Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Japan trip Spring 2017 Part 8: Liz Lisa purchases/coordinates

These are the Liz Lisa purchases I made during my Spring 2017 Japan trip (listed in no particular order)! There are 8 clothes items (+ 1 that I'm not planning to keep), 2 pairs of shoes, 4 accessories and 1 bag. That's a pretty decent variety for me because I usually allocate pretty much all my spending money and suitcase space to clothes :)
This post will not include the Liz Lisa x My Melody 11th collab vol 2 items which will be featured in a separate, upcoming post.

Rabbit ribbon jumper skirt in pink (171-6019-0)
Purchased from Omiya Arche on Day 1. The print features bunnies, (straw)berries, baskets and bows. I wasn't immediately sold on this series because animal prints aren't really my thing, but it gradually grew on me the more I saw it. I realized I liked the style of the jumperskirt, especially that it could easily be worn on its own without the long sleeve blouse with which it was paired. This item was released in early March with a decent amount of hype for the print series and I really had doubts about the availability by the time I would be arriving in Japan. I had my heart set on pink which I knew would be the more popular color way, and I was lucky that a store I visited still had stock of it.
with Liz Lisa back ribbon pearl pumps and Liz Lisa strawberry ribbon barrette + Tralala ribbed cardigan -

with Ank Rouge blouse, (Liz Lisa strawberry ribbon barrette) and Liz Lisa t-strap wedge sandals -

with Liz Lisa momonga cardigan, Liz Lisa tulle can can hat and Liz Lisa red suede pumps (+ Liz Lisa heart frill bag, DIY gingham straw bag)
I was a bit nervous about the fit, but it's actually quite good! I ended up wearing this on Day 3 of the trip and I didn't have any issues wearing it all day except I suppose the back ribbon was a little uncomfortable on the shinkansen ride, but that's only what's expected. The print on the pink version is definitely more subtle but I don't mind that and love matching with the red in it. In comparison to the white version, the pink is a bit girlier, whereas the white has a more classic feel. I would have been happy with white if pink had sold out, but for my purposes and preferences, I'm glad I could find pink.

(I also purchased the rabbit ribbon jumper skirt in white but I'm looking for a new home for it! SOLD! Thank you <3 I found the pink version later on the very same day, and I did not intend to keep both so it's never been tried on/worn.)

Rabbit motif 2-chain necklace in white (171-9106-0)
Purchased from Harajuku Takeshita doori on Day 1. Since I've really been wanting a new 2-chain necklace from Liz Lisa, this was released just at the right time. I love how it matches with the jumper skirt (which I did purchase first) and the rabbit is so cute in the little basket with the strawberries! The main charm is a bit large, but I think it needs to be this approximate size so the details aren't obscured.
[worn with each Rabbit ribbon coordinate above]

The only small weird thing about this necklace is that the lobster claw clasp is on the left side instead of the right side which I'm used to so it takes me a few tries to put it on sometimes. The rabbit pendant does have some weight but I don't really notice when I'm wearing it and I doubt I would unless it's particularly humid. It sits nicely around my neck and will be a cute detail to any outfit. I've already worn it with a white top and denim shorts for a casual dinner.

Fruits logo OP in white (171-6026-0)
Purchased from Shibuya 109 on Day 1. The print features cherries, lemons/oranges(?), grapes, bows and the names of the fruit in text. This was another item/print series that I wasn't immediately intending to buy, but I did find it interesting (esp since it was modeled on Popteen's Nicorun and Nachosu). It released a couple weekends before I arrived, and I knew that if I saw it during my trip, I would buy it. I had tired on the pink version in Shibuya 109 but decided to purchase white because I was planning to wear red accessories with it and I thought the red cherries in the print were more obvious in white.
with Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps and cherry ribbon earrings by Rebby -

with Liz Lisa gingham ribbon cardigan, Liz Lisa cage flower wedge sandals and DIY gingham straw bag -

with Liz Lisa My Melody 2017 fukubukuro cardigan, Liz Lisa tulle can can hat and Liz Lisa lace up platform pumps -
I wore this on Day 5 of the trip and it was casual and fun. There's no zipper and you just need to pull it over your head to get in it. Sleeves can easily be worn on or off shoulder. The waist of this OP hits a little too high for me (what else is new), so I have to make sure it's not riding up when I raise my arms, but I like the fun, summery print and having the option to match all the different colors in it. It would be better for me if the straps are adjustable, but they're sewn together with the ribbon detail in the back. It's not a deal breaker though, and I've since also worn this dress at home to meet a friend for lunch.

