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Japan trip Spring 2016 Part 12: Other shopping, purchases & coordinates

Everything else that I purchased that's not Liz Lisa lol. The major clothes/accessories are getting the biggest feature in this post, but I now realize I didn't do a lot of other major non-Liz Lisa spending for myself. Many of the other items purchased were distributed as omiyage and I cannot properly review the items but I highlighted the few that I could!

Ank Rouge Heart spindle platform sandals in white
Purchased on Day 1 from Sapporo Paseo. (Sorry the pictures clearly show signs of wear but I did a lot of tromping around in them!) Although there are no longer any Liz Lisa stores in Hokkaido, thankfully there is a conveniently located Ank Rouge store. The Sapporo station area can be a little bit of a maze, but because I did a little research beforehand, I was able to find the Ank Rouge in the East wing of Paseo pretty easily. The first thing I did was seek out these shoes since these seemed like my best bet for an alternative to my Liz Lisa pumps that I brought with me for footwear to wear during the trip. They were sold out in size M (I'm not sure if I have a standard shoe size for AR yet) but L fits reasonably, so I was quick to buy them despite the price.
with Ank Rouge blouse and Ank Rouge mermaid skirt (with and without Doll Kiss socks) -

with Liz Lisa x My Melody 9th collab cherry OP and Liz Lisa pearl cherry necklace -
These shoes ended up being a great asset during the trip. They worked well with a number of my outfits I had brought with me (as anticipated and purposefully planned), and were not uncomfortable! The wedge heel provided height and stability and the off white/ivory color was an easy match. I was especially happy to wear these shoes on Day 6 when we visited DisneySea. This was the day we did the most walking and my feet still hurt a little bit by the end of everything, but it wasn't something I couldn't live with or really felt the need to complain about. I'm not sure how much I will use these shoes now that I'm home since they're not exactly my typical style when given an abundance of other shoe choices when I don't have to worry so much about comfort, but actually I've really grown to love them with socks!

Delyle Noir flare sleeve padded top in white
Purchased on Day 5 from Shibuya 109. I saw this styled with the skirt in the store and I'm glad they advertised it that way. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have made the move to go for this wide flare sleeve which can sometimes feel obnoxious on the hanger. I tried on the top (in black) in store and was surprised to find that there was padding in the top! (The name of it is a dead giveaway but I didn't know what it was called while I was shopping.) As someone with a small bust, I don't find this bothersome and actually the top mores secure with it. Overall, I think the fit is really quite nice for me which I did not expect at all.
(as a set up) with Delyle Noir flare flower print skirt, Delyle Noir jewelry buckle belt and Liz Lisa heart suede pumps + Liz Lisa rose quilted purse -

with Cecil McBee floral watercolor fitted skirt, Delyle Noir jewelry buckle belt and Flag J sandals + Samantha Thavasa purse -

with Liz Lisa margaret cherry skirt, Liz Lisa pearl cherry necklace and  Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals -
This top is so versatile! It works with the onee Delyle flare skirt, the onee Cecil fitted skirt and also can somewhat slide into himekaji when paired with the Liz Lisa A-line floral skirt as well! Of course, the additional styling and accessories need to help it along, but I look forward to being able to use this top in a number of different situations. The wide arm area from the flare sleeve detail doesn't bother me nearly as much as I thought it would.

Delyle Noir flare flower print skirt in pink
Purchased on Day 5 from Shibuya 109. As mentioned above, this skirt was styled with the flare sleeve top in the store and the combination of the two convinced me to try it on. I wasn't overly hopeful when I went in the dressing room but the fit of the skirt is actually really secure even without the belt and the material feels smooth and nice. I also really like that there's a darker, contrasting red element in the print which really helps enhance the flowers.
(as a set up) with Delyle Noir flare sleeve padded top, Liz Lisa big flower reversible tote and Flag J pumps -

(as a set up) with Delyle Noir flare sleeve padded top, Liz Lisa batwing knit and Liz Lisa glitter pumps -

with Liz Lisa plain browsing top, Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno rose barrette and Liz Lisa floral wedge lace-up back sandals -
Although the skirt fits well, it does need the belt for definition as the skirt itself doesn't really have a manufactured waistband. Honestly, this is likely on purpose so you need to purchase the belt to go with your outfit and why I personally bought the belt, but I'm not complaining because I love the combination so much anyway. And it still manages to work with a top that will help define the waistline otherwise.

