Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tokyo Kawaii Life order 44 - Liz Lisa 3-way trench coat & small print floral OP

I did a lot of Liz Lisa shopping in August to September - so much that I was a little backlogged in blog posts. I just couldn't resist many of the autumn releases but this was my last order before I really tried to cut myself off. Luckily, winter stock has started to roll in which I tend to have a much easier time turning down just because it's so largely impractical in Hawaii for the full retail price.

3-way trench coat in beige (162-8003-0)
This is my first time purposefully buying an outer coat piece from Liz Lisa! The previous outer coat-type pieces that I have are all from fukubukuro and I didn't really have a choice in the style or color. I've always really admired the convertible/multi-way outer pieces from Liz Lisa and have come close to ordering one of the poncho-type coats in the past, but have always been able to convince myself that it was just too frivolous of a purchase. Truth be told, this is still a bit of a frivolous purchase since I didn't have a planned occasion for this coat at the time, but I really loved the design of this one since the first promotional images and couldn't pass it up. Both colors (beige and pink) were available but I decided to go with beige because it's more of a traditional trench coat color and I don't own any trench coats yet so I thought it would be best to start with something classic!
with Liz Lisa cape glen check OP, Liz Lisa pom pom earrings, Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collaboration ribbon barrette and Liz Lisa lace up pom pom pumps -

with Liz Lisa lace sleeveless blouse and Flag J sandals -

with Bebe turtleneck blouse, Liz Lisa beret, Liz Lisa bijou necklace and Flag J pumps -

with Liz Lisa floral OP, Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab sweets bow barrette and Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps + Liz Lisa x My Melody 9th collab tote -

with Liz Lisa small floral print OP* and Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps -

with Liz Lisa pleats OP, Liz Lisa OTK boots and Michael Kors purse -

The color is a little more "khaki" than beige imo, but still a very neutral color that you'd expect for a trench. The two pieces come apart completely and there's no buttons or fixtures that attach them physically together. I really liked the look of the two pieces together but the volume is so unfamiliar to me that it's a little overwhelming. I think that might be in part just due to the temperature though. The overall silhouette is quite nice! I'm surprised how much I like the inner sleeveless piece, both as a jumper skirt type piece and also as a bit of a long vest. The cropped jacket piece I knew I'd like on it's own and the back details are my favorite part.

Small floral print OP in white (162-6013-0)
I couldn't just get the coat by itself, so I wasted no time in adding this OP to the cart as well. I really liked the cute but mature design when it was first released, but I didn't allow myself to dwell on it for too long because I already have a floral fade OP from the previous season that I shelled out a bit of money for and didn't want to do it twice. However, given this opportunity, it was the perfect chance to buy it! There's a deep side zipper and the back of the waistline is elastic. The material seems like a mixed polyester which is neither too light or too heavy and feels like really nice quality. The base color of the dress isn't exactly bright white - it feels like there's a little grey mixed in because of the material but it's still a good contrast to the flowers.
with Liz Lisa corsage actress hat and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals + Samantha Thavasa purse -

with Liz Lisa suede heart pumps + Liz Lisa momonga cardigan -

with Liz Lisa ribbon pumps + Liz Lisa riders jacket + Samantha Thavasa purse -
The dress is really nice worn! The fit on the waist is great - fitted but not too tight, but the chest/bust area is quite roomy lol. When my arms are down at my sides or when I wear a cardigan/outer piece with it, this isn't a problem, but I definitely think I want to wear this sleeveless every once in a while. The color really makes me think of spring with the pink flowers but it can certainly work in other seasons. I will certainly wear this to work soon!

I'm really happy I made this order even though it turned out to be slightly different than I expected! Honestly, outerwear is so fun to me and I'm sad that I rarely get a chance to utilize it for more than just a few photos. I admit, I had a bit of a hard time going with my natural hair for this post (if you saw my twitter posts this day, then I'm sure you know I was being a huge drama queen about it), but it was something I felt I needed to do to figure out how I want to move forward. Bonus points if you can figure out what order I took the photos in based on how messy my hair is.


  1. The trench coat is so versatile! That's an awesome piece and it looks great on you!

  2. Ah, I really liked the trech coat. So versatile and nice :>
    The dress is pretty too, but I really enjoyed how the coat looks like :)

    1. Thank you! I think the coat was a really good piece this autumn :)

  3. Hello emmi!
    I bougt this trench coat also.
    And your coordinates are very helpful to me!!
    Thanks a lot :)

  4. Love the trench separately. ^^ So nice! Dress is also lovely :D