Fruits 4 piece clip set (171-9205-0)
Purchased from Harajuku Takeshita doori on Day 7. It's set of 4 red ribbon clips - 2 with a cherry charm and 2 with a heart charm with the Liz Lisa logo on it. The material is slightly different based on the charm and there's an alligator clip backing. I don't nearly have enough red accessories and with all the ones being released this season + the growing number of clothes items I've been acquiring that would look great with a red hair accessory or two, I knew I probably wanted to purchase this clip set. It's usually a hard pass for me on full price small accessories, but since I was on the trip and didn't have to worry about shipping, I caved and bought these in the last few hours of the trip. I actually meant to buy them earlier bc I was intending on wearing them with the fruit logo OP (so I actually should have purchased them when I was browsing in the Tennoji Liz Lisa stores on Day 3 but I forgot fml), but when that opportunity had passed, I wasn't immediately sure I still needed them so that's why I waited so long.

with Liz Lisa x My Melody 9th collab OP, Liz Lisa pearl cherry necklace, Liz Lisa x My Melody 9th collab tote bag and Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps -
[Also worn with margaret cherry OP in the lace up platform pumps section below]

There's no big surprises - the clips work as intended and are cute little added details as hair accessories. I guess I kind of wish that two of the clips had the clamps on the opposite side, but that's probably just because I'm inept at putting them in my hair from one side of my head. I probably won't often wear all four at once, but I like that I have the option to mix and match between the cherry charm and heart charm clips. I love adding red as a small (detail) pop of color, so these are perfect.

Tropical juice OP in white (173-6031-0)
Purchased from Shibuya 109 on Day 1. The print features 4 different colorful drinks on the hem with margaret daisies and roses for added detail. I was overjoyed to see this series in stores on my first day of the trip! I knew I wanted something with the tropical juice print as soon as it was released but since the online pre-order was estimated to be delivered at the beginning of April, I thought I would literally be missing it by a day or two in Japan. As it turns out, it released in store the week of my arrival, so I was happy to make my purchase without having to ship the items. (I almost did pre-order for this item online because I 100% knew I wanted it and didn't want to miss it. In the end, I'm so glad I was patient!) I adore this print and all the different colors and details in it! I'm very much looking forward to wearing this dress this summer <3
with Liz Lisa margaret choker and Liz Lisa clear pearl sandals + Liz Lisa candy pouchette -

with (Liz Lisa margaret choker and) Flag J sandals + Liz Lisa flocked cardigan -

with (Liz Lisa margaret choker and) Liz Lisa corsage actress hat and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals + Liz Lisa frill denim jacket -
I wasn't immediately thrilled about the fit of this dress when I tried it on in store (I thought it was a little too loose) but I knew I wanted to buy it regardless, so I did. Trying it on again at home, I'm not as fussed about it and like it a lot better. There is a side zipper and a wide vertical panel of shirring in the back of the bust which should help accommodate a larger chest but that kind of detail tends to make items fit looser on me because I don't need it. Even though I know some people aren't thrilled with the sleeve details, I really like that it looks like a jumper skirt + top but I only have to pay the price of one item and I like that the sheer material is so light (in comparison to if it were made with the same polyester as the rest of the dress). The bows from the lace up details can come undone/be retied, but if it bothers you, I think it would easily be fixed by a dot of glue or a few stitches in the knot of it. The yellow cardigan + Flag J sandals outfit is one of my favorite new outfits, but because there's so many fun colors in the print, I can't wait to explore more options!

Tropical juice sukapan in pink (173-5023-0)
Purchased from Nagoya Maruei on Day 6. I knew I wanted the OP in white from the tropical juice print series, but for the sukapan I knew I wanted "a color". I tried on the pink version in the dressing room but came out and held the yellow version up as well just so I could see how it would look. In some aspects, I do think I like the yellow version more, but I ended up going with the pink because it's such a bright and fun, summery color and the print (especially the margaret daisies) stands out in a different way.
with Liz Lisa plain browsing top and Liz Lisa lace-up back wedge sandals -

with Tralala ladder lace top and Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps -

with Liz Lisax My Melody 6th collab vol 2 gingham sleeve top, Liz Lisa scoop neck cardigan and Liz Lisa t-strap wedge sandals -
[Also worn in the third margaret applique top coordinate below]

The pink color definitely needs to be the star of any coordinate it's part of, so I think it's easiest to pair it with neutrals (white, cream, beige and brown) but I would love to get a cardigan and a pair of shoes in a similar or complementary pink color! (Maybe later this season?) It's not the same "deep pink" color from 2013 but which is a bit more orangey and a warmer pink. I would say it's certainly brighter and definitely says summer to me. Like most sukapan, there is an elastic waist and no side zipper. The fit is a little big on my waist and I didn't struggle to get it on my mannequin, so I want to say it could likely fit size M pretty easily.

