Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My new Cyperous wig

So, there was that big hullabulloo about the wig I typically use for my blog posts. I may have slightly overreacted, but I was able to get some decent feedback surrounding the whole issue, so I'm not sorry it happened. In any case, that was the push I needed to really look into investing in a new wig that will actually work. As I mentioned before, I did try and purchase a replacement earlier, but it turned out to be really unflattering despite being good quality and a huge waste of money. (I want to say for clarification that it wasn't a super expensive wig, but the amount I paid was just more than I really want to just throw away for something I 1000% cannot use.)

Thanks to Maureen, I found Cyperous wigs! I'm not going to pretend I know a whole bunch about it, but it seems to basically be a Japanese faux hair piece company that has an online shop. There's a really decent amount of styles and selection and most are quite natural appearing in the photos. They do ship internationally (3000yen flat rate), but I decided to ship to my Tenso address because I already had a package waiting there, and I wanted to consolidate to save on shipping costs.

I decided to go with a "Full Wig" type, MCL-333-712 in Dark mix brown. There are other types of wigs they have that are similar but more expensive, and I believe made of better materials or with a different process. I'm not really planning on wearing this out in public, and this was just my first whack at ordering from Cyperous, so I didn't want to invest too much in this item in case it turned out like the other one and looked terrible on me in particular (despite it being a generally good wig in terms of quality).
I was able to create an account, add the item to my cart and check out with my own credit card. I received an order confirmation email right away and then a "notification of shipment" email actually just a few hours later. It was registered at Tenso two days later. The whole process is quite quick and easy.
I received the wig in a large plastic zip interlocking bag in a hair net. There was also a wig cap included.

First impression
When I first pulled it out of the bag, I wasn't disappointed. The quality is quite nice and it isn't overly shiny. The bangs were a decent as was the main length. Comparing it directly to the stock photos, the irl color is a little darker, but I don't mind that much at all. You can see the slight highlights of higher brown which keeps the color from being too monotonous.

unstyled natural hair --> curled natural hair --> old wig --> new wig
Note: I took these photos all within the same hour and have the exact same make up applied in each photo.
So....I hate to say it but I still personally prefer the old wig over all options. In order of most to least liked, it would go 1. old wig, 2. new wig, 3. curled natural hair, 4. unstyled natural hair. I really feel that my unstyled natural hair shouldn't even be an option but since someone had mentioned that even if my hair wasn't styled at all it would be better than the old wig, I felt I needed to throw that in there for comparison purposes, but really that's not even remotely an option for me. I just think it looks too haphazard and unrefined. If I'm going to bother to take blog photos, I want my hair to at least be presentable. The reason I really don't care for the curled natural hair look either is because the curls are incredibly uneven because I have so little skill in doing my own hair, and I often have a hard time getting my bangs to participate. It's not something you might notice in the resulting photos that I post, but it's very troublesome for me while I'm in the picture taking process to constantly go back and forth and check on my bangs and other hair placement. (Additionally, there's still the issue of the damage I'm inflicting on my hair to curl it at all + my damn awful current hair color bc I'm too cheap and lazy to get it recolored.) The look with the new wig is certainly not terrible IMO, but there's just something I like BETTER about the style of the old one despite all the tangles and frizz.

Final verdict
Despite this new wig not being able to take the top spot in my eyes, I definitely want to continue to try it out over the next several posts at least. It could just be that I haven't found the exact right way to style it so that it really suits my face, or that I need time to adjust my point of view. I do not at all regret purchasing it, and I'm happy to have it as an option just because of the low opinion I have about my natural hair. I really hope this can come to be a solid replacement for me!

Thoughts or concerns? Is this one even worse than the previous? How much does my hair/wig affect how you view my content? More suggestions or advice are always welcome!


  1. I personally think it looks a lot better than the other options and a lot more natural than the old wig. The quality is really good! It has nice shine and bounce and frames your face better at the sides in my opinion :)

    since the hair is so thick maybe you can balance it by filling in brows?

    1. I probably should! I really don't touch my eyebrows at all (I'm not a beauty person and I have no idea what to do), but I definitely see what you mean.

  2. I quite like the new wig - it looks fuller and I quite like the colour. I think it seems like a decent quality for what you paid from the pictures as well. I like the fringe of the new one too.

    1. Seems like the fringe is popular! I much prefer wig fringe than my irl bangs anyday lol.

  3. I like it because it looks a lot fuller when it's curled, but I like the overall length of the old one, too! It does look so natural! I'm amazed at those pictures because it looks like "real" hair!

    1. Ah I'm glad! As long as it's not overall worse, I guess I feel like this is a win haha.

  4. I didn't even notice the whole wig dilemma lol! Personally I like your old wig a lot.. the color is nice and it looks more natural than the new wig because even though thick hair is nice the new wig is obviously more stuffed and less natural feeling? I don't know. Though I like the new wig bangs more, you should probably style them though! I like your natural hair too, tbh, I love your fashion style and your writing so whether you do your hair or not doesn't really bother me!

    1. I think I'm not exactly aiming for "natural" but maybe just "not offensive to the eyes" lmao. Apparently someone had a really hard time viewing posts with the old one so it encouraged me to hop to action to get a new one! The bangs definitely need to be styled a bit more and when I took these pictures, it was close to when I first received it and I think I have a better idea of how I want it to look now that I've had a bit more time with it!