Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Japan trip Spring 2016 Part 11: Liz Lisa shopping, purchases & coordinates

These are the various purchases I made from Liz Lisa stores during my trip! Items are listed in chronological order by purchase date.
I had a lot less time than I usually do to shop this time, but I think I still managed to make it work and was able to do a lot better than I did during my November trip lol.

Fruits water print jumper skirt in pink (161-6032-0)
Purchased on Day 5 at Shibuya 109. If I'm honest, I was interested in this OP when I first saw the preview images from the runway show with Nicorun wearing it, but I wasn't really planning on purchasing it until this random image from the Liz Lisa Shinjuku Alta store's twitter (see above). It was at this point that I realized, I really, really liked the pink jumper skirt with the pink flare sleeve top! And the more shop staff images I saw, the more it grew on me wtf. I'm such a sucker. Once I figured out that the bows on the straps were (re)movable, I was totally sold.
(as a set up) with Liz Lisa flare sleeve top and Liz Lisa heart suede pumps -

with Liz Lisa pearl cherry necklace and Tralala pearl wedge sandals + Liz Lisa puff short sleeve cardigan + Liz Lisa x My Melody 9th collab tote -
I'm glad I didn't miss out on this because I ended up really loving the print and overall girliness of an all pink set up. The mason jar fruit water concept is a little random and the layout of the print reminds me a bit more of Lolita fashion, but that's not really a complaint. I guess I'll see how many red fruit print items I can collect this season lol. The fit is not A+ in my book because there's just a small bit of elastic in the waist area and the back cuts down quite low, but I've definitely had worse for free size, so it's forgivable. I personally like it best with a top layered underneath it, but I do think that it can be worn as an OP on its own like in the second coordinate if you wanted to.

Flare sleeve top in pink (161-2030-0)
Purchased on Day 5 at Shibuya 109. I love the delicate chiffon flutter sleeves of this top, but in the end, it's more-or-less quite like a tshirt lol. That being said, I didn't buy it because I loved it in it's entirety but more because it seemed to pair so well with the fruits water print jumper skirt (see above)! I was quite nervous about getting it in pink instead of white because white tops pair with so much more and has a lot more versatility, but I figured I could try it just once, especially when I had at least a couple ideas for it.
with Liz Lisa floral sukapan and Liz Lisa lace-up back pumps -

 with Liz Lisa floral jumper skirt and Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps -
This shade of pink doesn't match perfectly with every Liz Lisa pink (of course), but I was able to easily find at least two that it was quite reasonable with already in my wardrobe. Although I don't know how much I'll wear it besides with the fruits water jumper skirt, I do really like the sleeves so I look forward to seeing what else I might layer it with in the future.

Gingham flower tote in pink
Purchased on Day 5 from Harajuku Takeshita Doori. I saw this in store and just kind of scooped it up. I had almost purchased this bag in the past because I also really wanted the matching novelty watch (and I love matching prints wtf) but when getting the novelty hadn't panned out, I put the purse on the wayside. However, I do love gingham and recently found new homes for quite a few of my Liz Lisa handbags, so I decided to grab it since I hate shipping purses (when buying online).
[Paired in this blog post with the tulip sleeve frill top and sailor blouse.]
I've been a longtime gingham fan but I'm not sure why. In this case, the bag will easily match with both white outfits and pink outfits (and ofc pink and white outfits lol). It's also a really nice size - not too big or too small, and comes with a shoulder strap for added versatility.