Margaret applique top in white (173-2017-0)
Purchased from Nagoya Maruei on Day 6. The collar/neckline area features five 3D applique daisies in a wide "W" pattern and the hem has a stretchy elastic. I saw this top paired with the tropical juice sukapan in the early promotional pictures and I knew that if I got the sukapan, I would definitely get this top as well. I'm not sure why I'm suddenly okay with tons of clothes that have 3D applique details, but I just thought they paired so well together. There was a different top that was more highly promoted with the sukapan but I much prefer this one personally because I find it easier to wear, more flattering for me and I love the subtle details on it.
with Liz Lisa margaret cherry skirt, Liz Lisa pearl flower barrette and Liz Lisa t-strap wedge sandals

with Swankiss denim skirt, (Liz Lisa pearl flower barrette) and Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps -

with Liz Lisa tropical juice sukapan, Liz Lisa paper can can hat and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals + Liz Lisa frill denim jacket -
I love that the sleeves can be worn on and off shoulder because I'm obsessed with off shoulder necklines. I also really like the subtle sweetheart where the solid part of the top starts which is one of the things that I didn't notice prior to trying it on and actually helped solidify the decision to buy it. Sometimes it's just the small things that make an item more flattering. The fit is great and nothing feels too tight or too loose and it's perfect for tucking into skirts or other bottoms. I already wore it once to work and the only slightly annoying thing is when the little daisy applique get pressed into my chest under a seatbelt strap but it's obviously easily fixable or avoidable.

Candy sukapan in pink (171-5006-0)
Purchased from Shibuya 109 on Day 1. The print includes a couple different candies, heart flower wreaths with slogans in them and bunches of roses. The candy series was released in stores in early February about a week after I came back from my Winter trip and I was sad I missed it! I was looking for the OP as well throughout this trip but knew it was very popular and wasn't holding my breath (thank god). I was surprised to even see that the sukapan was still in stock, especially in pink, and bought it at my first opportunity. I love candy, so it was a no brainer to get something from this series.
with Liz Lisa off shoulder ribbon blouse and Liz Lisa clear pearl sandals + Liz Lisa candy pouchette -

with Liz Lisa lace sleeveless top, Liz Lisa heart applique blouson and Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps -

with Liz Lisa fur collar cardigan and Liz Lisa OTK boots -
[Also worn in the 3rd heart x candy print knit coordinate below]

There's no side zipper but it has a really decent amount of stretch in the elastic waistband while also fitting to my waist quite well. The length is a little longer than a few older sukapan that I have, but I'm happy with it and think it'll be more useful with the extra inch or so. The material is light and I can certainly see it being worn in multiple seasons. The light pink color is so cute and feminine. Getting the sukapan versus the OP is likely for the best since I think I'll be able to use it more than a long sleeve dress. (Although they have released a short sleeve version for summer which is so tempting!)

Heart x candy print knit in white (171-3014-0)
Purchased from Harajuku Takeshita doori on Day 6. In the upper center of the knit is a heart-shaped wreath made of candy with the text "Candy makes me happy" written in it. There are a few applique bows at various positions and on the sleeve cuffs. I wasn't immediately sold on this design but once I saw a few shop staff photos pairing the candy sukapan with this knit top, both instantly went on my wishlist together. I didn't purchase the top at the first opportunity (despite getting the candy sukapan first thing) because although I knew I would like it, it wasn't a high priority item and I knew it wouldn't sell out within a week. I ended up getting it on the second to the last day when I knew I had the budget and luggage space for it.
with Liz Lisa 2013 fukubukuro dot tulle OP, Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab vol 2 gingham bow barrette and Liz Lisa pom pom pumps -

with Liz Lisa pleats sukapan, (Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab vol 2 gingham bow barrette) and Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps + Liz Lisa riders jacket -

with Liz Lisa candy sukapan, (Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab vol 2 gingham bow barrette) and Liz Lisa ankle boots -
Ofc I love it paired with the candy sukapan as anticipated, but I think it will also be great with other casual bottoms, including denim. The material is light but not cheapy and I don't think it would be out of the question for me to wear it at night here (as long as there's some trade winds). The print is also super cute and I like how it matches with the sukapan without being too gimmicky. The words on it actually make sense in English, and for once I feel like it actually applies to me.

