Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017 One Spo fukubukuro reveal & coordinates

Last year I kind of missed out on getting a One Spo fukubukuro by maybe 1 or 2 days and it was totally my fault for not paying attention and also because I didn't realize their webstore released the listing so early! This year I was following One Spo on IG and Twitter, so I actually knew ahead of time when the pre-order listing would be available!
There are two options for 2017 which are essentially exactly the same except the color option. Even though I enjoy the excitement and anticipation from not knowing the contents of lucky packs, I also equally enjoy it when I see early reveals that I love. One Spo does a great job of including items in their fukubukuro that work well with each other. I decided to go with pink even though I thought the all black version seemed a little more cohesive and more in tune with my non-Liz Lisa wardrobe.

【2017年one spo新春福袋】NEW YEAR SPECIAL BAG
Luckily I had no problems at check out. I was actually out at dinner when the listings went live (for preorder) and quickly looked at how they were selling to figure out if making the purchase could wait until I got home. We went to run an errand or two after dinner so I didn't get home until about 2 hours after the release time and was still able to make my purchase. I wasn't watching the website super closely, but I think the listings sold out within two days if not sooner.

Tbh between ordering this (Nov 10) and waiting for it to finally ship (Dec 29) and then waiting what seemed like FOREVER for Tenso to finally register it (Jan 6) so I could pay for the shipping (same day) and then for Tenso to forward it to me (Jan 8), I got a little less excited lmao. There's really no instant gratification with international online shopping - I tell you. I could have received package on Jan 12 but I wasn't home to sign for it so I picked it up on Jan 13!

I haven't produced any new content for my YouTube channel in a while but fukubukuro unboxing are easy videos (okay tbh it took me forever to shoot and edit this so it wasn't that easy but anyway...). Here's mine!

Content items are exactly as pictured in the reveal - 
1. Velour reversible sukajan/MA-1 jacket in deep rose / black
Due to the velour/velvety material, this jacket has quite a bit of weight. It would be great in a colder climate for layering. As it stands, it's not a fantastic fit for Hawaii but I do love the versatility between the black and the rose sides of it. The embroidery and slightly oversize fit give it a BA casual vibe which pairs great with a pair of black boots.

2. Cropped knit in pink
Looking at the wide elastic neckline, this is certainly meant to be worn off shoulder which is one of my favorite silhouettes. I'm already familiar with the fluffy material from One Spo due to the heart cut out top I bought last November, and I do really like it. The long length of the sleeves creates a cool, slouchy look on my length of arm.

3. Hoodie dress in white
This hoodie is pretty self-explanatory. It's a solid white color with a slight oversize vibe similar to the sukajan and can certainly be worn as an OP but I wouldn't suggest it for someone much taller than me. I'd say that at 5'4", I'm already kind of pushing the limits for wearing it on its own, but I typically go for a shorter length on sweaterdress items anyway for balance. The lettering on the sleeves is a nice cute touch that matches the "Little Bad Girl" embroidery on the sukajan. I believe that was one of the themes for One Spo's AW16.

4. Pleated skirt in white
I feel like the reveal may have implied that this can be worn on its own as a bottom piece on its own but looking at it IRL, I certainly wouldn't suggest it. The inner solid piece is made of material very similar to a slip and the outer tulle doesn't provide much more opaqueness. I would recommend using this only as a layering piece with another item of clothing to keep you modest.  I was most unsure about how this kind of item would look on me, but I know this is something that's been very on trend lately so I was certainly interested to just try it.

5. Mini backpack in pink
I was surprised to see how much detail this backpack has! There are two main zipper sections and each has a smaller pocket in them. Additionally, on the left and right sides of the backpack are pockets that you could easily slip a skinny water bottle or a pencil case into. There is even a small zipper compartment in the back! I also really like the big gold zipper pulls they chose for this. Ofc, the straps are adjustable, but they are not removable.

6. Pom pom choker in pink
Chokers + pom poms have been trendy for a while now - even so much that they may already be a little out-of-vogue at the moment, but I'm glad that One Spo included this because I don't already own a necklace like it. I like how it pairs with the pink top or the hoodie as a nice little added detail. It's simple but cute. My mannequin's neck was almost too wide for the chain/clasp, but it's a very easy fit on my own neck.

7. Sunglasses in deep rose
I think this is such an interesting item to include in a lucky pack! Sunglasses in this shape are not something I would ever invest in on my own but I really enjoyed wearing it with the sukajan because of the matching color and the slightly retro vibe.

8. Beret in black
No surprises here, this is a basic, solid color black beret. I don't already own one so this is a great basic addition for me! When I first saw the reveals, I was a little disappointed that they didn't decide to make the accessories either pink or white, but I've definitely come to realize that black was certainly the best choice for items like this.

