Thursday, September 8, 2016

Liz Lisa Gingham flower bikini (Summer 2016)

I had convinced myself I didn't need another Liz Lisa swimsuit since I barely go to the beach despite living in Hawaii and rarely wear the ones I already have. However, I really liked the design of this one, and asked Lauren to grab me one during her trip if she happened to see one in store since online had already sold out by the time it got to a decent sale price!
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Gingham flower bikini in red (161-9908-0)
I love the flowy ruffle detail on both the bandeau top and the bikini bottom. It's so feminine without feeling too over-the-top. When I first saw the images of this swimsuit, I was only about the pink color which I thought was the girliest and seemed to match with me the best. However, as I saw more and more pictures, I realized I also really liked the classic feel of the red one, especially with all the red accessories they were releasing for the strawberry jam series (which I wasn't able to get my hands on but still really liked)! Since I already have a pink Liz Lisa swimsuit anyway, I am happy to have this one in red. Hopefully I don't end up with a sunburn to match!
The design of the top isn't something I'm familiar with. I admit that I don't keep up with swimsuit trends very much, so I have no idea if this is now a common thing, but the top is a whole piece bandeau that has two small fasteners (one on each side) to secure it instead of just one big one in the back (see fifth photo above). Even if one or both of these fasteners came undone, I probably wouldn't panic very much because the majority of the top would still be in place. Due to this design, you have to pull the whole thing over your head when putting it on or taking it off, and it doesn't have a ton of stretch. I probably wouldn't recommend this for someone with broader shoulders or a larger bust. The halter straps are completely removable and not necessary to keep the top up (for me). The "sleeves"/ruffle have some elastic in the top but it mostly just falls where it wants to and does restrict movement slightly. This is not a swimsuit for doing serious swimming lol. The bottoms are fairly straightforward with the ruffle in the same material as the majority of the top but the bikini part being made of more of a traditional lyrca/nylon type material which makes the pattern's color appear in a slightly bolder way up close.

with Flag J sandals and gingham bow cherry earrings by Rebby -

with Liz Lisa corsage actress hat and Liz Lisa seashell pouchette / Liz Lisa happy winter tote -

with GAP cardigan -

 with Hollister denim shorts -
Sorry these aren't really "coordinates" lol. As someone from Hawaii, I've never really understood the concept of dressing up to go to the beach or having a "beach outfit" beyond just ...a swimsuit lol. We usually wear a swimsuit underneath something like extremely casual shorts and a tshirt with slippers to drive/walk over the beach. You take it off anyway and you don't want your clothes or bag and whatever to be objects worth stealing lol. Basically, you don't want to take anything of value with you to the beach because it's hard to secure them, but the above examples are probably as close to a beach coordinate as I can get while still being semi-reasonable (minus the high heel sandals ofc which I really only need for photo purposes for this post lol).

Even though I didn't really need to get a swimsuit this season, I'm really glad I did because I love the look of this one, and I'm really happy with the red color! It's definitely different than the two other swimsuits I have from Liz Lisa. Despite it being probably the least practical for actually doing something at the beach, I hope this will be the encouragement I need to get out there a little more often


  1. I really like it♡especially how it looks with Hollister shorts :) very cute!

  2. Hello! I hope this question isn't annoying, but did you have any troubles checking out from Ailand last time you ordered? I am trying to order some Ank Rouge and followed the guide for Liz Lisa for checkout, but it is telling me they will no longer accept overseas shopping services whenever I try to use tenso :(

    1. Yes, that's a common problem customers who use a Tenso address have been finding. It seems as if Ailand intermittently accepts/denies the use of Tenso addresses due to past complaints (or something like that). As far as I know, the ban on Tenso addresses started in Oct/Nov 2015 but then they were allowable again in Dec/Jan at some point. Then they were banned again in around March. I was able to make my recent order in early June but by late June continuing until now, I don't think anyone has been able to make an order with a Tenso address.
      You should consider alternate legitimate websites (109net shop, FashionWalker etc) or using a shopping service. However, I have no idea when the "Tenso address ban" will be lifted again - it seems we can only find out by trial and error.

  3. I like it styled with the shorts! Super love the red on you as well ^^ I really like the design - it's kind of retro but it's not... too retro if that makes sense? Anyways - Looking good~

    1. We can twin the next time you come to Hawaii <3

  4. it looks absolutely adorable on you! I love it with the jean shorts, gives it like a pin up look that's so cute!

    1. I wish I had a nice pair of high waisted denim to wear with it but then again maybe the ruffles and the side details would have been too squished lol. Thank you!