Candy pouchette in white (171-9407-0)
Purchased from Harajuku Takeshita doori on Day 7. This is a small pouch-type bag that is designed to look like wrapped piece of candy, supposed called "Rose BonBon" based on the embroidered text. It has a long gold chain for a shoulder strap. I really held out on this item because after seeing it in person, I realized how small the body of the bag really was. That being said, I kept it in the back of my mind and made a mental note for all the stores I saw it in and would be able to return to later if I wanted to purchase it. Luckily, one of those was Harajuku which is pretty easy to access except for the Takeshita doori crowds. I actually didn't end up buying it until the last few hours of the trip!
[Paired with the 1st Tropical Juice OP coordinate and the 1st candy sukapan coordinate above]

The white version of this bag was what initially caught my attention but the more shop staff coordinates I saw with the red (especially with rabbit ribbon series items), the harder my decision became, especially because I purchased so many other red accessories on this trip that one more seemed to make sense! I decided on white in the end because I reasoned out that I just bought a deep red Liz Lisa heart bag (which is honestly a similar size/holds a similar amount of nothing) and a bright red heart bag from Kate Spade, so I might as well get white for this to pair nicely with the candy sukapan. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the colors (esp the ribbon) match well with the Tropical Juice OP in white as well!

Frill denim jacket in medium blue (171-7003-0)
Purchased from Shibuya 109 on Day 1. This is a full denim jacket with a collar. There are short frill/ruffle details on the upper chest and sleeve ends. The lower back has a white lace-up detail and the front lower pockets imitate bows. This was on my radar even during my winter trip in January, but I passed on it in favor of the Liz Lisa heart applique blouson. And I think it worked out for the best that way. I didn't see the blouson in any of the stores in March (so if I hadn't purchased it in January I probably would have missed it completely) and I probably wouldn't have packed both the blouson AND this denim jacket (and the peplum cardigan) with me to take on a 7-day trip. By buying it during the March trip, I could wear it during without having to pack it on the way over!
with Liz Lisa floral romper and Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps -

with Liz Lisa tulip sleeve frill blouse, Liz Lisa floral chiffon cardigan and Liz Lisa wedge pumps -

with Liz Lisa strawberry gingham OP, Liz Lisa strawberry barrette and Liz Lisa lace-up platform pumps + DIY gingham straw bag -
[Also worn in 3rd Tropical Juice OP coordinate and 3rd margaret applique blouse coordinate above.]

During the trip, I wore this jacket on Day 3 and Day 5 and it was perfect in the late March spring weather. I thought I might be a little cold on either day because I didn't really have any sleeves on the dresses under the jacket, but it really kept me warm without being stuffy! I've always liked denim jackets but haven't recently invested in one for myself because I've never identified one that I thought would have the desired fit. This one is just right for me - perfect length, a balanced wash, not too wide/boxy, has girly details (lace-up back and denim frills), material isn't stiff or too heavy + it has a collar. I had to stop myself from pairing it with everything in this blog post! I feel like it matches with so much. I'm just sad I won't be wearing it often any time soon in Hawaii.

Strawberry ribbon barrette (171-9202-1)
Purchased from Shibuya 109 on Day 1. This is a large bow with tails made of 2 different red materials attached to a french style barrette. There's a strawberry charm with a small green leaf in the middle. I was silly and didn't buy this at the same time as the strawberry gingham OP and gingham ribbon cardigan on Day 2 of my winter trip and it was sold out by the time I realized I wanted it just a couple days later. I was excited when I saw that TKL was doing a pre-order for another round of these to release in mid-March and prayed that it would correlate to a re-release in store as well. Lucky for me, the barrette was available again in stores the week before I got there and many of them still had stock!
[with 1st and 2nd Rabbit ribbon jumper skirt coordinates above and 1st and 2nd lace-up platform pumps coordinates below]

I'm so happy with this barrette. I mentioned earlier in this post that I felt like I needed more red hair accessories, and this is definitely a piece I think I'll be able to use with multiple outfits. I love the size and material and the french barrette grips hair well. The red color has a classic feel and the strawberry detail is cute but not extremely obvious so I think I could get away with using it with non-fruit/strawberry themed coordinates as well. At the same time, I think it really adds something to coordinates that DO feature strawberry elements (strawberry jam, strawberry gingham and rabbit ribbon all come to mind). I can't wait to use it more!

