Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tokyo Kawaii Life order 36 - Liz Lisa Happy Flower Set blouse and skirt & Butterfly necklace

My favorite shopping months - June/July/August - are really ramping up! It seems like Liz Lisa has been running on a slightly different sale schedule this year for the online store, but that's not surprising what with everything else that's been slightly off from past years, and I'm still looking forward for everything to come! This was just a small order I made at the end of June because I really wanted to get the two pieces for this set ♡

"Happy Flower Set" (blouse and skirt pairing)
This blouse and skirt set wasn't something I was immediately crazy about, especially compared to the flower fade skirt from earlier in the year, but it really, really grew on me and when I was able to get it for a set price, I didn't hesitate! I do think it's different enough from the earlier set especially with the material of the skirt and the material and style of the blouse. This one feels a bit more like summer and easier to wear for different occasions where it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on accessories and shoe choice!
with Liz Lisa corsage actress hat and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals -

with Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps + Liz Lisa flocked cardigan + Liz Lisa rose quilted purse -
This is a great pairing - the top and skirt really do complement each other. The ruffle detail from the top is easily balanced out by the fitted waistline of the skirt and then the flare at the hem which creates a very nice shape. It definitely has an otona kawaii vibe but that's not a bad thing for me as I'm finding that to be more versatile and appropriate for more of my present day situations/occasions.

Chiffon A-line no sleeve blouse in white (161-1037-0)
This top was actually on my wishlist more than the skirt! I really like the simple, airy design and knew that it would be a great piece for work. As I very slowly (intentional or not) transition my wardrobe towards otona kawaii, I know I will be able to use a top like this with a number of different outfits - including still being able to pair it with more himekaji-style skirts (like the shop staff example above)! I especially liked the tie detail at the back of the neckline and the shape of the sleeves which make it very feminine without being overly cutesy.
with Liz Lisa wagon skirt and Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps -

with Guess? shorts, True Religion 3-strap sandals, Liz Lisa pork pie hat -
The material is certainly very light and thin and some people might even consider wearing a cami underneath it. (For reference, I'm not wearing a cami in any of the photos but just a nude colored bra. The opaqueness of the fabric is better illustrated on the mannequin, i.e. with the color of the tag slowing through.)  Despite the name, I actually didn't expect this to actually be more like the blouse version of a trapeze dress since most photos show it tucked in. This isn't really an issue, but the "width" of the bodice of the top it is something that surprised me lol. The ruffles make it really girly but the shape can lend a more breezy, casual vibe when free flowing.

Lace border flower skirt in navy (161-4030-0)
I had a very hard time deciding between white and navy since I considered both great choices. In the end, after reviewing as many shop staff photos as I could find, navy won out. I just purchased the handkerchief skirt in navy which has a similar shape, but I do really like the color and liked the contrast against the white top in this pairing and I believe I made the right decision.
with Liz Lisa cotton lace frill ribbed top, Liz Lisa flower lace-up back wedge sandals and Liz Lisa beret -

with Liz Lisa lace cambric top and Liz Lisa ribbon pumps + Ank Rouge key embroidery cardigan + Samantha Thavasa purse -
The skirt is a little bit longer than I expected, but I don't find this to be a negative considering that I was planning to wear it in a more conservative setting anyway. The fit of the waist is fantastic. I'd say that this might be best for a size XS or S but it's possible that a size M could fit and you shouldn't have any issue getting it on over your hips due to the long side zipper. The lace + flower design is very feminine but not overwhelming, and I think I'm going to enjoy matching cardigans will the colors (white, pink, yellow, periwinkle blue, navy) in the print.

Butterfly necklace in white (161-9103-0)
I wanted to add a small something else to my cart that wouldn't contribute to shipping weight or box size, so this necklace was perfect. This wasn't something that was immediately on my radar, but after wearing my one Liz Lisa necklace in this style over and over and over again during my spring 2016 Japan trip, I realized I should get at least one more since a little variety couldn't hurt. This rose to the top of my list after seeing it on Rebby.
This is a really cute necklace and looks exactly as described! The color of the chain is a bright gold all the way around. It will be a great alternative to the flower pearl necklace I have and the white color will be really versatile. The only issue I had was that it arrived completely tangled up, but I was able to figure it out after about 10 minutes lol.  

This is just a small order, but I'm super happy with it! Everything fits great and there while a few things were slightly different than I imagined based on the stock photos, I don't consider those negatives, and it doesn't affect how I plan to use the items. I also had a lot of fun trying to find a slightly different way to wear the blouse and skirt beyond just as a set, and I think they'll blend into my wardrobe very nicely.


  1. Omg, the lace skirt is so nice!! The length and cut is A+! I really like the light blue cardigan with it but I agree, I think it's the type of skirt that can go with lots of colours and tops. I actually liked the white colour way more but after seeing this post. I really like navy.

    1. The skirt turned out to be really great and I'm super happy about it! Definitely good for those occasions when I want something with a little more length <3

  2. Can I ask a question about how many foreigners you see? How many do you see daily and in what areas/how many are there in a certain part of Japan? Very lovely by the way!! I hope to go to Japan in 2017 1st in June and 2nd near December.

    1. I live in Hawaii but I'm assuming that you want to know this information about Japan from someone who is from there? I only visit Japan as a "foreigner" myself. To just simply answer your question from my own perspective, we don't usually count foreigners but as we are tourists ourselves, it's common to see them in the same areas (that are popular for tourists). There are usually more in places highlighted in guidebooks where there are big" attractions" (like Harajuku takeshita doori or Shibuya crossing). Two trips sound wonderful.