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OOTD - Japan trip Spring 2016: Hokkaido to Osaka

I wasn't intending on making this its own blog post, but when I looked at each of the outfits, I realized that I specifically picked and styled some of these and it may be worth "analyzing" a little beyond what I briefly mentioned in each daily post and see everything together as whole. Plus, I think it will work as a bonus follow-up to Part 1 of the trip series so you can see the results of my planning. The repeated items are going to be really obvious, but I think the fact that they could be reused so many times actually works in their favor! (I recreated these outfits back at home because the lighting and mirror space wasn't always ideal in the various hotels, and I prefer for everything to be a little more uniform lol.)

Pre-Day 1 (flight from HNL to CTS) -
Ankle socks and pumps were actually added to the outfit once I got past TSA since I usually wear slippers (what you might call flip flops) to go through security as you have to remove footwear for the screening process. I actually wore this dress to work in the morning and went straight to the airport from there without having to change my clothes, so planning to wear this outfit ended up being advantageous from the start. It wasn't uncomfortable during the plane ride, and I was able to step off the plane already dressed to do something other than just sleep. Once laundered, it could also easily function as a option to wear during the trip if I ran out of other clothes to wear. I added the jacket for warmth when I needed it upon arrival, and I had easy access to items in both my purse and my carry-on tote throughout the flight.

Day 1 (Curb Market, Shiroi Koibito Park, and Sapporo station shopping/exploring) -
Liz Lisa x My Melody 9th collab cherry OP, Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps, Liz Lisa rose quilted purse, Liz Lisa pearl flower necklace, Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab bow barrette, gingham bow cherry earrings by Rebby, Liz Lisa (fur collar) cardigan
I definitely wasn't intending on wearing this dress on the first day, but since the weather proved to be quite warm, I'm glad I did. It's short sleeved, easy to move in and matched well with my only shoe option at this point. We also ended up taking a bunch of photos, and this dress has such a great print and shape that it photographed reasonably well. Plus, it was great against the flower garden at Shiroi Koibito Park! This was also my first day wearing these pumps for such a long time, and they (and my feet) held up pretty well which was a good sign for the rest of the trip.

Day 2 (Nijo Market, Sapporo Beer Museum and Tanukikoji) -
Liz Lisa floral sweaterdress, Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps, Liz Lisa rose quilted purse, Liz Lisa pearl flower necklace, Liz Lisa fur headband, Liz Lisa riders jacket  
Unlike the first day, Day 2 was expected to be chilly! This seemed like the best time to wear my knit sweaterdress which I brought specifically to wear in Hokkaido since I don't anticipate ever being able to wear it at home due to how thick and warm the fabric is. I was a bit nervous that it would be a little too hot on the trains or in restaurants and shops (which can be heated during chilly weather in Japan), but I managed to transition between the outdoor and indoor settings without overheating, so I definitely don't regret the choice that I made. I even put on my riders jacket during the day at times because it was quite chilly. And I forgot about this until just now but I actually added OTK socks for the short walk to Tanukikoji at night because when the sun went down, it got colder and the area by the hotel has a lot of wind! Overall, this was the coldest day of the trip and fortunately, I was well prepared for it and managed to guess what was best to wear at the beginning of the day lol.  

Day 3 (Otaru Canal and Sakaimachi street and train to Hakodate) -
Liz Lisa off shoulder ribbon blouse, Charlotte Russe tulle skirt, Ank Rouge sandals, Liz Lisa rose quilted purse, Liz Lisa pearl flower necklace, One Spo triangle pom pom earrings, Liz Lisa riders jacket
Since the first two days of outfits didn't go exactly as I planned originally due to the weather, I pigeonholed myself into wearing this separates outfit on Day 3 so I would have time to launder and dry the top before wearing it with my outfit for Day 5 (outfit already determined). Luckily, this outfit worked reasonably well with the Ank Rouge sandals which I felt needed to be switched for the Liz Lisa pumps, so I wouldn't be walking around in the same shoes for the third day in a row. This was my first time wearing them and I would be out all day in Otaru, so I could only hope that they wouldn't hurt my feet in the morning and make me suffer for the rest of the outing. Thankfully, they weren't uncomfortable at all! And believe me, we ended up doing a lot of walking this day, even jogging like idiots for five minutes up a hill to catch a train back to Sapporo, so I really gave these shoes a run for their money. I was a bit nervous that the long skirt with all the layers would be uncomfortable on the train ride to Hakodate, but since I slept most of the time, it really didn't affect me all that much. 