Tulle can can hat in red (171-9501-0)
Purchased from Harajuku Takeshita doori on Day 1. This is a woven-material hat with a short brim. It is covered in a sheer tulle and there's a ribbon around the base with "Innocent Dream Flower" text embroidered on it, meeting at a bow in the back. There were (and continue to be) a ton of shop staff coordinates featuring this hat, and with how much time I spend browsing, I was bound to want it! All the Liz Lisa hats that I currently have in my possession are a bit more neutral, so I was willing to go a bit bolder with my choice this time! I initially wanted white (always trying to think what will match with the most), but the first couple stores I visited didn't have it so I decided to just bite the bullet, take a (relatively small risk) and get red which ended up being perfect!

with Liz Lisa sunflower parfait OP and Liz Lisa lace-up back flower wedge sandals -
[Also in the 3rd Rabbit ribbon jumper skirt coordinate and 3rd Fruits logo OP coordinate above.]

This is such a great summer hat and will be a great accent to so many of my summer looks, especially with Liz Lisa items from the last couple of years. I wore it on my trip on the last day (Day 7) but could have easily also worn it on Day 3 or 5. I probably could have lived without the "Innocent Dream Flower" text on it (since I wore it on the plane, I was wearing it when I went to work that afternoon and several coworkers wanted to read what it said and I had to explain that it didn't really mean anything) but I do like the look of the white text on the bold red ribbon, so I don't mind a lot + I know that it's the Spring 2017 theme so it doesn't sound so crazy to me.
(As it turns out, despite me not seeing it at the first couple of stores, lots of other stores I later visited had both pink and white and I constantly had to stop myself from buying another because I really do like this hat!)

Lace up platform pumps in red (171-9604-0)
Purchased from Shibuya 109 on Day 1. This is a solid color, closed-toed platform shoe. There is a ruffle detail on the front and on the heel with a thin ribbon lace-up detail in between. I really wasn't a fan of this shoe when I first saw it in the spring promo photoshoots and had even dubbed it as "the red clown shoes" in my head, but of course  (as it always happens), the more I see them, the more I grow to like them. I can't remember exactly which shop staff photo made me start turning the corner (maybe this one of Rima), but it was just a couple weeks before my trip and I was like "Dammit now I like them" lmao. It's not actually a bad thing (and actually score points for Liz Lisa shop staff doing great PR), but liking another item I had initially crossed off just means I need to budget it in. Actually, it was for the best that I ended up liking these clown shoes because they were so comfortable to wear during the trip and matched with half of the coordinates quite well!

with Liz Lisa strawberry gingham OP and Liz Lisa strawberry ribbon barrette -

with Liz Lisa strawberry jam OP and Liz Lisa strawberry ribbon barrette + Liz Lisa frill denim jacket -

with Liz Lisa margaret cherry OP, Liz Lisa flocked cardigan and Liz Lisa fruits 4 piece clip set -
Truth be told, I do think these still kind of look like clown shoes probably just because of the bold red and the visual heaviness of the shoe but I just LOVE them for some reason FML.Thanks to SS17, I added a ton of fun items with red details and this shoes help complete the look. I especially love them balanced with the denim jacket. I wore these on Day 3, 5 and 7 of my trip and they were perfect for travel except that it's a pain to put them on and take them off for dressing rooms because of the lace up detail. Other than that, they were comfortable and very stable! I usually have to avoid clothes that pair best with red shoes for travel because I don't have a pair that I thought would be suitable for the duration of a trip, but these were available at just the right time, and I'm overjoyed to have been able to wear them to match with my strawberry gingham OP.

Suede pumps in beige (162-9615-0)
Purchased from Harajuku Takeshita doori on Day 6. These close-toed pumps are open on both (left/right) sides of the foot and feature an ankle strap. There is a large ribbon on the front with a small rhinestone piercing. This is a AW16 item that I purchased from the second floor of the Harajuku store. I did like these shoes when they first came out but I have been so reluctant to ship shoes lately that I feel like I have to be really picky with what I choose. These were never at the very top of the list, so they kind of melted into oblivion (since I went overboard in Liz Lisa AW16 items anyway). I saw several of my favorite IG accounts feature these in amazing coordinates and Ebony raved about them too - especially because they seem to be able to accommodate a slightly larger foot than most Liz Lisa close toed shoes! I still had some extra room in my suitcase when I pre-packed on the second-to-last day so I immediately went to Harajuku to check them out.

with Liz Lisa faux 2-piece floral OP -

with Liz Lisa plaid top and skirt set up -

with Liz Lisa Cinderella print blouse and suspender skirt set up -
When I tried on the shoes, L seemed a little big, but M was definitely too small. I also tried both pink and beige, but I had always intended to get beige since I don't already have a shoe in this color. In truth, the L is slightly bigger than I'm used to for Liz Lisa shoes (which is probably why girls with slightly bigger feet aren't finding them impossible to wear) but I love the ribbon detail on the front and the gold on the heel as well. I can always find a use for a neutral shoe!

