Monday, December 25, 2017

Tokyo Kawaii Life order 61 - Liz Lisa message embroidery cross pumps & ribbon line momonga cardigan

It's almost never economically beneficial to just randomly browse a web shop. I made this small order because I had my eye on these two items earlier but they had sold out while I was still thinking about it. With a second opportunity, I thought it wouldn't hurt to get them, but because of the size of the shoe box, I ended up not qualifying for small package size mail despite being under weight.

Message embroidery cross pumps in pink (175-9602-0)

with Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab vol 1 sweets OP and Liz Lisa fur collar cardigan -

with Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab stripe flower OP and Liz Lisa heart applique blouson -

with Liz Lisa sweet latte OP, Liz Lisa sweet latte cardigan, Liz Lisa sweet latte necklace and Liz Lisa ribbon embroidery beret -
I had tried these on during my Summer 2017 trip as part of a communication misunderstanding thanks to my terrible Japanese, but since the 3-strap pumps were a much, much larger priority for me at the time, I never went back to them. I was surprised to see them restocked when I was browsing TKL, and although there was no particular reason to it, I decided to get them. I always find pink shoes useful and although these are quite seasonal due to the pom poms, I thought the color would be nice to have in my wardrobe.

Ribbon line momonga cardigan in pink (175-3003-0)

with Liz Lisa lace sleeveless top, Liz Lisa floral sukapan and Liz Lisa message embroidery cross pumps -

with Liz Lisa x My Melody x Little Twin Stars triple collab angel OP and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals -

with Liz Lisa ribbon OP and Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps + Samantha Vega pass case medium purse -
I love how easy momonga cardigans are to throw on, but both of ones I own in this kind of style are white/off white (as is the case with the majority of my cardigans). I really wanted to try something a little different and I loved the type of pink that this particular piece appeared to be (in the stock photos anyway). In person, the pink is a lot deeper than I anticipated. I'll still find a few uses for it but not as many as I anticipated.

I had an intended purpose for the shoes but no longer, so this was a wholly unnecessary order. As always, I do enjoy adding variety to my wardrobe but I probably could have convinced myself away from buying these items if I thought more about it and had known about the shipping cost. It's always interesting to see all the different types of shades that Liz Lisa calls "pink".


  1. The cardigan looks nice and they're always useful. The shoes are so cute! I really like them but I couldn't justify buying them at all.

  2. I love this cardigan! It just looks so comfy and cute. The pumps are cute too, though it makes me wonder how many shades of pink you can represent in your shoes lol

  3. These are both so cute! I'm a huge sucker for anything in these kinds of light pink shades, so I'd probably have gotten them too if I was in your situation, haha.