Day 4 (Hakodate Morning Market, Red Brick Warehouse District, Mount Hakodate) -
Liz Lisa x My Melody x Little Twin Stars triple collab angel OP, Ank Rouge sandals, Liz Lisa pom pom earrings, Liz Lisa flower applique beret, Liz Lisa rose quilted purse, Liz Lisa riders jacket (+ fur collar and Liz Lisa cardigan and opaque tights)
I already had Day 5 and Day 6 outfits allocated, so this was my remaining option for Day 4 from the clothes that I brought from home, and I really didn't mind it! It was a bit warm in the morning and I didn't even really need my jacket, but it got a little windy midday since we were near the ocean. It may, in fact, have been a bad day to wear a hat though lol. I had to hold onto it for dear life on occasions or it would have definitely flown off my head and into the water or be otherwise gone forever. Although the weather was reasonably mild throughout the day, I knew it would be much, much colder at the top of Mt Hakodate and when we returned to the hotel before dinner, I made sure to get my layers together lol. I added not only tights, but also brought out my cardigan + the detachable fur collar to layer under and over the riders jacket which certainly needed to be zipped closed due to the wind. I actually quite like the final nighttime coordinate even though it feels very wintery lol.

Day 5 (Shinkansen to Tokyo & Tokyo and Funabashi shopping) -
Liz Lisa off shoulder ribbon blouse, Liz Lisa picnic skirt, Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps, Liz Lisa pearl flower necklace, ribbon barrette from Daiso, Liz Lisa rose quilted purse
This was one of the outfits I already knew I wanted to wear on a particular day when I was packing/planning coordinates for the trip. I felt that this would be an outfit that would easily translate from Hokkaido to Tokyo and this is the kind of thing I like to wear when shopping, especially because the skirt is very obviously from the current season. As it turns out, there was no need for outerwear on Day 5 at all because we didn't spend much time outdoors in Hakodate to get to the shinkansen and then we rode on the train for 4 hours! Once arriving in Tokyo, I definitely didn't feel the need for extra layers with all the rushing around I ended up doing from Shibuya to Harajuku to Shinjuku. It did get a bit chillier in Chiba after the sun went down, but again, we didn't spend much time outside so it didn't affect me much. I ended up taking purikura with Ebony this day, and I was glad I was wearing something I really liked!

Day 6 (Tokyo DisneySea) -
Liz Lisa margaret cherry OP, Ank Rouge sandals, Liz Lisa pearl cherry necklace, Disney ShellieMay pouch, bow barrette from Daiso, Liz Lisa rose quilted purse, Liz Lisa (fur collar) cardigan
This was another specific pre-planned-for-a-specific-day outfit and my last item that I brought from home that hadn't been worn yet. I thought that this dress would be nice for Disney because the skirt wasn't too short and the top fits very securely. It also matched well with the Ank Rouge sandals that were the best choice for all the walking we did that day and my little Shellie May pouch purchased during my last visit! I ended up getting a terrible sunburn on my left shoulder where it was bare between the shoulder strap and the flutter sleeve because it was the most exposed area for most of the day lmao. I was a bit more careful about my face and other areas of my body, but my shoulder really took a beating due to my negligence wtf. It did get a little chilly at night, but the cardigan was just enough to keep me warm.

