Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Buyee purchases 7 - Liz Lisa floral OP, curling iron, flower crown & headband

A short, quick post on the Yahoo Auctions via Buyee purchases that I wasn't intending on winning, but hey. I get really caught up and sometimes I just bid on something I think is cheap lmao. These are all from March - way before my trip. I left them sitting at the Buyee warehouse until after I came back in case there was something else I wanted to consolidate, but I never ended up winning anything else! I finally shippped from Buyee at what ended up being a really inconvenient time in June, and it interfered with other packages with items that had much  higher priority but sigh, whatever. My fault for not thinking ahead -__-

Liz Lisa floral OP and (unknown brand) rose shoulder bag; Condition: New / Used -
I'm not sure if this is the dress from the LLMM 2015 fukubukuro or the original release of it but based on the weight of the fabric and some other feedback, I'm tempted to say it's the fuku version (if they're not the same. I don't personally know the specifics of the original version). I've always liked the rose pattern on this dress, but never really wanted to pay very much for it. I saw this listing for the dress BNWT and with a "free" small rosette bag and just went for it lol.
with Flag J sandals and Liz Lisa event floral crown -

 with Liz Lisa lace peek cardigan, Liz Lisa 3D pumps and Liz Lisa beret -
The dress is easy to wear and the fabric is surprisingly quite thin which is actually a plus for me. That being said, this lightweight material does require some ironing, but based on the design of this dress, it shouldn't be too much of a chore. The fit is nice and it's a simple but cute dress. No particular surprises!

This is the free bag that came with the dress in the listing. I wasn't expecting much out of it since they were literally just giving it away, but it's actually quite cute. I think that it was originally used for a wedding (guest) outfit and I totally see how that would work.

It won't fit my wallet but if I also need to go to a semi-formalish or cocktail event, this satin-like purse would definitely be a nice choice. I like that it came with a thin shoulder strap as well which makes it a bit more versatile and easy to use. It's not made of the best materials, but it does seem well put together and I'm not complaining lol.

Liz Lisa My Melody 40th anniversary bow headband; Condition: New -
I didn't really get much from this Liz Lisa My Melody 40th anniversary Shibuya 109 (/Web) limited series, but one of the things I really liked from it was the roomwear. This headband just kind of caught my eye when I saw the listing for it and I put in a YOLO bid.
Because of the variable print of the scale and that it's used not only on this headband but also on the dress and other clothing pieces, it just so happens not to display well on this particular piece. The My Melody character actually shows up twice on the back of the bow and there's hardly anything of note on the front lol. Knowing that, I'm glad I just ended up picking this secondhand, so I wasn't super disappointed getting something like this after paying full price online. (I'll obviously be using this for roomwear-ish things rather than as a serious accessory lol.)

Liz Lisa (My Melody event novelty) floral crown; Condition: Other -
Tbh I've unreasonably wanted one of these for a while and I was super sad that I was never able to attend a My Melody event in store to get one myself despite one of my trips lining up almost perfectly with one of the releases. The roses just always seems so full and cute and idk maybe I'm just a really big sucker lol.
So...either my head is a little big or the circumference of the headband is a little small or both. But it really doesn't fit squarely lol. I don't think I'd be able to wear this outside the house without constantly worrying about it falling off. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like this so that you can wear it tilted to the side or if my head really is that much larger than the average Japanese head lol. That being said, I guess it really does sit more like a crown than a headband, so maybe I just had an oddball expectation of what it was supposed to be. If you want one of these, I wouldn't necessarily say it's worth the $50-65 (+ $30 or more for ss fees and domestic/international shipping) price tag I've seen most often on auction sites. It really is just big roses and flowers glued to a fabric headband with a Liz Lisa tag sewn in lol. My advice would be to consider doing a DIY, especially so you can get the measurements right for where you want to wear it on your noggin.

Liz Lisa novelty hair iron; Condition: Used -
You know, it's been so long since I've bid on this, I don't exactly remember why I thought it was a good idea. Well actually, I've been meaning to reinvest in a curling iron and I figured why not try for this pink one? I didn't fully expect to win it, but I guess it doesn't hurt that I did! This one came in a Liz Lisa labeled box but the iron itself doesn't have Liz Lisa anywhere on it, so I'm kind of questioning that, but it's too late now lol. Based on a Liz Lisa official blog post about the novelty, it seems like there was an issue with customs clearance and receiving the items on time. I'm not sure if maybe the missing brand name on the product was just a difference between the sample and the actual product or if they ended up making a new set of items?
Doesn't the dial/button make this thing look like it has a deranged bunny face or something? (Maybe it's just me.) After I figured out how to use it, it does seem to work appropriately but I need more practice using a curling iron. I've become really accustomed to using my 1" flat iron that this thing is already very foreign feeling and a lot heavier for me wtf. Does this perform more-or-less as expected though? Yes. Is it cute and pink? Aside from the weird face, yes lol.

These items are just a random assortment of things I didn't need and yet allowed myself to bid on anyway. I do think I'll find some good use out of the OP though and that was probably the best buy of the lot. As many times as I've said this in past Buyee purchase posts, I really took action this time and stopped doing Yahoo Auctions and other secondhand searches since I shipped these things. Honestly, there's a reason I was never overly keen on doing this kind of previously-owned shopping before - 1. the extra fees (especially domestic shipping which has unexpectedly been extremely variable for me lately), 2. unknown quality (most of the time it's okay but every so often I'm like blech), 3. getting caught up in bidding on something just because it's "cheap" and no longer sold by the retailer even though I don't really need it. So instead, I'm trying to reallocate my money elsewhere (saving, maybe?? lol) and doing my best to stay away from secondhand sales even if it means I might miss some really nice items. Hopefully this will be the last Buyee post for awhile! Wish me luck -__-


  1. All there is so beautiful! ❤
    I try to find floral dresses, but i can't get one from Bobon21 and see this Liz Lisa dress is so very lovely.
    You know where I can get one similar this?

    1. Since this was originally in a fukubukuro, it was a pretty popular resale item so secondhand sites would be a good place to look.
      Liz Lisa is not currently selling anything exactly like this, but if you like the style, I would just suggest checking back in with their webshop every once in a while.

  2. I think you got some good items this time - lol.
    I really like the flower crown! Now that you mentioned it... the dial on the curler looks like a crazy bunny face. Cannot unsee. Thanks.

    1. Yeah not terrible lol - I was lucky. But cant unsee the curler face :|

  3. The flower crown is cute but really expensive!! The OP is really lovely on you, though. Auction sites always make me want to spend so much on old releases when I also want new season items >___< Your hair looks great, btw!

    1. Haha well it's originally a free item but I think that resellers realized that people would pay more money for it haha. Thank you!

  4. NO! I need more buyee postsXD. I really like your posts and your thoughts on it:)

    1. 'It' as in the items

    2. Hahaha well hopefully less Buyee posts will actually mean more new item (direct from TKL) posts! We'll see how it goes :)

    3. I am looking forward to many more postsxD