Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Liz Lisa cameo rose OP, gobelin print skirt, frill booties, tulle layered cardigan, My Melody special set charm [eBay purchase]

I wanted to try out the new Liz Lisa official eBay free shipping for myself. It took me a while to finally figure out my order, but I finally narrowed it down to a few things I was curious to try but didn't necessarily want to pay to ship. I do think it paid off (cost-wise)!

Cameo rose OP in pink (175-6021-0)

with Liz Lisa cut x chiffon blouse and Liz Lisa heart organza pumps -

with Liz Lisa glitter pumps + Liz Lisa 17th anniversary key embroidery cardigan -

with Liz Lisa ankle boots and Liz Lisa momonga cardigan -
I really appreciate that they tried to do something a little different with the design of this OP. The option to layer under the matching top was a good choice but I'm glad that it can easily be worn as a standalone OP as well. I was a bit iffy about the fit when it was first released, so I waited to see more worn examples before I purchased. It actually fits reasonably well where I was worried about it (the waist and bust) but because of my slightly longer torso, I just wish the straps were a little more adjustable (lengthwise).

Gobelin print skirt in navy (175-4003-0)

with Liz Lisa open shoulder knit top and Liz Lisa suede ribbon pumps + Liz Lisa frill denim jacket -

with Liz Lisa ribbon off shoulder top and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals + Liz Lisa ribbon scalloped shoulder bag -

with Tralala ladder lace top and Liz Lisa ribbon pumps + Liz Lisa tulle layered cardigan* -
The name of the item sounds a bit weird in English but gobelin (ゴブラン) actually describes the "print"/style used to create the flowers. Because of the technique, I thought the skirt might be a little heavy, but I was surprised it was about average in weight. I saw this skirt in so many shop staff photos that I ended up really loving. I saw that it restocked in navy which was my first color choice by far and this is kind of what pushed me towards ordering since it was the last piece.

Frill booties in pink (175-9608-0)

with Liz Lisa x My Melody 12th collab love letter print OP -

with Ank Rouge lace blouse and Evelyn frill fitted skirt (+ One Spo beret, Forever 21 jacket, Ank rouge ribbon 2-way purse) -

with Liz Lisa english rose frill OP and Liz Lisa ribbon embroidery beret + Liz Lisa lace-up pom pom bag -

with Liz Lisa chiffon ruffle a-line top and Liz Lisa monochrome floral skirt -

with Liz Lisa embroidery off shoulder OP -
I thought these booties were really cute when I first saw them in the new releases but I couldn't justify getting them and wasn't extremely sure about the color. I got some advice from Saki and decided to bite the bullet when the official eBay store started offering free shipping. These actually fit a little smaller than I expected since I feel like boots in L usually fit more on the larger side for me. However, these are more of an comfortable exact fit (I'm a US size 7). I especially love the small frill detail and the ribbon and pearl on the back!

Tulle layered cardigan in navy (175-3005-0)

with DaTuRa scalloped pearl blouse, Liz Lisa english rose shorts and Liz Lisa flower wedge cage sandals -

with Liz Lisa fit & flare flower fade OP and Liz Lisa back ribbon pearl pumps -

with Liz Lisa tiered cotton dress and off brand knot wedge sandals + Liz Lisa round tulip purse -
I threw this cardigan in the cart at the last minute just because I thought it would be good to have a "top" type item to round out the order. This cardigan is different than many of the others than I own from Liz Lisa especially because of the deep neckline. The tulle layering is also a really interesting detail. I really enjoy wearing navy/items with navy details so I think I'll enjoy having this as an option.

My Melody special set charm (173-9908-0)
☆LIZ LISA×My Melody☆チャーム
I rarely buy the accessories from the My Melody collaborations, but I made an exception for this since they rarely go on sale. I do have the matching OP from this special set series, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to get the charm while the opportunity was there. I love all the little details that go into these charms. My favorite part is always the flower crown.

These are 5 items that I don't think I would have purchased otherwise, but am happy to have tried. I'm especially happy with the booties even though the color is very purpley (thankfully I do have a number of items to reasonably match it even if it's not perfect).


  1. I bought something from them last month and they still haven't sent it out yet. How long did it take for your order to get to you?

    1. It shipped within the allotted 2-3 days. If you are having issues with the store, please contact their customer service directly.

  2. Omg... does the gobelin skirt have pockets?!?! That's amazing. Also I love the frill booties and the cameo stuff. The cardigan is also really nice! I like the deep V and the navy is nice too.

  3. You got the boots! They go really well with your Evelyn skirt! also damn if I see that cameo dress in stores still I think I’m going to get it- I keep going back and forth on it but I think it’s bc I haven’t seen many photos of the pink colorway. The details and super nice and yeah it’s cool that it’s a little different!

  4. I love that navy skirt! Its so casually elegant on you.

  5. Happy holidays/merry Christmas Emi!
    I think every item you bought here is kind of funky in their own way, and I like that! The OP cut is really cool and unusual of LL, I wonder if they'd do it again. I think that bodice cut would look really nice with a lower waist band and maybe some corsetting on the sides.
    The Gobelin print skirt looks really high quality. I like that style of fabric (a real pain to sew with though!) and the addition of POCKETS is wonderful. Makes me think office lady too for some reason lol I think the tulle jacket might be weirder irl but I really like the outfit with it! It's a flattering jacket for you
    ALso those boots really weird me out from top view but I love the back (A-A)

  6. Do you know what the new classification for the numbers are? Is 173 summer or fall? I know that 175 is fall but 173 threw me off!

    I love your gets they’re all so cute and as always they all suit you so well!