Day 7 (Omiya/Tokyo shopping and shinkansen to Osaka) -
Liz Lisa flare sleeve top, Liz Lisa fruits water jumper skirt, Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps, Liz Lisa rose quilted purse; Not pictured - Liz Lisa pearl flower necklace and Liz Lisa bows removed from jumper skirt straps and used as hair accessories
This was my first outfit using clothes I had purchased during the trip (since I had run out of clothes from home). It's a good thing I actually bought some things ready-to-wear on Day 5, otherwise I would have really been screwed on Day 7 since Day 6 didn't involve any clothes shopping lol. This set up was something I knew I wanted going into the trip and the first thing I bought upon visiting a Liz Lisa store. Thankfully it actually fits pretty well and I felt comfortable wearing it right away. Especially because it matches well with the pink pumps and purse! I was also really happy with how the (re)movable bows looked as hair accessories. It's too bad I didn't have enough forethought to bring/buy better clips because with just the bobby pins I had, I wasn't confident that the bows weren't going to fall off my head and ended up taking them off for the shinkansen ride anyway so I wouldn't have to worry about them when using the headrest lol. But overall, I think this ended up being a very cohesive coordinate and I had a lot of fun wearing it + taking purikura in it with Mei!

Day 8 (Kinkakuji in Kyoto and Tennoji shopping) -
Liz Lisa cotton lace frill top, Liz Lisa cotton lace frill shorts, Ank Rouge sandals, Liz Lisa pearl flower sandals, handmade flower headband, Liz Lisa rose quilted purse, Liz Lisa (fur collar) cardigan
Another outfit provided by clothes purchased while on the trip! I didn't have a clear vision for what I wanted to wear for this day so it took me a little while to get ready in the morning. And especially because I didn't expect to buy both pieces of this set up, I didn't think I would be wearing this during the trip. I ended up picking this because I didn't think I would get very many chances to wear the top and shorts like this together at home and the weather seemed just right for it. Plus, I needed to alternate shoes from the day before, so whatever I wore needed to match well with the Ank Rouge sandals lol. Based mostly on that alone, this set up won out. As it turns out, I think it was all for the best, and I really enjoyed wearing this top and bottom together. The all white presented nicely in photos at Kinkakuji and the material was nice and light in the heat. The only issue was that my sunburned shoulder from Day 6 was exposed but I tried to resolve that by using an umbrella a lot when it was too hot to wear the cardigan.

Day 9 (Utsubo Park and Namba/Shinsaibashi shopping) -
Delyle Noir flare sleeve padding top, Delyle Noir flare flower print skirt, Delyle Noir jewelry buckle belt, Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps, Liz Lisa pearl flower necklace, Liz Lisa paper can can hat, Liz Lisa rose quilted purse
I was very conflicted about what to wear on the last day. I felt like I had to pick carefully because I didn't want the clothes to be too heavy and make me sweat too much during the day since I wouldn't get another shower for a very long time. And whatever I wore certainly had to work with the hat which I wouldn't be packing in any of my suitcases. I was close to going with a different set up from my Liz Lisa purchases but since I decided not to go with anything cotton, I figured I would take a hint from my last trip and go "rogue" so-to-speak (which is just to say "Not Liz Lisa" lmao) just for the last day to change it up a bit! I was really happy with this decision and the floral pattern on the skirt looked great against the roses at Utsubo Park and the hat actually worked pretty well imo.

Day 9 (flight from KIX to HNL) -
DaTuRa big rose tshirt, Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps, Liz Lisa pearl flower necklace, Liz Lisa paper can can hat + Liz Lisa royal rose fukubukuro tote and Liz Lisa rose embossed suitcase
I wasn't really sure if I was going to count this as an outfit but technically I did throw this on during the trip, so into the post it goes! Not really a cohesive coordinate in the slightest because I just had to use what I already had on hand but did want to change my clothes at the airport before I boarded the plane for my 8 hour flight. Same shoes and had to continue with the hat since they didn't fit into my bags, but basically just wanted to change into this because it was the most comfortable slightly presentable thing I had with me. Aside from the wide neckline which made the sleeves slip off my shoulders every so often (and it not matching with the shoes very well), I don't think this was a terrible choice lol. S said I looked too excited to wear it though lmao.

I made it a point used all the major clothes and accessories I brought with me except for one pair of OTK socks that I didn't end up needing on the plane because it wasn't as cold as I anticipated. But I used each pair of earrings I brought once and definitely wore that one Liz Lisa necklace I have to death lol. As to whether these are all A+ outfits, I'm not sure if that's important to me or not (and in fact, I do assert than many of them can be improved), but based on what I had to work with and how much luggage space I had, I'd consider this pretty successful!
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