Thursday, June 1, 2017

Liz Lisa x Cinnamoroll (15th anniversary) collaboration OPs
In April, Liz Lisa announced that they were doing a collaboration with Cinnamoroll for the Sanrio character's 15th anniversary! The items would be released on April 29 and included an OP in three colors (pink, blue and white) for 11880yen, a tote bag for 8424yen, a Cinnamoroll head pouch for 4968yen and a charm for 2916yen.

Tokyo Kawaii Life pre-order
The Tokyo Kawaii Life pre-order for the Liz Lisa x Cinnamoroll collab was on April 19 at approx 19:00 Japan time. The listings for all 4 items were present in the webstore prior to the actual release with a countdown of time remaining to 19:00.
I had signed into my account and was refreshing starting around 11:40pm HST (around 20 minutes before the expected release). The countdown seemed reasonably accurate as to when the items actually went live for purchase and I was able to get the OP in pink and the charm in my cart but not the tote. My "plan" with the best case scenario going into the pre-order was either to get an OP, the tote and the charm or just 2 OPs, if somehow possible. Since I wasn't able to get the tote but was actually most keen on getting the first combination of items, I hesitated for a while and tried to refresh the tote listing to see if I could get it in my cart, but I decided it wasn't worth it. I ended up releasing the charm from my cart and purchasing the OP.
Based on the most recent collab pre-orders through TKL, it was assumed that only one OP (regardless of color) would be able to be purchased per customer account. However, Berri was able to get two OPs by making two quick transactions, so that doesn't seem to be true. There's never really enough time to experiment, but it may have been one OP per cart instead of per account.

Liz Lisa x Cinnamoroll OP in pink (173-6054-0)
☆LIZ LISA×シナモロール☆ワンピース
The print on the dress includes bunches of roses, flower heart wreaths, pearl bubbles and Cinnamoroll himself. You know it's a Liz Lisa collab when the character is wearing a flower crown! There is lace detailing around the scoop neckline and a vertical panel in the bust area with three ribbons. Although I really liked this OP in all colors, pink was my first choice. I thought it would be easiest to match with and like how girly it is.
with Liz Lisa ribbon platform sandals and Liz Lisa paper can can hat + Samantha Thavasa purse -

with Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps + Liz Lisa My Melody 2017 fukubukuro cardigan and candy pouchette -

with Liz Lisa back ribbon pearl pumps + Liz Lisa mononga cardigan -
There's a deep side zipper and a ribbon tie so this dress is easy to get into and I don't have a problem with the fit on the waist! The length feels a little short for me, likely because the patterned material ends an inch or so higher than I feel it should in comparison to the ruffle hem of the lining. It's comfortable but the material doesn't have a lot of stretch. It should be good for summer weather!

Liz Lisa x Cinnamoroll OP in blue (173-6054-0)
☆LIZ LISA×シナモロール☆ワンピース
In contrast to the pink, the blue version of the OP definitely gives more of a Cinna vibe! It's a bright pastel blue, almost reminiscent of a Cinderella dress. The print is mostly the same from the other version but the pearls are pink and the bows are blue.
with Liz Lisa lace-up back flower wedge sandals -

with Liz Lisa ribbon pumps and Egoist beret + Liz Lisa fur collar cardigan -

with Liz Lisa heart organza pumps + Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno rose drop cardigan and Samantha Thavasa purse -
Even though getting the OP in this color was my second choice in the grand scheme of things, it's a great color and I'm really happy with it! It's not really a type of blue I already have in my wardrobe, and I always love adding variety.
For the weeks prior to the pre-order, I really had my heart set on getting 1 OP, the tote and the charm so it would feel like a complete set of items. I wasn't successful in getting the tote in my cart, so I definitely dropped the ball there, but the more I think about it, the more I realized that that was probably for the best. Although I love the design of the tote and how it matches with the OP (and how cute the charm would be on it), the tote is not something I actually see myself being able to use just based on previous experience with similar bags. In fact, I have the Liz Lisa x My Melody 9th collab tote that I had really wanted, and I have never used it irl. I know I would have been so happy to get the Cinna collab tote, but I know that when reality sets in for what makes sense for me personally, I'll get more use out of a second dress, so I'm not disappointed with how things turned out.


