Thursday, September 22, 2016

Liz Lisa pleats tulle sukapan & Ank Rouge petite rose gingham cami OP [TOM purchase]

I had hesitated for much too long and missed out on getting a number of Autumn 2016 Liz Lisa items from TOM in July but I still wanted to get something in August (at the end of the month, sorry for the delayed blog post!).

Ank Rouge Petite rose gingham camisole dress in blue (403030066)
I saw that this was listed at 50% sale which I found surprising for a TOM item. Usually the Jfashion discounts are far and few between or very limited in my recent experience. I wasn't completely sold on it at first because it seems just like a simple dress and Ank Rouge OPs fit me a little awkwardly sometimes, but it was actually a completely unrelated picture on WEAR from user @mashiroiro that convinced me to get this! It looked absolutely amazing on her. She's a couple inches shorter than me but I was willing to risk it lmao.
with Liz Lisa flower corsage hat and Liz Lisa lace-up back wedge sandals + Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab rose drop cardigan + Liz Lisa round tulip bag -

with Liz Lisa sailor blouse and Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps -

with Liz Lisa plain browsing top and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals + Samantha Thavasa purse -
The skirt has really nice volume on its own due to a layer of tulle. Because of the adjustable straps, I do think the waist fit can be reasonable on me, but there's just a lot of room in the bust area. There isn't any stretch in the dress so it's a bit of a tent without the ribbon tie but I think I can safely recommend this for girls with a larger chest despite that just because of how it's cut. I really like that this dress layers well. It is certainly good for hot Hawaii weather but is also easy to layer over or under with a cardigan or a top!

Liz Lisa Pleats tulle sukapan skirt in red wine (162-5004-0)
I'm already on a huge bordeaux kick this season, so why not let it continue? Go hard or go home lmao. I really love the color, and it's kind of interesting that Liz Lisa has so many different shades of it just within this season lol. The sukapan is very lightweight and there's an outer layer with the pleats and lace detailing on the hem, below that there's a delicate tulle layer with subtle dots on it and then there's the lining with another lower lace hem. It all creates a really nice effect. As with most Liz Lisa sukapan, there's a wide band of shirring in the back of the waistband.
with Tralala lader lace top, Liz Lisa OTK boots and Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab ribbon barrette + Liz Lisa riders jacket and Michael Kors purse -

with Liz Lisa off shoulder ribbon blouse, Liz Lisa paper can can hat and Liz Lisa flower wedge cage sandals -

with Liz Lisa sheer shoulder dolman knit, Liz Lisa pom pom earrings and Liz Lisa lace up pom pom pumps + Liz Lisa rose tote -
The fit of this sukapan is lovely - it's very secure on the waist and certainly stays in place. It's the expected sukapan length which is on the short side but because of the inner shorts, it doesn't feel too revealing. The color screams autumn but I do think it could be used in a slightly more "summer" type coordinate like the second look if you wanted to just because of the style of the item. I'm really happy to have another bordeaux item!

Why did I purchase from TOM versus TKL/109net/FW?
I'm an official online shop girl through-and-through. But, like I've explained in my original blog post about TOM, there are certainly situations in which it is (financially) more beneficial to order from trusted alternate vendors such as Tokyo Otaku Mode.
In this case, the sukapan was available from Tokyo Kawaii Life (at full retail price) but the gingham OP was no longer listed on Ank Rouge's official online webshop - Ailand. I managed to track down the dress at FashionWalker instead and found it at 50% off (comparable to what TOM was offering), but with only pink available. Since I would have ordered either color given the option, I will consider this a reasonable option. Although based on just the item cost, it seems like I would be coming out ahead by ordering through other venues, once international shipping is factored in, I definitely saved money by ordering from TOM even before the discount and points were applied.

Note/also to consider: If I decided to order the sukapan from TKL and the dress from FashionWalker/Ailand/109net shop/basically any other vendor, I would have had to pay domestic shipping from TKL (+ 540 yen) and likely also the other vendor (+ ~400 yen) and consolidate the packages at Tenso (+500 yen) in order to receive the items together in one box. That would have added an additional 1440yen to my shipping cost which would make the total 15464yen or about $151.61USD. However, at the time of TOM purchase, the Liz Lisa sukapan was also available through FashionWalker in bordeaux, therefore effectively eliminating the possible necessity of those additional charges. For reference, the Ank Rouge dress was available in blue and pink from 109net at the same 50% off price but the Liz Lisa sukapan was out of stock in bordeaux which is the only color in which I was interested for the sukapan. So, in fact, TOM was my only option amongst the web shops that I trust to get both items at the same time in the colors in these specific colors, and I'm so happy with both of them despite the slightly large chest area of the OP.

Considering purchasing from TOM yourself?
Quick links: [My TOM link] [Coupon code: EMICHAN2018 for $5 off a minimum $5 order. Valid until Feb 9, 2018] [TOM's Liz Lisa page] [My recommendations page] [My referral link for more discounts]


  1. Good choice, both items coordinate really well! Nice idea with the sailor top under the dress, cute! I especially like the outfits with the sukapan, of course ... I am a sucker for wine red / bordeaux lately.

    The last outfit of the sukapan with the sweater and the pom poms and rose bag is to die for. <3
    I also really love the sukapan outfit complete with the leather jacket and boots on, the gold details of the boots and the MK bag, the hairbow and everything just goes so well together, wow!

    So, uhm, yeah... Bordeaux obsession continues! ^^;

    1. Thank you! I've been really loving the OTK boots with the gold purse - especially with the boots folded down (there's gold on the inside!)

  2. That burgundy color looks so pretty on you! very fall and I'm in love with the style of it, too! You always inspire me to put more effort into my outfits! haha

    1. Ugh yeah, I just love the color for fall. It really helps make up for HI not having changing colors/leaves lmao. I would love to see more outfits from you Ruth!

  3. The Ank Rouge OP is seriously so cute! I love how well it layers. Also love the Liz Lisa lace skirt. Hopefully it restocks on TKL cause I want it.

    1. Yeah it's a really great skirt! They had some really nice color options for it.