Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Kate Spade New York heart bag + a week of outfits

I was browsing through our local mall for a present for my boyfriend's mother when I couldn't help but notice something for myself at the Kate Spade New York store. Right at the entrance of the store, a large red heart shaped purse was greeting me lmao.
I actually didn't get it that day because our focus was on a gift instead, but since I had to go back the next day anyway, I gave myself the chance to sleep on it and bought it!

Doily Heart Tote (WKRU4276) 
The size is somewhat larger than what I'd ideally look for, but with Valentines Day just a few days later, I decided that was logic enough to buy it. In reality, I haven't had a true/bright red bag in my wardrobe for a handful of years now (RIP Betsey Johnson quilted heart purse), and although this is a bit more of a specialty piece, I thought it would be nice to fill the void. Tote-type bags are usually not by cup of tea but since this one has a lot of structure to hold the shape, I don't mind it so much.

Since I purchased the bag the weekend before Valentines Day, I was determined to use it every day for the work week lol. Here's the 5 outfits I came up with:

Monday -
Forever 21 tiny floral print dress, Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab rose drop cardigan, Liz Lisa heart suede pumps

Tuesday -
Liz Lisa floral tiered dress, Liz Lisa My Melody 2017 fukubukuro cardigan, Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps

Wednesday -
Delyle Noir lace blouse, Delyle Noir floral A-line skirt, Delyle Noir jewelry buckle belt, Ank Rouge watermark cardigan, Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps

Thursday -
Forever 21 dress, Forever 21 cardigan, Nine West velour sandals

Friday -
Liz Lisa strawberry gingham OP, Liz Lisa batwing knit, Liz Lisa flower wedge cage sandals

I work out at lunch on Tuesday and Thursday so I don't like to wear clothes that are too fussy since I have to change in and out of them, but even with that in mind, I'm really happy with each of these outfits! If I wasn't so redundant, I would always wear my Liz Lisa red heart suede pumps with the purse because I love how it matches, but I was determined to try 5 different kinds of combinations. I also didn't want to just match red with red over and over again, so it was fun seeing what else paired nicely with such a big, red bag.
Since there is no closure/clasp mechanism for the top of the purse, I compensated by organizing my smaller items into a pouch or two which resulted in my bag being less messy than it has ever been in the last few years lol. I was still able to fit all of my essentials and even a few random other items as well (umbrella, water bottle, etc) when I needed them.

This is a bit more casual than my regular coordinate-type blog posts, but since I was already wearing the outfits and taking the photos, I thought it wouldn't hurt to throw together something quick like this to share. The bag is so frivolous but also really fun, and I'm glad I got it!


  1. it's really cute!! My favorite outfit was the all black ensemble with the pop of red! and I'm liking this more relaxed style of coodinate post, too!

    1. Haha idk if I can really stick with this because I feel like it's maybe *too* low effort but it was definitely a lot easier to write and publish than most, so I enjoyed it tbh. Thanks!

  2. Ahh your work place has a casual dresscode!! So lucky T-T Thank you for sharing! The bag is really cute.

    Would it be possible for you to do a post on Liz Lisa/himekaji pieces that can be used for business casual or business-like outfits? Obviously, a cardigan or a white blouse is always suitable, but I would like to know if you have other ideas too ^^

    1. I've done a couple posts in the past that are somewhat related ( ( but I've been thinking I might need a revised version! I'll definitely start drafting something up but I want to make sure it's not too repetitive from the previous ones so I may need a bit to think. Thanks for the suggestion!

    2. Thank you for the links! I think I've seen the second link before but that means I totally forgot about it lol.

    3. Lol no problem. I'm definitely going to be working on getting a revised "Liz Lisa for work" post done soon though!

  3. That bag is super cute! Kate Spade has nice things but we don't have a store here so I like seeing what others buy from it. The bag is definitely fun to have and it actually pairs quite nicely with your outfits despite the unusual shape.

    1. I love how fun some of the bags are! I wish I could justify the one shaped like a whale or a penguin lmao.

  4. I love looking at all of your coordinations! I am 17 (a little late to the game) and use your coords as a color guide! Keep up the great posts!
    PS, I also love your Japan posts!!

    1. I'm over 8 years older than you, so I wouldn't consider you late at all!