Sunday, July 10, 2016

Liz Lisa Autumn 2016 - European Time Trip: Swinging Paris

I haven't done a post like this in two years, but I'm really excited about this upcoming Autumn collection from Liz Lisa, so I couldn't resist! None of the images used are my own. Please click through the picture or text link to find the source :)
European Time Trip
Swinging Paris
(スウィンギング パリ)
LIZ LISAらしいデザインを
The AW season's main theme is called "European Time Trip" which Liz Lisa has interpreted as a princess that goes on a timeless journey through Europe, combining classic and contemporary concepts with royal elegance. Autumn's specific theme is called "Swinging Paris" - a French socialite time travels to explore London in the 60s. There is a mix of Paris and London styles creating a timeless antique feeling. Red and pink will be used as pops of color and expect to see suede and satin materials. (Sorry, my translation isn't the best and it's not direct, but that's basically what I got out of it.)

We first started seeing images from the AW16 exhibition on social media in mid June, and there were so many things that caught my eye!
Thank you social media for allowing us non-VIPs to see portions of the exhibition too! Based on these photos, I already had a few stand outs and couldn't wait to see more.

I only had to wait a few weeks before Tokyo Kawaii Life started pre-orders on July 1 for select items that also included better and clearer pictures! They also clearly defined several of the series styles by name and I was happy to see that the images were basically in a catalog format.

Glen Check
The dress has to be one of the things I was most excited about in the exhibition images. I love the little capelet and also really like the styling they chose for it with all bordeaux accessories. I feel like this glen check series is where the "60's London" theme is most clearly seen and there even seems to be something reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes. The brown and neutral colors with the check pattern are very classic feeling but there are still cute details that keep it more modern and trendy.

Cat Series

After the success of the picnic rabbit series, it's no shock to see this cat version alive and well in the next season but I'm glad to see they also branched out into putting it onto clothing as well! The dress and skirt are both very feminine without being overly cutesy and I feel like those outfits could fall easily into a Larme spread. The denim jacket + lace combo combines an autumn material with the long lace peignoir trend that has been popular lately. This item reminds me of the himekaji version of this riders jacket + tulle that One Spo produced for SS. The cat shoes are also really interesting and I'm not surprised Liz Lisa produced their own version of this sandal.

Both the romper and the cami + pants set certainly have a lingerie vibe and, like two of the outfits from the Cat series, seem like they can jump into a Larme spread. This kind of clothing has been popular and it's very interesting to see Liz Lisa's take on it. The wedge sandals used in these outfits looks the a solid color, suede version of the gingham sandals of SS16!

I really see the "European" concept in the styling of the outfit they chose to showcase for this series and really feel the "time travel" element in the design and placement of embroidery. The trapezoid skirt with buttons down the front has been present for a while lately and I look forward to seeing how shop staff will wear it.

English Rose - otona style
The shorts from this series actually stood out the most to me. I really like the ruffle at the hem and how they paired it with the wedge sandals and a loose top. The dress seems so easy to wear and could be good on its own for warmer weather but fun to pair with different outer pieces as it gets chillier.

English Rose - classic style
Ofc these quintessential himekaji-style items are extremely girly and cute. There's a lot of frills and ruffles and the print is something we've come to expect and love from Liz Lisa. Just as with the cape dress, I really like the styling with the bordeaux items. This classic English Rose series also looks super cute in the pink version as well!

3-way trench
Although this kind of coat is never suitable for me, I always look forward to seeing what Liz Lisa will come up with for these multi-way outers. This one certainly seems to stick with the European theme and I really like the silhouette it creates with both pieces together. I easily see this being a piece that will appeal to a number of different kinds of customers.

Tokyo Otaku Mode is also doing pre-orders for a number of Liz Lisa items!
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You can find my favorites from their selection on my recommendations page and find all of the Liz Lisa autumn pre-order items by clicking on the Liz Lisa banner (at the bottom of the rec page)! After considering my expenses for the month, I will hopefully be ordering at least one or two things myself to take advantage of TOM's free shipping since international shipping prices and the exchange rate have been killing me lately :|
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My current favorite/priority items -
Lace up pom pom pumps (in bordeaux) Cape glen check OP (in beige)
English Rose shoulder frill OP (in bordeaux and pink)
Ultimately, I know there is going to be so much more than just what is currently on pre-order as part of what is going to be an amazing Autumn 2016 from Liz Lisa. I likely won't end up actually purchasing a lot just because of the seasonal conflict between the Hawaii weather and AW item materials, but I will definitely have a lot of online window shopping to look forward to! I particularly can't wait to see more shop staff photos featuring the early autumn releases :)


  1. So excited about this A/W collection too!!! Hope to see more awesome items coming *screams*

    1. There's so many promising themes! I think it's going to be really interesting :)

  2. Super excited to see what else will arrive but so far so good. Seriously like way too many item already so this should be interesting.

    1. Hopefully I can resist buying too many seasonally inappropriate items lol.

  3. The lingerie, LARME-kei outfit with the ribboned wedges!!!!! I'm living!!!!!

    1. I love the styling they did for this shoot! It really enhances the feel of the theme throughout all of the outfits <3