Cherry top in white (161-1013-0)
Purchased on Day 5 at LalaPort Funabashi. I've been shying away from clothes in this cotton fabric lately because it really requires ironing after washing and I'm such a lazy person, but I love all the cherry this spring/summer so I couldn't resist. Most of the stores I was able to get to didn't have this top still available in white (some had pink but most were sold out completely) so I jumped at the opportunity to get it from the LalaPort Funabashi location. It was a bit of a trek to get out there, but absolutely worth it!
(as a set up) with Liz Lisa margaret cherry skirt, cherry earrings by Rebby, Liz Lisa can can paper hat & Flag J sandals -

with Swankiss denim skirt, cherry earrings by Rebby, and Liz Lisa flower wedge sandals + Forever 21 heart bag -
This top definitely works well as a set up with the matching skirt and can also work as a reasonable basic as just a sleeveless cotton top. The tiny cherry embroidery details isn't too overpowering, but does make for a nice little pop of color to help when paired with red accessories. The lace is also a really cute detail and there's something that just seems especially "summer" about it.

Margaret cherry skirt in yellow (161-4008-0)

Purchased on Day 5 at LalaPort Funabashi. I already had the OP version of this print in white, so I figured that if I get the skirt, it should be in another color option so yellow it is! (Plus Rima wore this same combo, and I thought it was quite cute!) I especially love it paired with the matching top (see above). Although the look is very similar to the skirt portion of the OP, I've been trying to get myself to wear/buy more separates lately, so I don't mind having both because I think I'd wear them for different occasions.
(as a set up) with Liz Lisa cherry top, Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab rose drop cardigan and Liz Lisa ankle boots -

with Liz Lisa plain browsing top, Liz Lisa pearl cherry necklace and Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps -
Definitely keeping the pale yellow train going this season, and I really like the skirt in this colorway. In this version, the dots are white and the butterflies are a deep pink/almost purple color! The gentle yellow base adds just a little bit of color to the outfit because I will most likely always be pairing it with a white top - matching cherry blouse or not. The fit is great for me - the length is just right for a skirt and it is actually snug on my waist. The back of the waistband is full elastic and there is no zipper. I can see myself wearing this for a number of occasions.

Ribbon print OP in pink (161-6031-0)
Purchased on Day 7 at Omiya Arche. I skipped the ribbon pattern series from last year because I was unwilling to pay full price and ofc they didn't make it to a sale, but I knew I had to get the OP this year since it would hopefully be in stores during my visit! The first few stores didn't have pink which was my first choice but the journey to Omiya was worth it when I saw this hanging on the rack! The cut/silhouette for this OP is not all that novel, but it's one that I find usually works pretty well for me.
with Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals -

with Liz Lisa ribbons pumps + Liz Lisa flocked print cardigan -
I didn't try on this OP in store because I just knew that I really wanted it. I think maybe if I had, I would have been tempted to have also purchased it in white later on lol. (Honestly, I did look for it in white in Osaka regardless but neither of the stores had it in stock although many of the Tokyo stores did.) The fit is quite good due to the amount of shirring in the back of the bodice. I found that the top part is a little snug, so I adjusted the straps to the second button hole option to give my shoulder area a little more room and it's much better like this. I love how girly and sweet the pink on pink design is and although the bow in the back can be a little bulky, it kind of creates an interesting halter effect when viewed from behind with a cardigan. I think this is a great summer piece from Liz Lisa in a quintessential himekaji design. This dress would also be great for layering over a long sleeve turtleneck for colder weather too!

Tulip sleeve frill top in white (161-1010-0)
Purchased on Day 7 at Omiya Arche. I was very drawn to this top when I saw it paired with the handkerchief print skirt in navy for some reason! It's not my usual style since it's a bit more like a tshirt, but it seems to pair so well with skirts somehow. I almost paid full price for it several times online but forced myself to wait to try and get it in store. Like a few other items, many of the initial stores I visited didn't have it in my desired color, but thank goodness for Omiya wtf.
with Liz Lisa opal flower skirt, Liz Lisa multi-flower necklace, Liz Lisa rose barrettes and Flag J pumps + Liz Lisa gingham floral tote -

with Liz Lisa floral panel skirt and Liz Lisa glitter pumps + Liz Lisa flocking print cardigan -
I think this top can be a bit tricky depending on your body proportions which is something I was a little nervous about from the beginning but chose to ignore lol. For those who are shorter or have a shorter torso, I think it would be a lot more ideal. In the best situation, there isn't a weird gap between the waistline of the skirt and the bottom of the layering detail of the top that breaks your body into too many pieces. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about this top on me but you do have to have a particular kind of skirt to go with it to help balance everything out and hit a certain part of your midsection. I ended up choosing two skirts (vice sukapans which are often shorter) with a fitted waist that will sit exactly where I want it to sit. As an added bonus, both skirts have a slight gingham detail in them to match with the subtle gingham in the details of the top. I'll continue to try and find the right combination for this top because I really want it to work lol.