Delyle Noir jewelry buckle belt in white
Purchased on Day 5 from Shibuya 109. When I was trying on the top and skirt set, the belt on the hanger was a little different but the same thin elastic style. I really liked it in the dressing room but when the shop staff showed me the different options, I asked her which was recommended, and she pointed out this one. When it comes to sets, may as well go with what already works right? This is the most I've ever spent on a belt since I don't wear them often but I absolutely love the fit and design of this one.
No regrets at all and even if I don't wear it with everything, the belt almost completely makes the outfit. And will be sure to work with a number of other Delyle (or maybe even DaTuRa) outfits as well. Since it's very small in length and the elastic is great, it really pulls in the waist and holds the clothes solidly in place. This was another great buy of the trip and something I don't think I would have dared to pay for without having tried it on in store first. Now I'm thinking I might need a few others...I'm totally hooked!

Delyle Noir open back tank OP in navy
Purchased on Day 9 from Shinsaibashi OPA. I really wanted to buy at least one more outfit from either DaTuRa or Delyle Noir to go with my belt and the OPA location was my last chance! Since the DaTuRa set I tried on didn't work, I was determined to find something in Delyle. This dress isn't something that would immediately appeal to me on it's own because the waist looks like it just hits way too high on my body and would be unflattering (this is common for my proportions for Japanese freesize), but the belt really, really helps! Honestly I wouldn't have thought to put the belt on the dress because it has to sit much lower than where the implied waist area is, but somehow it still really works lol.
with Delyle Noir jewelry buckle belt and Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps + Liz Lisa big flower reversible tote -

with Liz Lisa lace peek cardigan and Liz Lisa ribbon pumps -
The dress is reasonably simple. With certain styling elements, it can be pushed a bit more oneegyaru or even into himekaji territory because of the colors and lace! The fabric of the skirt is heavy and would have been a pain in the butt to ship, but isn't incredibly noticeable when worn. I like the open back and there's a bandeau top that was recommended with it (so you can still wear a regular bra with it), but I decided to just get the dress. This was my last non-food purchase in Japan, and I'm glad I got it!

DaTuRa Big rose tshirt OP in pink
Purchased on Day 7 from Shibuya 109. This was a bit of an impulse buy because I just wanted to get something...anything from DaTuRa lol. I didn't have a ton of time to take my time and think because I was already late to meet my parents and bf back at the hotel and we had a train to catch. I did allow myself to quickly try it on with the recommended shorts to wear underneath (which I actually liked and fit surprising well but I couldn't see myself spending money on) and really loved the flower print at the hem which read very recognizably DaTuRa to me. Since the fit wasn't outrageously baggy, I decided to just go for it.
with Flag J pumps (+ Delyle Noir jewelry buckle belt) -

with Liz Lisa OTK boots + Liz Lisa long cardigan and Samantha Thavasa purse -
I ended up actually changing into this at KIX right before the flight home, and it was much more comfortable than the Delyle set I had been wearing all day. It's basically just a big, slightly stylized, slim t-shirt lol. The material is thin but not see-through (which I think the print helps with), and it's a great summer item. I probably won't wear it with a belt but wanted to try it anyway just for kicks. I'm surprised that it actually kind of works with the long cardigan + OTK boots though! DaTuRa lists this as a "top" rather than an OP which makes sense since they want you to buy the shorts to go with it, but at my height, I don't mind it as a dress, and if you're shorter than me, that's definitely more what it is.

I had a ton of fun trying out Delyle and DaTuRa for the first time. Tbh, the oneegyaru or more hardcore gyaru brand stores have always scared me a little bit since I'm usually wearing head-to-toe Liz Lisa, and I'm sure it looks really weird that I'm style switching. And talking to shop staff is one of the things that makes me the most nervous in Japan so I don't want to be in situations in stores where I'm really unfamiliar with the products and how the brand operates since I have such difficulty communicating. The shop staff in these stores are either particularly chatty or pay zero attention to me at all lol.

+ a few random other items of interest (that I photographed!)
A pair of wooden owls -
Purchased on Day 4 from Hakodate Morning Market. We bypassed the stall at first, but then when we noticed the shopkeeper was actually carving the wood pieces himself, we became instantly intrigued. He had a lot of different owls to pick from and even two types of this particular style, but my boyfriend and I decided to go with the one we first garnered our interest. The shopkeeper also engraved the bottom of the little stand for free with whatever we requested. I think this will be a great keepsake from the trip for years to come :)

LizMelo "lottery prize" cup -
Purchased on Day 8 from Qs Mall Kawaiimarche. While we were looking for two specific items from Sanrio, I noticed that the store we were in was doing the raffle/lottery for LizMero items! I'm not sure exactly what the "game" is called, but as I understand it, for a fee (800yen in this case), you pick a number out of a whirling pool of numbers. Based on the number you pick, you receive the pre-established prize associated with that number. There are items from charms to notepads to kitchen goods like a pot or even full size scale or blow dryer lol. The prizes are clearly identified on a poster with their number and stores often have different types (not just the LizMero line but also Gudetama or Hello Kitty etc). It's a gamble because you don't know what you will get, but it could be something worth a lot more than what you paid! In my case, I picked a "7" out and received this cup. Not the easiest thing to pack near the end of a trip, but I think it's cute!

