Sunday, June 25, 2017

Liz Lisa Coordinate Olympics コーデリンピック 2017

See last year's post if you're unfamiliar with this Instagram Campaign by Liz Lisa.

1st place - 50,000yen of Liz Lisa products
2nd place - 30,000yen of Liz Lisa products
3rd place - 10,000yen of Liz Lisa products
LL Siennes pick - 1 Liz Lisa OP

2017 Announcement with Q&A

The post that introduced the 2016 got nix'd in between then and this year's so let me just summarize it a bit in case someone wants to use this for reference in a future rendition.
  • Contest will be held from May 25 - June 25 (note that it was extended after the first week).
  • Photos must be posted to Instagram with #2017リズコーデリンピック夏 and @lizlisa_official_japan.
  • Only Liz Lisa items should be used (do not mix with other brands)
  • Coordinate should include at least 1 item from SS17 but it's okay to use older items as well.
  • You can submit as many entries as you'd like.
  • "Likes" are not a factor.
  • You don't need to show your face.


I felt like I put way too much effort into my entries last year (evidenced by my way too thought out post in 2016), so this year I was determined not to try so hard, but of course that didn't work entirely. With the slightly different restrictions compared to the previous year, I had to remake a lot of coordinates that I would have considered perfect if not for the rules. And if you're going to enter a competition, it just makes sense to play by the rules.

I ended up posting 10 different outfits and really kind of changed my attitude in the middle since the entry period was so long. At first I had been determined not to reuse any items, but that really don't make sense considering that each coordinate is (likely - my guess anyway) judged separately and not as a collective group of entries from one person. Sometimes you need to reuse an item to get the best possible coordinate - plus that just shows the versatility of some of the pieces!
Outfit breakdowns are listed below each photo set. Items from SS17 are indicated with an *.

Outfit 1 - マーガレット x トロピカルジュース コーディネート
OP - Liz Lisa tropical juice OP in white*
Hat - Liz Lisa corsage actress hat in white
Necklace - Liz Lisa margaret choker in pink
Shoes - Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals in yellow

Outfit 2 - レッド x ラビットコーディネート
OP - Liz Lisa rabbit ribbon jumperskirt in pink*
Cardigan - Liz Lisa momonga cardigan in white
Purse - Liz Lisa heart frill pouchette in red
Hat - Liz Lisa tulle can can hat in red*
Necklace - Liz Lisa rabbit 2-chain necklace*
Shoes - Liz Lisa heart suede pumps in red

Outfit 3 - イチゴギンガムコーディネート
OP - Liz Lisa strawberry gingham OP in red*
Cardigan - Liz Lisa peplum cardigan in white
Hair accessory - Liz Lisa strawberry ribbon barrette in red*
Shoes - Liz Lisa lace up platform pumps in red*

Outfit 4 - ピンクキャンディコーディネート
Top - Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab vol 2 blouse in white
Bottom - Liz Lisa candy sukapan in pink*
Outer - Liz Lisa frill heart blouson in pink*
Purse - Liz Lisa candy pouchette in white*
Shoes - Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps in pink*

Outfit 5 - スキニーデニムコーディネート
Top - Liz Lisa margaret applique top in white*
Bottom - Liz Lisa skinny denim pants in indigo*
(Hair accessory - Liz Lisa flower pearl barrette in white)
Purse - Liz Lisa round tulip purse in white
Shoes - Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps in yellow

Outfit 6 - リボンワンピスコーディネート
OP - Liz Lisa ribbon OP in pink*
Outer - Liz Lisa frill denim jacket in medium blue*
Hair Accessory - Liz Lisa gingham ribbon barrette in pink*
Purse - Liz Lisa candy pouchette in white*
Shoes - Liz Lisa ribbon wedge sandals in pink*

Outfit 7 - レッド x フルーツコーディネート
OP - Liz Lisa fruits logo OP in white*
Cardigan - Liz Lisa gingham ribbon cardigan in red*
Hat - Liz Lisa tulle can can hat in red*
Hair accessories - Liz Lisa cherry ribbon 4 set clips in red*
Necklace - Liz Lisa cherry pearl necklace
Shoes - Liz Lisa lace up platform pumps in red*

Outfit 8 - 夏のチューリップロンパースコーディネート
OP - Liz Lisa tulip romper in white*
Hat - Liz Lisa paper can can hat in white
Necklace - Liz Lisa butterfly 2-chain necklace
Purse - Liz Lisa heart pearl straw bag in pink*
Shoes - Liz Lisa clear pearl sandals in pink

Outfit 9 - ピンクアイスクリームコーディネート
OP - Liz Lisa ice cream OP in pink*
Camisole - Liz Lisa ribbon pearl camisole in pink
Hat - Liz Lisa tulle can can hat in pink*
Purse - Liz Lisa candy pouchette in white*
Shoes - Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps in pink*

Outfit 10 - パラソルワンピースでピンクローズコーディネート
OP - Liz Lisa parasol OP in pink*
Top - Liz Lisa cut x chiffon blouse in white*
Hat - Liz Lisa tulle can can hat in pink*
Hair accessories - Liz Lisa rose clips in pink
Purse - Liz Lisa flower round pouchette in pink*
Shoes - Liz Lisa heart frill pumps in pink

Outfits 7-10 were shot by @chibiamby - thank you so much for your help!
And even though everyone seems to be saying it, I honestly feel this way so I don't feel so fake for saying it too - it really has been great to see some of the amazing coordinates other IG users have created! I usually avoid the #lizlisa tag on IG like the plague bc I just roll my eyes and get so irritated with all the unrelated crap that's in there. It's been nice to have the contest tag to have a more concentrated filter for this kind of content!
Also this contest made me realize how fat my legs, arms and face have gotten, so there's that too.

***Winners update! Announced on 14 JUL on***


  1. I love all your contest entries - they all look amazing. I really like the pants outfit (looks so nice!) and the romper cause it's so pretty and I like the picture. It's so nice too see so many people posting so much during the contest as well. :D

    1. So many more entries than last time! But ofc the entry period was like 2x as long lol.

  2. UMMM in what universe are you considered fat?! that's nonsense???? and I'm loving the hats with these looks-- so summery!

    1. bahaha Asia probz. Just basically in comparison.

    2. the average height in a lot of asia is also real tiny tho :o so you'd be really tall in comparison too.

      can't really change anything about my face (actually a circle lol) but (we) muscular asians are cute too!! i think you look great in every outfit, esp #1 <3

      (as an aside, my younger sister is one of those people who is naturally very thin. however, her head is also a big circle and she's the average american height, so she often looks like a literal stick figure with hair LOL hahahaha she's still cute tho :'D)

    3. I'm actually not very tall lol. It might just be the heels. Sadly I'm not very muscular either - just bulbous haha.

    4. i know, but your head will still stick out among a sea of 4'10" to 5' girls :'D

    5. Haha I guess I never really felt very tall in Japan (even in heels) but it could be matter a perspective. No one seemed particularly short lol.