Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Michael Kors susannah medium quilted bag + a week of outfits

Similar to the Kate Spade New York heart purse post, I wanted to quickly share a few photos and outfits with my new purse, but don't want to make such a big production of it to be a DSLR shot and fake coordinated post. Instead, I actually used the purse for a full (work) week and snaps pictures OOTD-style of the outfits I actually wore.

Day 1
Dress: Liz Lisa sleeping beauty OP in pink
Cardigan: Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab merry-go-round cardigan in white
Shoes: Liz Lisa ribbon ankle boots in pink

Day 2 -
Dress: Liz Lisa off shoulder embroidery OP in pink
Cardigan: Liz Lisa feather knit cardigan in white
Hat: Liz Lisa ribbon embroidery beret in pink
Shoes: Liz Lisa heart suede pumps in pink

Day 3 -
Top: Liz Lisa sheer shoulder knit top in white
Jacket: Liz Lisa ribbon pocket blazer in beige
Skirt: Liz Lisa 2013 fukubukuro check skirt
Shoes: Nine West ankle boots in tan

Day 4 -
Dress: Liz Lisa pleats OP in white
Jacket: Liz Lisa frill denim jacket in medium blue
Shoes: Liz Lisa glitter pumps in white

Day 5 -
Dress: Liz Lisa floral lace border OP in pink
Cardigan: Liz Lisa floral lace peek cardigan in white
Shoes: Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps in pink

Day 6 -
Dress: Liz Lisa chiffon bandana print maxi dress in white
Jacket: Liz Lisa frill denim jacket in medium blue
Shoes: Liz Lisa platform sports sandals in pink

Day 7 -
Top: Liz Lisa frill tulip blouse in white
Cardigan: Liz Lisa flocked cardigan in yellow
Skirt: Liz Lisa floral panel skirt in yellow
Shoes: Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps in pink

Day 8 -
Dress: Material Girls fitted denim dress
Cardigan: Liz Lisa long cardigan in white
Shoes: Flag J sandals

Day 9 -
Top: off brand ruffle blouse
Jacket:  Material Girl faux leather jacket
Pants: Bar III split leg pants
Hat: One Spo 2016 fukubukuro beret
Shoes: Aldo sandals in black

I know this is certainly a more casual type of post than is typically produced, but I wanted something easy and didn't think this was a monumental purchase. I did still want to share something about it, so this seemed like the best way. Hope you still got an idea of how I will be styling it!


  1. Nice new bag
    It's interesting to see it with many different outfits. I personally could never pull off your last outfit lol (how to leg slit.jpg) but it looks great on you.
    Your day 3 jacket looks really comfortable and warm. Day 3-5 looks are my fav, but also shoutout to day 8 because you pull off that denim dress nicely!

  2. Outfit 3 is by far my favorite. I also really like the pants wtf. I wish I could somehow pull that style off but I'm not sure that they would suit me.

  3. i like all the different combinations! Nice nude bags are really versatile and good investment pieces I think. I really like outfit three ah that blazer! What year is that from?