Cotton lace frill ribbed top in white (161-2037-0)

Purchased on Day 7 at Omiya Arche. This wasn't on my purchase wish list going into the trip, but seeing it in person and being able to try it on with the recommended skirt warmed me up to it, I'm also just generally a sucker for off shoulder necklines so there's that too. Plus, the lace detail was especially nice in person and thankfully the thin shoulder straps are removable!
with Liz Lisa monochrome flower skirt (see below) and Flag J pumps -

(removed straps) with Liz Lisa lace flare skirt, Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps and Liz Lisa round tulip bag -
The overall appearance of the top is basically the same with or without the straps, but personally I prefer it without because they're just another thing to worry about fussing with throughout the day. The elastic in the off shoulder neckline is more than sufficient to keep the top from falling down and the ribbed design of the bodice creates a nicely fitted affect as well. I think this is going to be another great basic white top (with a cute detail) for me!

Monochrome flower skirt in pink (161-4028-0)
Purchased on Day 7 at Omiya Arche. This is a longer skirt than what I usually look for, but definitely quite work appropriate! I almost got navy instead, but the pink was much softer since the white and navy in the other version have such a harsh contrast. My mom was actually the reason I purchased this skirt - she really loved the print and design! I ended up going through with the purchase because of the set price, but in the end, I ended up (accidentally?) getting charged full price for both this skirt and the top and didn't catch the mistake until it was way too late.
with Liz Lisa cotton lace frill ribbed top (see above), Liz Lisa heart suede pumps, Liz Lisa pom pom earrings and Liz Lisa beret -

with Liz Lisa fur collar cardigan, Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps and Liz Lisa picnic rabbit shoulder bag -
Trying to make the most of having the skirt at full price by convincing myself to love it lol. But honestly, I do really like the recommended top and skirt set up together. The proportions are much nicer than I anticipated and the skirt really doesn't drown me imo! I'm glad I decided to go with the pink skirt which is really almost lilac-y irl but still very girly and sweet and I think I might like it better like that. The best part is that the waist actually fits very solidly. There's a side zipper and elastic combination which actually works really well for this piece. This might be good for a girlier Larme kei look or otona kawaii, and really I am happy I have a slightly longer skirt like this for certain occasions.

Cotton lace frill top in white (161-1031-0)
Purchased on Day 7 at Ikebukuro Parco. This was another item that I really wasn't intending on taking a closer look at because of the cotton material that I'm too lazy to press, but there was a good set price, and I thought it would be a good option for something to wear during the trip. I purchased it without even trying it on lol. That being said, if it wasn't for the material, this is something that would have definitely been on my radar to purchase due to the super cute style.
(as a set up) with Liz Lisa cotton lace frill shorts, Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals and Liz Lisa can can paper hat + Liz Lisa seashell pouchette -

(as a set up) with Liz Lisa cotton lace frill shorts, Material Girl floral cardigan, and Liz Lisa ribbon pumps -

with Liz Lisa floral houndstooth skirt and Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps -
The set up just clearly screams summer to me and I love all the lace details. Wearing all white can be a little troublesome sometimes because stains will show so easily, but it's great as a base to feature colorful additions like a cardigan or sandal. My favorite part is definitely the necklace but I find that the length is really great too which allows it to pair so well with denim bottoms like jeans or shorts for a casual look. This would definitely be a regular go-to piece for me if I didn't have to worry about how wrinkly it gets in the wash. It also works tucked into skirts and the bottom half of the top actually provides a little bit of volume!