Boot shapers -
Purchased on Day 5 from Gigafunabashi Daiso. This is an item of little cost or consequence, but I really like them, so they get to briefly be mentioned in the post. These are basically flat pieces of plastic (with a punch design) that fold/bend and secure to itself to create a sturdy form to help keep tall boots upright! Prior to this, I was literally using rolled up old issues of Cosmopolitan and stuffing them into my OTK boots lmao. Now, I have something a lot more legitimate but also really cute and cheap! These are probably a better length for knee high boots since the top of my OTK's still need a little support, but it's still a lot better than what I was using earlier and works really well.

Doll Kiss ankle socks -
Purchased on Day 7 from Shibuya 109 Doll Kiss. This purchase isn't really worthy of note since ankle socks like this in Japan are a dime a dozen but I just happened to have a picture of this, so into the post they go lol. Tutuanna is a really popular brand and I buy a lot of socks from there, but I think my favorite store is actually Doll Kiss in Shibuya 109. There's a lot of selection that I find relevant to my personal taste, and I always find it easy to get at least 3 pairs. The only downside is that the shop isn't very spacious, and if you have a lot of bags, you might bang into a few things, but you just have to be careful lol. I don't really need more of these, but I guess you can't really have too many and I needed at least one more pair during the trip. I ended up with 5 to get a set price though lol. I already used the pink/purple-ish pair in a coordinate in this blog post and another in the previous Liz Lisa purchase one!

J!NS Screen Daily Use PC Glasses (Blue Light 25% cut) in wine -
Purchased on Day 9 from Namba J!NS. I bought these to wear at work since I have a desk job and basically stare at a computer screen for 8.5 hours a day straight. My boyfriend already has a few pairs, and while we were on the trip, he wanted to get another pair with slightly less blue cut. We ended up getting the same glasses in different colors. As it turns out, PC glasses probably aren't for me. The lack of blue actually makes me more sleepy and that's not great when you're trying to get through your boring work day. However, I do like the style and intention of these, so I'm going to keep trying, even if just for an hour or so per day. The design has the glasses sit farther from my face than I'm used to, but it's good for days when I'm wearing my longer eyelashes because they won't hit the lenses at all!

I don't usually mention food/snack items from my trips because 1. I'm such a picky eater and I don't think people should really be paying attention to what I say about the taste of most of these things, and 2. We usually don't get to keep enough of these things for ourselves since we give them away, but this time, I actually got to take a few really quick snaps of a few of them, so I may as well mention anything of note!
Shiroi Koibito cookies -
Purchased on Day 1 from Shiroi Koibito Park. According to most people we've talked to or read articles from, Shiroi Koibito cookies is one of the most famous omiyage from Hokkaido and well known throughout Japan. We visited the factory where they make the cookies and bought a whole bunch of them on the first day and had to deal with them all throughout the rest of the trip lol. Actually, I'm showing the milk chocolate version here, but the white chocolate is what they are most known for. I don't like white chocolate so I didn't bother wasting one to try it and not enjoy it, but I think this still gives you a pretty good idea of what the cookie looks like anyway. The wrapper for the white chocolate version has inverted colors. Pretty much the best part of it is the cookie part anyway! It has just the right amount of crisp and buttery-ness lol. My bf really liked these and bought a whole package just for himself lol.

Kit Kats -
Sake flavor purchased on Day 2 from Nijo Market. Pancake purchased on Day 7 from Omiya Daiei. Mint purchased on Day 1 from Sapporo Don Quixote. This isn't the full variety of the different kinds of Kit Kats we bought, but we didn't keep all of them to try for ourselves. These are just the few that we did. I didn't expect any stores to still have the sake flavor still in stock since it released in February, so we jumped at the first opportunity to buy a few from a lady in a fish market when we saw it lmao. As it turns out, we did happen to see it in the Eki Donki in Osaka, but hardly anywhere else. I didn't try this because I don't like sake (flavor), but no one in my family had anything particularly special to say about it. My bf confirmed that it did taste as intended though. The pancake Kit Kat is from earlier in March or April and clearly tied to Easter lol. I also didn't anticipate any stores having stock of it either, and jumped to grab a few packets when I saw it. My dad said it really did taste like pancake with maple syrup and that he liked it a lot more than the regular milk chocolate Kit Kat! Okay, this last one I actually tried myself - mint lol. Super simple and easy and basically tastes how you'd think chocolate with mint would taste. This is the same "otona" line as the hazelnut flavor I brought back last time that I really liked, and even though the flavor isn't surprising, it is very crisp and refreshing and for some reason, does kind of have a more "elegent" or grown up feel about it lmao.

