Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Liz Lisa 2017 Fukubukuro recap (actual reveals)

This recap post will include the sample reveal photo provided by Liz Lisa if any (as shown on lizlisa.com and tokyokawaiilife.jp) and (none this year!) screenshots/links to posts from actual customers of their Liz Lisa 2017 fukubukuro and contents. I will continue to update as more reveals are posted/found. Many international customers who purchased directly from Liz Lisa haven't received their lucky packs yet so hopefully there will be more in the next couple of weeks as forwarding/shopping services start shipping out.
For more general information about Liz Lisa's 2017 fukubukuro options, please check out my earlier post!
Because I don't want to be left with numerous empty links a year later, I'm taking screenshots of pictures on blogs/profiles, rather than solely including links in case urls change or things get deleted. I am not attempting to take credit for other people's work. Please click on the picture or caption to visit the source. If I linked to your blog/profile or used a picture of yours and you would like it taken down, please let me know at any time. If you would like to be added to this list or have any additional information, please also just let me know or leave a link to your post in the comments!


Liz Lisa x My Melody fukubukuro / LIZ LISA×マイメロディ福袋
Tokyo Kawaii Life product link --> 【予約】LIZ LISA×マイメロディ福袋


Liz Lisa 10000yen fukubukuro / LIZ LISA新春☆1万円福袋
Tokyo Kawaii Life product link --> 【予約】LIZ LISA新春☆1万円福袋


Shipping notes 
(note: these numbers are for help in calculating shipping cost only and do not factor in the item cost)
Liz Lisa x My Melody fukubukuro: 6060g (Rebby provided); 6040g (Cecilia provided below)
Liz Lisa 10000yen fukubukuro: 2480g (Allison provided below)

For estimates to ship these items based on the weights provided, consider checking out Tenso's shipping calculator here. Even if you do not use Tenso's services, they break down the price such that you can see the international shipping fee separate from their service fee, so that info may still be useful to you as a tool to plan for shipping cost.

As with the 2014 fukubukuro recap post, 2015 fukubukuro recap post and 2016 fukubukuro recap post, I hope this will serve as a resource for myself and others when considering purchasing fukubukuro from Liz Lisa. In 2017, there was definitely some changes that were made with the fukubukuro options and content item quantities and pricing, and there are bound to be changes in the future as well, but I know that a number of people might want to look back and see what the previous year(s) have shown.
If you would like a link to your post about your Liz Lisa 2017 fukubukuro to be added, please let me know! 
For those who ordered online from authorized retailers and shipped internationally, if you don't mind providing your shipping information (particularly the weight of your package in grams and cost in yen), I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated by potential customers in the future.

Need an introduction to New Years fukubukuro/lucky packs? Please check out what I've written in my guide to buying Liz Lisa online blog post! (or click to jump to a section)
Fukubukuro/new year's lucky packs
     What are fukubukuro/lucky packs?
     What's inside?
     How can I get one (online/since I am not in Japan)?
     How much is shipping?
     How else can I get the items?
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  1. I'm actually kind of glad I couldn't afford either bag this year but still kinda sad because I couldn't xD Mostly because they had more tiers in earlier years and I liked more in them. I like some of the pieces of the more expensive one but not enough to make me upset that I didn't get one. I hope they will do a summer one and have more cute and affordable tiers.

    1. I think affordable means different things to different people and fukubukuro are, in a sense, a "privilege" not an inherent right because brands don't *have* to offer them. And they don't even have to include new designs in them either since they were traditionally old stock anyway. The summer happy bags (if they offer them) are usually 1 choice with old (1+ year old) stock so if that's the kind of items you're looking for and your price point, then the new years ones definitely might not be your thing!
      I think the My Melody one was somewhat reasonable considering it included a full coat and an OP with the My Melody character one it (most coats and OPs sold at regular price each going for 10,000yen plus on their own) plus a suspender skirt with a similar print as well as the little charm and the print on the suitcase itself - all which require the Sanrio license. But of course, everyone has different standards.