Cotton lace frill shorts in white (161-5020-0)
Purchased on Day 7 at Ikebukuro Parco. Since I was getting the top, I had to get the shorts for the set price! However, unlike the top, I did kind of have my eye on these before leaving as something to look out for. I don't own a lot of white bottoms but I've been wanting to change that and these have such a cute frill detail! It doesn't hurt that it obviously pairs really well with the top too.
with Cuteberry gingham cropped top, Liz Lisa bow barrettes and Flag J pumps -

with One Spo heart cutout cropped fuwa fuwa top, Liz Lisa pom pom earrings and Flag J pumps + Liz Lisa picnic rabbit shoulder bag -

with Charlotte Russe sweater, Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps and Liz Lisa round tulip bag -
The shorts really seemed to have a Larme vibe to me, so I tried to move in that direction with the first two coordinates having a summer and then maybe autumn/winter look. I'm not really a Larme kei girl since the make up really isn't for me and I think my personal taste doesn't allow me to encompass all the elements of it, but I would say that from the neck down, those first two looks are Larme inspired with my own personal style still taken into account. I've already heard that I don't have the right elements to pull off the style, so I'll let it settle at that. Although I love that cropped tops help show off the special details on the shorts, I don't think I'd ever have to the guts to wear them out in public like that, so I wanted to also show a casual version with just a pullover sweater, and I think they can work both ways.

Big flower reversible tote in pink and blue (161-9414-0)
Purchased on Day 7 at Ikebukuro Parco. These are actually purchases for my mother and she intends to give them away as gifts. I think the reversible concept for these makes them pretty versatile and also the material is different for the printed side and the solid side which may be beneficial for certain types of weather. Being able to use the snaps on the side to change the shape of the bag is very nice as well. There is just a magnetic closure for the top of the bag (since it is a tote), but there is at least one zipper pocket. Unfortunately, because it has to be reversible, there isn't much more internal storage than that.
I didn't take any "coordinate" photos with these bags since they aren't mine, but as a weird turn of events (long story, don't ask), they ended up in my care for the day that I took photos for the "Other shopping purchases" post and I picked them up just briefly to snap a few photos since they were right there anyway. Look for them making a quick cameo in the next post!

3D flower pumps in pink (161-9605-0)
Purchased on Day 7 at Lumine EST Primevere. I already have these pumps in yellow and white, but honestly it was my plan to get all three colors from the beginning. I fell for this design hard and I think that they can be useful in so many different ways and each color brings something different. Pink was my lowest priority among the colors only because it held on longest on TKL and honestly I was hoping to make it to a sale, but even on sale online, when you consider the shipping, it's really not that much beneficial than buying them in store so I jumped at the chance to get them when I could. From the stores I looked at, I think only Shinjuku Alta had a pair in this style but not in my size. I was holding my breath to find them at Primevere which really focuses on shoes and accessories, and I wasn't disappointed. That is definitely where you should go if the other stores lack the stock in shoes that you want.
[Worn in this blog post with the flare sleeve top and cotton lace frill shorts.]
I feel like "pink" doesn't adequately describe the color of these pumps. It's really more of a light peach color (think peach crayon but just a little paler). They work well as a neutral color for me but I think they would pop amazingly against darker skin. I'm happy with the color as I don't have another pair of shoes in this shade and I'm glad it's not just another duplicate. As with the white and yellow versions, I love the flower applique and the classic but still cute design of the shoe. I can't wait to wear them!

