Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Popteen October 2016 scans

I wasn't planning on purchasing another issue of Popteen so soon, but I was swayed by LL SIENNES's Rima Ogura being featured in the October 2016 issue! Like most previous issues, I ordered from Amazon JP using my own account and shipped directly to myself (no forwarding service necessary). These scans are meant to be for personal use and I do not claim ownership of these images. Please purchase/support where you can!

It's so great to see the different genres each represented by a different Popteen model. Tokumoto Natsue/Nachosu is easily becoming a new favorite for me just based on what she's commonly photographed in but I also really like Ochi Yurano/YuraYura.

Of course this is what I was looking forward to even though I had already seen photos of it :) LL SIENNES Rima Ogura is featured prominently in a Liz Lisa coordinate in the top left corner! I also immediately recognized Swankiss producer Saaya Hayashida & Fallin producer Monaca Nishi ofc and the Miauler Mew, Only Love Daily and One Spo staff from their Twitter accounts. Not all of the other names were known to me but I plan on looking into them more based on their style!

This month's fashion GET GET GET's trend outers include the lace up blouson, satin gown, frill riders jacket, long check shirt, color G jacket, napolean vest and fringe poncho, but my favorite part of this was definitely the two way style examples at the bottom - especially for the sukajan!

Somewhat obviously, this is one of my favorite portions of this issue! This "Retro Girl Bible" spread includes a number of Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge and Swankiss items, and I just love each of the different outfits. 

The outfits showcased in this "90's Boyish Bible" and not my typical look but there's something I can always admire about this type of street style and the kind of girl that can pull it off. Juxtaposed right after the "Retro Girl Bible", there's such a strong sense of contrast that I really appreciate. 

This make up spread caught my eye because of the Liz Lisa purse in the "Retro Girly" look and then Hikapu's bright pink hair! It's really interesting to see all these slightly different make up styles side-by-side.

I am always a fan of these "calendar" spreads that showcase a look for each day in a month. I especially love the last outfit on Nachosu with the Liz Lisa cat cup OP, Swankiss jacket and Ank Rouge sneakers. 
I've been meaning to do my own version for almost two years now but just haven't been able to follow through. Berri did something similar in a recent post here!

These date looks from for the Liz Lisa, Swankiss, Ank Rouge and Honey Cinnamon GALs are too cute! I like that the Sunshine Aquarium was chosen for the Liz Lisa shoot and I never get tired o seeing the Autumn 2016 cape dress lol.

I almost didn't include what is essentially a "How to be Nicorun" spread in this post, but when I saw all the different kinds of coordinates in Lesson 6, I just had to. In the (recent) issues, Nicorun wears a lot of street/trendy Harajuku style outfits but Lesson 6 shows her in the styles of the other Popteen models from girly Nachosu to sexy Michopa and how her posing and expression changes for each. 

This Fuwamoko Animal Petland spread just reminded me even more that Halloween is coming up even though it doesn't need to be a full on costume to use cute animal accessories <3 I especially like the "elephant" look with the Liz Lisa jumpsuit!

Who doesn't like a cute Disney Princess hair arrange spread? Admittedly, I don't think I've ever personally successfully replicated any of the ones that are more than a basic modified ponytail, but I do like to look at this for inspo for "one day". 

I was happy but pleasantly surprised to see this GAL make up bible spread in this issue. The before and after looks are always interesting and I like that they included how long it would take to execute! 

While there were definitely a number of Liz Lisa items in this issue, I feel like One Spo items stole the show! I loved seeing them everywhere (although not all were featured in these scans). One Spo is a brand with clothes that I like to look at but not necessarily wear, so it's perfect to spot them in a magazine! If you're interested in this issue, I would definitely encourage you to purchase it where possible ♡


  1. Kind of want to buy this issue now lol. I have to admit, I do like how popteen includes different styles - like sexy, girlie and boyish all in one issue - even if I wouldn't wear it it's still cool to see stuff like that. I really like the disney hair tutorials. ^^ And lol, thanks for the shout out :p (wasn't expecting it either,)

    1. The free little bag thing is nice too but I just haven't opened it yet! It looks like a decent size when the models are using it on the cover!

  2. Everytime you upload I want to buy the magazine but they just end up sitting under my bed and the exchange rate for Australian dollars is so bad right now... so I just make do with your scans lol. But I totally love the variety too!

    1. Yeah tbh I reference the scans more myself as well - easier to look at on the go! But I have a huge stack above my headboard too lol. I spent some time last week going through old issues though so maybe it's not entirely for naught haha.

  3. I love how they have different types of styles for each girls in popteen magazine and how do you order the magazine

    1. It's in the introduction paragraph at the top of the post :)

  4. I always love these types of magazines