duo jacket is a bit pricey for faux leather but I had a decent opportunity to get to a store and see if they had it in person to know if it was the actual item that I wanted. I saw it, touched the material and immediately asked to try it on. It was a bit awkward bc I obviously loved it but knew I wanted to purchase online where there was a small discount, but I was happy to confirm that this would be worth the cost. I ordered it immediately upon walking out of the mall.

There won't be a ton of opportunities to wear this jacket in the immediate coming 3-4 months, but I'm very very much looking forward to fall where I think it will be absolutely perfect! This type of jacket doesn't really go out of style and I know I will continue to wear things that will pair well with it. Now just to find an ivory/beige version in this cut...

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