(Edit - oops! Forgot to add this part, but I'm including it now ~!)
Liz Lisa locations visited during this trip:
I actually did pretty well compared to last time! (Not that it really matters lol.) I finally made my way to both Liz Lisa locations in Nagoya. I still need to one day make it down to Fukuoka, but I think that's one of the last locations I haven't been to (that are still active) except the new store in Ikspiari which hasn't even opened yet. I would have loved to go to the Hiroshima Parco store on Day 4 if they still had it!


So....I really didn't make any "other shopping" purchases during this trip :| The title of this post originally had "& other shopping" before the "purchases/coordinates" but when I was looking for something non-Liz Lisa to add to this of substance, I couldn't find anything lol.

When I unloaded my suitcase (which wasn't even that full or at the max weight), I realized I really didn't buy very much! I had tried to find the snacks and other things that people had specifically requested but not a lot else!
I did have a lot of Liz Lisa recent release priorities that took up a lot of my budget, but that wasn't really the crux of the problem. I just didn't see a lot of things that I really wanted to spend money on I guess? I'm still mostly happy with what I got, especially with all the Liz Lisa items, but I feel like I usually come back with things that are a bit more fun during this season! What gives?

In any case, this is the haul post I've been building up to all month and I'm excited to finally share it. Even though it can be kind of challenging to shoot the coordinates for so many items all at once, it's also a bit fun, and I almost always end up finding some combinations that I really love that make it all worth it.

Are long haul-type posts like this boring? I'm only asking because I kind of got bored in the middle of writing it, so I figure people might get bored in the middle of reading it too. In the past, I've split up my trip haul for my own purposes because I wanted to get something published but didn't have the time to take all the coordinate pictures for everything (only half). I figured out how to manage my time a little better with trip posts and coordinate posts in general now, so I wasn't in the same lurch this time, but I wouldn't mind having an extra weekend or so to get it done. At the same time, I think it's also good to have all the items purchased from one instance in one post, so I don't have to guess in which of 2 posts the item was written about if that makes sense. I could probably go either way with this, so if you have an opinion, let me know!

🌸 Japan trip Spring 2017 🌸
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    Part 3: Day 3 - Tokaido Shinkansen to Osaka and meeting Mintkismet/Rilakkuma cafe
    Part 4: Day 4 - Hiroshima Peace Museum, Hiroshima Castle and Miyajima/Itsukushima Shrine
    Part 5: Day 5 - Nagoya Aquarium, Nagoya Castle, Science Museum and Oasis 21
    Part 6: Day 6 - Tokaido Shinkansen back to Tokyo and MariCAR Street Go-Kart Tour
    Part 7: Day 7 - Kawatsura Strawberry Farm, National Art Center, Rikugien Park Illumination
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  1. Well, I want everything now - thanks a lot. I really loved all the red accessories. The candy jumper seems a lot nicer in your pics than when I saw it online tbh - it looks nice and thin but not cheap at all. And I'm glad you ended up getting so many candy items lmao.

    1. I think you'd be someone who'd really like the candy knit!

  2. Personally I really like these as single posts. I did have to take a break halfway through reading (not bored! it was just long and I had things to do) but I really like that there's a single standalone reference post. I also really appreciate the amount of time you spend styling each item several different ways - it must take absolutely ages. Looking forwards to your wrap-up post :)

    1. Thanks for commenting! I'm still leaning towards doing them as single posts myself for the same reason.
      It does take a while to prep, plan and shoot everything (I think for this one maybe...8-9 hours total, not counting editing, writing the post and formatting) but that's why it took me so long lol. Hope it was worth the wait!

  3. the top right photo of you wearing the suede pumps with the faux 2-piece floral op is so cute to me for some reason... i just really love how you're standing in it lol. i also absolutely adore the color red, i'm so happy to see it on you

    1. hahaha gotta show off the shoe. Thank you so much!

  4. Liz Lisa clothing are always so cute I love it!!!
    You look really really pretty in all the photos~ I really love the margaret applique top! + when you paired it with the navy blue shirt it looks so nice <3
    Those pumps though!!! what material are they??
    omg so much japanese candy - I am super jelly ><
    btw - I'd love to invite you to Join my April Skin Korean Beauty Giveaway!
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Join my April Skin Korean Beauty Giveaway!

