Saturday, November 12, 2016

Popteen November 2016 scans

Since I had already purchased the September and October issues of Popteen, I thought it would a little too much overkill to order a third in a row, so I decided to forgo an Amazon JP order when it was first released. However, my bf had a chance to get me this November issue from a local brick-and-mortar business that sells Japanese products in Hawaii, and I was happy to accept it!
These scans are meant to be for personal use and I do not claim ownership of these images. Please purchase/support where you can! 

Greeted with a Liz Lisa immediately on the inside cover!

Ofc Nachosu's styling is my favorite with the Liz Lisa cape dress making yet another appearance (I'm so glad I bought it for myself!), but the retro girly style on Maruyama Ranna also caught my eye with the long plaid skirt!

I almost didn't include this section in the scans but I really like the "throwback" elements of this! All the old styles of gal that were popular over the years. I know some people miss it a lot, and I think there's validity in that, but I find the change so interesting! Who knows what it'll be like 10 years from now?

100 super cute double coordinates - men's and women's fashion! I'm a sucker for matchy-matchy couples outfits lol. Yurayura's all white outfit + matching bf look are so cute!

This is a darker themed spread and it was interesting to see the variety of brands and several Liz Lisa items used in a different way than expected, especially the cat top on Nicorun on the first page.

This trend outers spread included several Liz Lisa pieces scattered around like the knit, skirt and bag on Nachosu on the intro page and then the 17th anniversary boots and cat cup bag paired with an eHyphen coat in the GAL girly section.

This spread doesn't really highlight any Liz Lisa items very well, but I was drawn to it because of the One Spo ribbon MA-1 jacket and the Nadia Flores en el Corazon razor skirt. These really stand out to me!

This spread on Yurayura is so ethereal looking - I love the aesthetics <3

Any time there's contrast like this, I'm immediately drawn to it. I love the differences between the two styles because variety is so exciting to me!

I know it's pretty late to be posting this in November but some of these were too funny not to include it! Maybe ideas for next year if you start planning early?

Lala Port Tokyo Bay in Funabashi is such a huge mall. I've only ever ventured over there twice and it was always to just quickly stop by the Liz Lisa store, but there really is quite a lot to offer - even outside the "Popteen Land" section!

Any time a spread makes me take a pause and want to look up the brand (if I've never heard of it before), I need to give them props for doing something right. It's so cute to see the models replicating the poses and clothes from the Ciara designs.

I also never tired of seeing the Liz Lisa English rose OP. It's been sitting on my wishlist but I really can't pull the trigger on it after spending so much this season already.

More hair tutorials never hurt anyone right?  My favorites are probably on this last page on the left.

Sorry this is a bit late, but I'm in love with so many of Liz Lisa's AW16 items that I want to take every opportunity to ogle them. I also didn't want to keep delaying some of my purchase/coordinate-type posts, so sharing portions of this magazine definitely took a backseat, but I hope this post still serves some use to you!


  1. I just received this issue in mail a few days ago but haven't had the chance to look at it yet. This post made me excited to look through it tonight! ♥

  2. I was super excited to scroll down and see the hair styles lol. I really like the Ciara spread as well. I've never heard of it before but it looks cute!

    1. I think they partnered on a past furoku item? super cute!

  3. oh my gosh this just really makes me need a bomber jacket in my life! So many ways to style them and they're all so cute!

    1. I'm surprised you don't have one! They would be perfect on you.

  4. Was this perfume any good? I've actually thought of getting this magazine on but I wasn't sure about the collab item. Let me know! ^^

    1. Ahhh actually I haven't been opening the free items from the magazines lately, so I'm not sure! Sorry >,<