  2. Thank you dear Emi for always keeping the Liz Lisa community up to date! Looking forward to your own post about your latest fukubukuro get! did you see the gorgeous angel bag from Swankiss? <3
    I have to say, now that I know the contents I am even sadder that I missed out on the liz Lisa suitcase. This year,I really couldn't afford the fukubukuro with the generally very high shipping and customs costs to Germany- I bought too many christmas presents for my family and didn't save up enough in advance, FML, lol.
    But I am actually kind of glad that I didn't try to get the LL tote- to be honest, I am not deeply impressed by its contents. Did you like them, what's your opinion? :)

    1. I think both are true to what fukubukuro are typically expected to be - items that are sold at a very discounted set price! The tote was especially a good deal cost/price wise considering the coat and each OP are easily valued at approx $100 each. Even if you didn't end up liking the items, you could reasonably break even again in no time with secondhand sales imo.
      Each year I'm just always grateful that Liz Lisa decides to do lucky packs and even though there were less options this year than in years past, at least they were done at all! (Some brands have always only done 1 type of bag and some don't offer them at all, so I think we were just a bit spoiled in the past tbh.) I was actually thinking that the items this year might have been recycled content rather than new fuku specific designs, but was (pleasantly?) surprised that it wasn't and did value the small surprise without the actual reveal which feels a lot truer to the fukubukuro tradition to me.

    2. Ah, I should have made myself more clear, I am not at all criticizing the fukubukuro as is.
      To me, it just so happened that I noticed I wouldn't have liked the style of content in the tote bag anyway- while I still have regrets about not getting the suitcase which I really liked, including the content. (I got neither)
      This year I just didn't like the more simple/plain style of the tote items compared to previous years tote contents. But I meant that only in regard to my personal taste in the design and wasn't criticizing the quality or value.
      I, too, think that the value of LL fukubukuro is and has always been pretty good, as in you usually get a good deal for your money from Liz Lisa in quality, uniqueness, original single item price and the fact that they usually pack things that combine well with each other. Overall, Liz Lisa is one of the brands that does really good fuku (including the bag itself which is usually really pretty) in my opinion- you get a good "bang for your buck".

      Personally, I also don't mind if they don't reveal the content beforehand. They've not done pre-reveals in the past sometimes and I don't mind that they did it again this time.
      Actually I somehow prefer it that way because a lucky bag, to me, sort of always is a little more fun that way. It's a bit risky and mysterious, sort of a little gamble and I like the surprise and thrill (while usually I dislike gambling, I don't mind it with Liz Lisa lol). ^^
      Also, as I understand it, many companies in Japan just pack whatever hasn't been selling well or what they have left in stock and you sometimes get a good deal and sometimes it's a miss, but usually, you don't overspend either way.
      I mean, it's kind of at your own risk, a little game of chance so to speak- if one doesn't want to buy a pig in a poke one shouldn't take the risk of buying any sort of lucky bag, but buy the regular listings instead.

    3. I suppose maybe I was trying to be too diplomatic about the whole thing as most of the time it makes very little difference whether I personally like or dislike anything in particular. As for the design of the tote, I would have loved to see a print but if you bought both fuku from Liz Lisa this year, you really wouldn't be able to pair them together without a lot of clashing imo and I think they do think about those things. (Like in 2014 when they had a printed suitcase and did a solid color tote/boston bag.) In terms of the content, I saw that several people were excited about the sweaterdress which has been a popular item in the past, so I really think that it's a matter of opinion/taste and you're still getting a lot more than what you're really paying for.

    4. I am interested in your personal taste and opinion, though, that's why I asked. Of course it doesn't matter in the picture what you or me think of the content personally, but I thought it's interesting to share thoughts amongst fans of the brand. :) Oh, the sweater dress is really nice, but it is similar (if not the same) to one of last year's fukubukuro (which I got) so I was glad I didn't have two in the end, hehe...although you're right, one can always sell what one doesn't use or have doubles of after all^^

  3. Hello Emi!! I have a screenshot of my shipping details for the My Melody Fukubukuro that I am willing to share for other's to get an idea of pricing ^^

    1. If you can just provide the shipping weight, that would be great! Over time, shipping rates and other charges may change but tenso and most other services will have some sort of cost estimator with a weight variable. Thank you!

    2. I used tenso and the shipping weight for the My Melody x Liz Lisa Fukubukuro for me came out to be 6,040g. ^^

  4. Hi Emi! I purchased the 10,000 yen fukubukuro this year and the shipping weight ended up being 2480 g. I noticed that you still didn't have it posted here so I thought I'd contribute. :)