Candy Labo Wicked Mix -
Purchased on Day 3 from Sapporo Ekimae-dori Candy Labo store. My mom saw a sign advertising something related to Wicked and she wandered into the store lol. This was initially supposed to be a gift for someone, but my mom decided to keep it for herself. The pink/white/brown candy is strawberry cream flavor with a witch hat design. The green and white candy is muscat flavor with the Wicked logo. I've never purchased this candy before because I think it's so expensive but the taste is really quite good and so is the texture of the candy in general!

Hi-Chew -
Yuzu, "adult" mango and "adult" orange were purchased from various grocery stores and conbini throughout the trip here and there. I hadn't seen these flavors previously and they're all a hit with my bf! He especially likes the yuzu one. But he's also seems to general like the "adult" line which really has a different kind of flavoring. Since I'm not a food person, I don't know how to quite explain it but I think it also has a little to do with the little pieces inside too. Minis were purchased on Day 1 from Sapporo Don Quixote. We liked these from visits past because the flavors were fairly standard, and I liked the mini shape. There were a few other people back at home who liked them too, so I bought a whole bunch. They changed the flavors though lol. And now I personally don't care for this selection wtf. Well the two original flavors (grape and green apple) are still good, but I left the soda and peach in the box hahaha. I think you're supposed to pair the soda with the fruit flavors, but I just don't like the taste of it personally >,< Like with the Kit Kat, of course we bought more flavors than just these, but these are just the ones we were able to try ourselves. Many of the variety that we bought actually went to my cousin lol.

What I forgot/didn't get to buy?
Oops lol. Some of these were intentional and others were just a not a priority and got forgotten in the hustle and bustle of traveling.
  • Liz Lisa swimsuit - I thought I would buy one in store since they released while I was there, but by that point of the trip, I couldn't see myself spending that much on something I won't wear very option and wanted to force myself to wait for a sale (online). I think my #1 choice is likely the #1 choice of many other girls, so I may just have to pass this year despite really loving the designs! Bleck. I think financially I made the right decision, but it's hard to see an item you really like sell out!    
  • Something from Swankiss - I looked in a few of the stores as I always do and I like the brand, but have a hard time committing to full price purchases because I feel like the pieces aren't as versatile for my personal wardrobe as I'd like them to be to pay that much.
  • Something from Cecil McBee - Again, looked in several stores, but just didn't see any pieces I was in love with from the current selection. There were a few items I liked from earlier in the year, but they must have sold out. I didn't have time to do a ton of browsing as I prioritized shopping from other brands, but maybe I'll try my hand at the summer sales online later...
  • Set from DaTuRa - I looked and actually tried one on, but didn't really give myself much more chance than that. I should have just bit the bullet and bought the cardigan + skirt set from that same store in which I tried on the set I didn't like, but for some reason I was being a tightwad with the last of my money! And now I'm actually thinking of getting it online which is such a waste lmao.
  • Magazines??? - I usually bring back at least two magazines and I was definitely planning on bringing back the most recent issue of Larme with me, but since magazines take up a lot of weight and can be found almost anywhere, I purposefully tried to delay it until we got to Osaka, but then I 1000% forgot about it until I got back here and started blogging lmao. On a scale of things, it's rather inconsequential, but since they can be expensive to get overseas, the best time to get them is obviously in Japan!

This photo was supposed to be everything I bought during the trip but I still forgot about a few things FML and then I ran out of sunlight and had to start distributing things.
There were some things here that I expected to buy and others that I was more surprised about. Overall, a pretty tidy haul - nothing extraordinary but pretty good considering I only had one 15" check in suitcase and that we had to be conscious about not buying too much of anything before we arrived at our final destination hotel in Osaka since we'd have to be managing our luggage forwarding. Tbh the purses I ended up getting from Liz Lisa took up a lot of space even stuffed with omiyage and I was pretty much at full weight capacity. All that being said, I'm happy with what I have and I wouldn't consider the shopping side of the trip reasonably successful given the budget I assigned myself! ♡
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  1. Absolutely love the floral skirt from Delyle Noir :D all the snacks look so yummy too!

    1. Thanks! It ended up being a great purchase :)

  2. Really nice haul! : ) Yeah it's good to try other stuff other than LL! : )

  3. Urgh, all the Delyle Noir stuff is really lovely. I love the top and skirt and belt combo. And the navy dress is super nice. Really simple but the cut out back is unique and makes it 'young'.