  1. I actually spent about 3-4 minutes checking out the second time so I don't know how 'quick' I was. I really like both the pink and blue (since I also got both of them as well XD) here's to hoping one day we can twin IRL XD

  2. Those Liz Lisa x Cinnamoroll dresses and outfits are beautiful!!! They're so wonderfully feminine and pretty! I love the designs, the prints, the bows, the lace, the ribbons, the floral crowns and the Liz Lisa paper can hat! I too love the pink dress the most, but both of them are extremely pretty!!!

  3. God this collab was the death of me! I am still trying to get the bag second hand asap.
    You look so good in the OPs! While Melody is my favorite, I was surprised Liz Lisa goes so well with Cinnamoroll! The flower crown really suits him :P

    1. It does! I hope you find the bag soon! It's so cute :O

  4. Ahhh, what a shame you didn't get the tote! It's so adorable with the bows+scallops. Though you do have bags like that already (/--) tbh, if you're not one for using those bags it probably isn't worth investing all that money (and stress)!

    Are you wearing a petti in the first picture, or does the skirt of the dress just come that floofy? 0-0 It's a cute dress, blue has to be best to match cinna right? The braid+blue ribbon is such a great combo with the dress. If you have a flower crown (I think you had one from LL but idk if you sold it) I think it would look really nice with the flowercrown and twin small braids with the ribbon under the ear. Lots of detail in the face area, but really sweet/angelic feeling?

    1. I think not getting the tote was a blessing in the end. I realized recently that I'm just not a big fan of synthetic leather bags (which is basically almost all of Liz Lisa's purses) and that I'd rather spend my money on other brands that focus on these kinds of accessories (like Samantha Thavasa or Kate Spade). Ofc, there's nothing like having a perfectly matching dress and purse!

      I am wearing a petti in the first pink outfit and second blue outfit but I must have forgotten to mention it! Thanks for reminding me :) I do have a flower crown I bought secondhand but it's way too small for my head imo so I don't use it much.

    2. Ahh, makes a lot of sense. I definitely prefer genuine leather over synthetic, though yeh, a perfectly matching dress+purse is a hard deal to pass up! I also like Betsey Johnson and Jessica Simpson's stuff for nice accessories, which are a bit cheaper than KS and ST.

      The petti looks great with these dresses ;0 Do you wear it out of the house or just at home? (asking bc I wear lolita sometimes but it's a major pain on the subways...) Sucks about the flower crown ;/ If you really like it maybe you can resize it by adjusting the wiring? Or if you're feeling DIY, snip the back and sew organza ribbon to the sides so you can tie the crown together!

    3. Do you buy your Betsey and Jessica stuff from Macys? I feel like I always find myself in the Betsey Johnson section but after having two of her purses (and liking them a lot design-wise) the quality is similar to Liz Lisa for me - but it could just be with how much humidity we have that affects the material? Luckily I live somewhat near to a Kate Spade outlet store so it's easy for me to just jot over and see what's new in the clearance section.

      I've worn the petti out once but it was for work and it was hard to sit in for 9 hours because the material was a little scratchy. We don't really have reliable public transit here (and if most local people have their way, it seems we will never have it) but I'm sure it's much more of a pain when you have to sit closely to strangers.
      I purchased it just for photos but since it's a children's size, it can't actually go on my mannequin (-__-) which is more of an Adult size M so I just put it on (myself) occasionally for blog posts now.
      For the flower crown, I don't think there's any wiring in it as far as I can tell. It's basically a fabric strip with flowers glued on it. I think instead of trying to alter it, I would rather just DIY a whole new one it but honestly I think I'm done using them for the most part (too closely associated with hipster trends and coachella now) so it's likely unworthy the time and energy atm.