    1. The new ribbon pumps? The material is faux suede!
      Thank you <3

  5. Nice haul! Love red accents so much x-x I'm so weak for strawberries, cherries, gingham, etc. in red ! You pull it off well too.
    All the accessories are great. Maybe you can do braids and then clip the small red bows above and below where the braids end? That could be super cute paired with the hat. :) And that candy bag is so great, the entire candy set is so super cute! Yay for no engrish!
    That daisy top is also fabulous. As for long hauls, I prefer it this way. I really like your pictures and descriptions, so I have a couple of my favorite posts from you saved before long trips so I can reread :9 Shorter posts would make saving them harder. It's easier to take a break from the article then wait for a new one to load!

    1. I see other people do puffy twin tail braids and look great but because of how my hair is layered (and the stupid looking color) it looks really weird on me because there's so many ends sticking out and the ends are so thin lol. I'm tempted to try it anyway so thanks for reminding me about it!
      Thanks for your feedback about the formatting of the post as well! I'm going to take that into consideration.

    2. Aww, I hope it works out! Yeah, layered hair seems pretty difficult to style sometimes -_-. Maybe you can try buns? Or little hair loops?
      Glad feedback helps! Idk if this is useful, but I've read your posts on laptop, tablet and phone. Tablet is easiest to browse, then laptop, and phone most difficult. Posts are all readable but it's really easy to accidentally swipe to the wrong post on the phone. that might just be blogger tho!

    3. I definitely put my hair in a bun a lot but definitely not for blog posts. (I spend so much time curling it and it causes so much damage that I feel like putting it in a bun for a few pictures is just not worth it. Same with braids or anything that would deconstruct the curls tbh lol.) I'll definitely keep that in mind when I do things irl though. I think I'm a little more "adventurous" hair style wise when I don't have to worry about the curls falling out and having terrible hair for hair of the rest of the coordinate shots. Even just switching to the really simple hairstyle I did for the clips meant I had to plan a bit more carefully lol.

      Also thanks for that! Yeah swipe thing is not something I can control (that I know of) and it happens a lot for me too. I don't own a tablet so I've actually never seen my blog on one so I essentially always look at it from a laptop. Good to know!

    4. Buns would be pretty cute! Maybe for more casual posts like the one you did with the Kate Spade bag you can just style your hair whatever? A super simple hairstyle I like is to leave some strands of hair in front and pull the rest up in a bouncy ponytail. It won't damage curls too much and you can place small hair pins along the sides of your head at the front or a big piece right above the ponytail. :D The hairstyle with the clips pinning back your hair is pretty too ^^
      Blogger has got to stop the swipe thing :I And yeah, viewing on the tablet is definitely the best!

    5. Oh well that was just how I had my hair styled THAT day because those were outfits I actually wore IRL lol. But I guess for me, I just really can't imagine even putting my hair up in a ponytail with the curls. It'd still be "wasting" them to me because having the ponytail leaves a giant crease in my hair at an uneven point and I wouldn't be able to use it the next day as well. Plus even with the half up hairstyles, I use super thin bands (that can't support the weight of my real hair) and I literally just use a scissors to cut them off instead of pulling it off lmao. That's how concerned I get.
      Also I asked my hair stylist to cut my hair so I would have those side strands to frame my face once and he refused :|

    6. Sorry, I feel like I'm just making a million stupid excuses about my hair and I'm also not sure if my tone is being conveyed like I want it. I know hair is my second weakest point compared to make up, but I just don't see myself putting a lot of effort into it for these kinds of blog posts lol. It is helpful to hear from you about this and I'm enthusiastic to read the suggestions, but I just don't want it to seem like I'm responding nicely here but completely ignore it for future posts lol. It's probably something I'll need to experiment with for a few months before I get comfortable, and if I like it, then maybe work it into something that already takes me hours haha.

  6. You got so many cute things! I'm in love with the rabbit ribbon jsk; I've been seeing it everywhere lately and now I'm really tempted to try and get it for myself because the print is so cute ^^
    All the strawberry accessories are adorable too <3
    I really like all the coordinates you put together! It's nice seeing the different ways you wear the items c:

    1. Haha well if you're interested in the white version, I'm looking to sell it! (Nothing wrong with it at all, just don't need two.)