+ the canvas fukubukuro bag
I actually like this bag more than I thought I would. The construction of it seems pretty good for a "free" item, and I love that there are two handle/strap options + a snap closure and even a little pocket inside. The "Hello, Sweetie" text is cute but not overly obnoxious and I think I this would be a good for an overnight visit or something similar. I might even decide to leave it in my car to use as a resuable bag when shopping because it seems sturdy enough for cans and other heavy items plus it can hold a decent amount of stuff.

Coordinates with the fukubukuro contents -

Not wanting to reinvent the wheel when it's not necessary, I definitely wanted to try out the combination of items as suggested by One Spo in the reveal photos but also show a few alternatives for how some of the items can be used beyond that. This was a little outside my wheelhouse for some of these items but always a fun challenge. Unfortunately, I don't have a multitude of shoe options for this genre, but I did my best to make it work within my means. One Spo is a brand often featured in Larme magazine but I feel like I don't always want to wear the items in a Larme way because there's so much of a "fashion" aspect to it, and I'm more of a simple, ready-to-wear kind of person. I'm looking at some of the outfits I created here and I have to ask myself - is this homeless or hipster?

For a 10,800yen fukubukuro, I think this is totally worth it - even to just have fun trying all the different combinations. Although unlikely to be useful for me, I love both sides of the sukajan/MA-1 jacket and the design of it. While I was initially unsure about the black accents in this pink lucky pack, I realized that it really does work with all the other elements, and I'm not sure why I doubted it. One Spo definitely knows what they're doing!

If you're interested in One Spo fukubukuro, I would definitely advise you to watch their social media/announcements starting from November!


  1. Ooh i would definitely buy that hoodie dress if it wasnt so short.. I'm a lil shorter than 5'4 and it irks me so bad when japanese dresses turn out to be a shirt on me @@ like, i'm not even that tall ugh.
    Other than that, the onespo fukubukuro seems like a great deal this year~

    1. haha well I wouldn't say that the hoodie is necessarily shirt length but I do think it would be more ideal on a slightly shorter girl :) It would probably be just right on you depending on your modesty/comfort level!

  2. Definitely hipster Emi Lol. Super love the variety you get with this lucky pack - l feel like all the items can be used for so many styles and looks - within the lucky pack or with other items. I like that they included accessories as well.

    1. For the price, 3 main clothing items, 1 layering piece and 4 basic but solid accessories - I think it was great!

  3. I really love this fukubukuro! I didn't really pay much attention to one spo last year lol but they're definitely on my radar now! I feel like in comparison to some other fukubukuros I've seen tbis one is super cohesive. Which is really nice :)

    1. I think it's really great that One Spo creates content for their lucky packs that work so well together. That's probably why they always sell out so quickly!

  4. I am SO into those bomber style jackets with the embroidery! Such a cool look!

    1. If only it was just a little less heavy, I'd totally love to wear it here!

  5. I definitely feel you on the waiting forever for fukubukuros to ship internationally. I only just managed to get my forwarder to finish shipping all my fukubukuros out just last Friday (Jan 13), so it's like, when I preordered them all in the middle of December, I was all excited at the time and now it's just like, "Oh, right, that thing's finally coming over. Sigh". I still think I get excited again when I get to open them though, even if I spoil myself and go look up other people's reveals beforehand.

    Still though, I'm really digging that embroidered sukajan and the sunglasses! They're so cool~ One Spo's fukubukuro seems super spot-on with the trends this year. >_< I was almost tempted to grab one myself (even though it's totally not anything I could pull off or fit my style lol).

    1. Buying them in person/in store is on my bucket list but I have a feeling that might not be a great idea for me considering all the winter clothes I'd be getting since I probably wouldn't be able to resist getting several at price (since I wouldn't have to budget for shipping) but I guess at least it's possible for us to get them overseas at all!
      The jacket is definitely a favorite of mine from this lucky pack! One Spo is certainly a trend heavy brand but they really do things in their own style while still being current. It's always fun to see how they interpret things!

    2. Haha, yeah, I feel the same! I know I only just started buying fukubukuros for the first time last year, but I think I already have enough winter clothes to last me at least a decade lol. I also tend to buy, like, multiple at once (from various brands). I'm starting to think I should limit myself during the winter from now on (but summer is a different story >->). But yeah, I'm still considering myself lucky I can even get them from overseas in the first place! Also, when I think about it, I dunno if I'd be able to handle the in-person crowds in fukubukuro season. I hear they're crazy. >_>;;
      That's interesting to know about One Spo, thanks! I still consider myself new to a lot of brands, so this year was the first time I heard of them, but I'll be keeping an eye out now~ Thanks for the great blog post and review of the stuff!

    3. I usually try to convince myself away from buying fukubukuro bc I have absolutely no need for coats or knits and they're heavy to ship for just the fun of having them but I always give in lol. I think if I had someone to keep me company during in store fuku buying it might be a lot of fun! But definitely hectic.
      For me personally, their 2016 lucky pack in pink was way closer to my actual "aesthetic"/style but I missed it and I didn't want to hesitate this year! I would definitely encourage you to follow them on social media if you're interested bc their lucky packs sell quickly!