Picnic rabbit shoulder bag in pink (S161-9420-1)
Purchased on Day 7 at Lumine EST Primevere. I was a bit hesitant about this series when it was first released online, but I made a deal with myself that if some of the items were still available when I went on the trip, that would be a sign that I could get at least one thing lol. I'm all about cherry this season for some reason but decided to get the pink version because I thought it would match a bit better with my existing wardrobe this way and the print wouldn't be too obtrusive.
[Paired in this blog post with the monochrome flower skirt and cotton lace frill shorts.]
There's a nice, secure magnet snap closure and a convenience little slip pocket in the back. There are also two sleeve pockets inside. The bright pink bow on the strap can be moved along the strap as you please but cannot be removed completely as far as I can tell. It's a nice size for a shoulder bag and I think it'll add a little element of fun to any outfit.

Sailor blouse in white (161-1017-0)
Purchased on Day 8 at Shibuya 109 Abeno. I'm a sucker for a sailor collar and for some reason, I was really drawn to this top when I first saw the promo images of it! I'm a bit surprised that the only color options were blue (with just a bit blue detailing on a white top) and all white with no pink colorway considering that the corresponding jumperskirt is pink, but I'm not complaining because I think all white is likely going to be the most versatile in the long run for me anyway! I almost purchased this online and put it in and took it out of my cart several times, but really wanted to save it to buy on the trip. The gamble almost didn't pay off as most of the stores I visited didn't have it in stock except the last one where I was super happy to finally see it!
(as a set up) with Liz Lisa stripe bouquet jumper skirt & Liz Lisa clear pearl sandals + Liz Lisa rose quilted purse (and Liz Lisa My Melody mook) -

with Ank Rouge skirt, Liz Lisa flower applique socks, Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps + Liz Lisa floral gingham tote -
The all white color is a bit stark, but that can easily be remedied by a DIY colored ribbon or accessory if you're keen. I've come to really like the puff chiffon sleeves that has been on a couple other Liz Lisa tops. It adds a little bit of volume to the shoulder area without being too heavy or stuffy. Because of the sleeve detail and sailor collar, this top is great for layering with jumper skirts but also stands so well on its own when just paired with a skirt.

Stripe bouquet jumper skirt in pink (161-6012-0)
Purchased on Day 8 at Shibuya 109 Abeno. I was actually really hoping to grab the sukapan version of this print in pink, but I couldn't find any stores that had it in stock in the color I wanted. I was actually really surprised to find this jumper skirt in pink at the Abeno 109 location which usually doesn't have the best stock variety due to its small size, but since it was my last Liz Lisa shopping opportunity, I figured I may as well go for it. Especially since they also had the top I specially wanted to wear with this print anyway! I wasn't crazy head-over-heels for this stripe x flower bouquet print combo but I did like a lot of the promo photos for it (albeit the blue version) and they ended up featuring it in the Liz Lisa My Melody mook for this collection, so it gradually grew on me.
(as a set up) with Liz Lisa sailor collar blouse, Liz Lisa lace flocked cardigan and Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps -

with Liz Lisa off shoulder ribbon top and Liz Lisa floral wedge lace up back sandals -
This jumper skirt is actually on the heavier side because the skirt carries a bit of weight due to the fabric. This makes it feel quite sturdy though, and I don't mind it because I didn't have to pay to ship it lol. Because of the ribbon tie back, the fit is really great and feels very secure but can easily accommodate other body types! The print is really lovely in person and a bit more pink than the slightly salmon color that the stock photo seems to imply imo. This is another classically himekaji item from Liz Lisa slightly reinvented for this season that I'm glad I didn't pass up.

Paper can can hat in beige (161-9502-0)
Purchased on Day 8 from Shibuya 109 Abeno. I really, really, really wanted a hat this season because the only two I have read more autumn/winter to me. And I've started to regain my interest in hats in general lol. The shop staff have been doing a fantastic job at coordinating hats this season and I had a hard time picking which one I wanted. In the end, I decided to go with the most neutral one with the beige detail and not too wide of a brim. I took a chance and saved this purchase for the last Liz Lisa shopping opportunity of the trip on Day 8 because I didn't want to worry about carrying it around/packing and potentially smashing it. It really worked out for the best because both stores I visited thankfully had stock of it and I wore it the very next day on the last day of the trip and onto the airplane :)
[Paired in this blog post with the cherry top and cotton lace frill top.]
Hats don't sit all that well on my wig which has a lot of bulk, but this hat fits really well on my head with just my natural hair! The size and design doesn't feel obnoxious and adds a nice casual touch to an outfit and also provides a little bit of sun protection. Honestly, this might be one of my favorite purchases from the trip - I couldn't be happier with it!