  7. omg where do i start?? lol.. i like the long haul posts but splitting it up is also okay with me!

    ever since i saw the tropical juice print on your instagram, i've been totally in love with it. something about the print speaks to my heart *__* surprisingly, i like the (sukapan's) candy print even though i'm usually not too fond of prints with words on it. maybe it’s growing on me ^^ i also love the denim jacket, especially the little details.

    for the outfits, my favorite is the rabbit ribbon jumper skirt + ank rouge blouse combo. i really like the way it looks! the pieces look like a perfect match for each other. i also like the margaret applique top + swankiss denim skirt pairing. it has a frilly/flouncy feel but looks simple, cute, and clean. i think for anyone who is new to himekaji or is on a budget, this outfit is really good inspiration because similar pieces can be found at non-himekaji brands.

    the fruits clip set would look really cute and be secure on french braids. the downside is that it might take forever to do lol. now that i think about it, it’d be easier to do a half-up style but with braids at each side, kind of like having a braid crown.

    overall, i’m glad you were able to purchase a lot of items with red on it :D your display rack must look like a rose garden now haha

    1. Yeah I'm not fond of anything with words on it tbh but I've come to accept it as a unavoidable feature of a lot of Japanese clothing hahaha.

      Braids are definitely super cute on shop staff but not something I can replicate bc my hair stylist always puts TONS of choppy layers in my hair bc my hair is so thick. Looks good when it's just down and when I curl but but means a million stubby hairs sticking out of braids which make it impossible to achieve the nice puffy look (it also irritates my face and neck lmao). If I can get my hair to a point where that's not an issue, it's definitely something I'd look to do more, but probably just irl - not for blog posts. The reasons are more complicated than you'd probably care to read about, but yeah lol. I'd love to add more variation to hairstyle in these posts but it takes me about 6 hours to shoot just with stupid simple hair. I think it would take at least a couple more to constantly change my hair with each look (because I'm so inept at it). Maybe one day or maybe if blogging could ever be my full time job lol.

    2. oh, the porcupine look! yeah, that happens with my hair too. my layers don't start until my shoulders, but ever since i had my hair thinned out, i can only do french braids (to an extent). i typically split my hair into two sides and french braid each side until the nape of my neck (where the hair stubs begin to stick out). then i either leave them as twintails or make two small buns. however, my skill level is way too low to go outside with this lmao so i only do it when i'm lounging at home. ironically, i was much better at doing hair as a teenager (5 years ago, if you're wondering). it's a challenge to overcome :'D

    3. Ahhh I get what you mean! I had been practicing doing french braids on my own for a while because I did that to get my hair under the wig cap but once people starting voicing how much they hated the wig, I don't use it as much anymore and I'm definitely out of practice lol. I guess it doesn't help that my mom doesn't even know how to french braid so I didn't grow up doing it. I suppose, as with all things, practice (and a will do practice) is just needed. Maybe one day I can incorporate it more into my regular ootds.

  8. I personally think these posts are my favorite! I love seeing your coordinates and it gives me a lot of ideas on how to wear different pieces. I also think your written experiences are very helpful and informative for anyone who is going to Japan to actually buy things :) please keep writing them! (Also videos?? Your haul / coordinate videos are the best but I can see if you think they are redundant after writing a blog post. I'd still love to watch a video on this haul though!)

    1. I used to more regularly do a video component to the blog posts (like for the winter one but they definitely take more time/effort and I usually can't get it done in time while also getting the blog posts out in a timely manner. I struggled a bit to get this one out as is, but I usually try and do a matching video for trip hauls at least. I plan to do one for this but it will definitely take me a month or two to get to it since I can only shoot on weekends and have other posts to prioritize shooting and publishing. I would love to be able to shoot the video and photos at the same time, but my room set up is completely different for each and the photos just for this already took two weekends. It would probably have taken twice as long if I was doing 2 different media which would have prolonged publishing this which I would have hated to do >,<
      If I do make one, I usually add it to the blog post at a later date (and not make a new blog post for it) but it's interesting to know that you'd still be interested in seeing it in video. I always wondered if there was any significant crossover between YT viewers and blog readers but assumed there wasn't much.

      I've thought about it before and I've considered upping my YT video output but it would definitely mean downsizing my blog post output in correlation. I don't think I'd be able to keep up with minimum 6 blog posts a month as well as 2-3 videos a month. Since I can only take photos on weekends and there's usually only 4 weekends per month, it would be a real struggle (especially if there was extremely cloudy weather for one or more of them) and my bf already complains that I don't spend time with him during them lol.

  9. Omg so many beautiful things!!!! ;O; (including all those yummy snacks xD) You look so adorable in Rabbit Ribbon!!!!! I love that series too!!!! But all I could afford was the sukapan.... that dress is LOVE. I want it so bad lol
    I love these haul posts but it must have taken you forever! I think you should make them in a way that's easiest for you! Even if that makes you create them as multiple posts.

    1. I had to justify the jumperskirt instead of the sukapan because I can actually get a lot more use of it personally bc of the length and it can definitely be worn on its own (instant outfit!). Both are cute though and I had a hard time choosing.
      Thank you for your support!