Round tulip bag in white and pink (161-9408-0)
I wasn't planning on getting these, but sometimes things just work out and here they are with me lol. I really liked the tulip print from the earliest spring releases, but have been waiting for a good sale or something to buy the dress or skirt. (And actually now I've missed the dress because I hesitated during an online sale after coming back but at least I can live vicariously through Berri who pulls them off so well!) Tiny flower prints aren't usually my thing, but I've really grown to appreciate printed purses recently and I like the little color they add.
[Paired in this blog post with the cotton lace frill ribbed top.]

[Paired in this blog post with the cotton lace frill shorts.]
These are on the smaller side but will work well when used with the shoulder strap imo. There are occasions when I don't want to deal with a bigger purse and these are just about the right size. I'm really glad to have something that reminds me so much of this year's spring season which has been supposedly a bit "controversial" with some foreign customers, but great in my book!

Hope this post was worth waiting for while I finished up all of the day-to-day posts! It took me a while to shoot, edit and upload all of these, so thank you for your patience. (As you can probably tell, I kind of tried to "power through" some less-than-ideal weather conditions which led to some questionable natural lighting but I don't want to delay this any longer!) Looking at what I've purchased, I'm actually a bit surprised to see that I ended up with majority separates/sets and a ton of bags/purses lol. Even though I had a general idea of what I wanted to purchase going into the trip, I ended up with a few things I didn't at all predict I would buy and others that I thought I would love that didn't turn out to be right for me at the time. That being said, I'm happy with this tidy little haul. Not the biggest one I've come back with but also not the peak of the season for me either, so it's a bit expected. I've already utilized two of the set during the trip, and I look forward to doing so with more of the items in the future ♡
Stores visited:
  • Shibuya 109 Liz Lisa, 5F (Accessed by: JR Shibuya station, Hachiko exit)
  • Harajuku Takeshita Street Liz Lisa, street level/2F (Accessed by: JR Harajuku station, Takeshita exit)
  • Shinjuku Studio Alta Liz Lisa, 1F (Accessed by: JR Shinjuku station - I got lost and did it wrong this trip, but I still believe it's best to exit through Lumine EST or the East exit of the station and walk north)
  • Shinjuku Lumine EST Primevere Liz Lisa, B1F (Accessed by: JR Shinjuku station, east side. You don't need to leave the station)
  • Lalaport Tokyo Bay Liz Lisa, 1F, North section, Lala Popteen Land (Accessed by: JR Minami Funabashi station, follow Lalaport signs to exit)
  • Omiya Arche Liz Lisa, 3F (Accessed by: JR Omiya station, West exit)
  • Ikebukuro Parco Liz Lisa, B2F (Accessed by: JR Ikebukuro station, North exit, walk through pedestrian underpass)
  • Tennoji MIO Liz Lisa, 6F, Main building (Accessed by: JR Tennoji station, follow station signs)
  • Shibuya109 Abeno Liz Lisa, 2F (Accessed by: JR Tennoji station, exit towards MIO, look left for Qs Mall/Abeno Cues Town on pedestrian overpass)
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  1. Wohooo! XD The fruit pattern OP looked really nice on you~ I liked some of the white tops you got too^^ the reversable bags are so cool as well!! Very nice haul

  2. Everything is so cute!! Those bags are lovely.

  3. Yes! Been waiting for this post. Super loves everything you got! The shorts, ribbon Op and the monochrome skirt is my favorite. You got a lot of separates this season ^^

    1. Yeah soooo many separates/set ups wtf. I guess I'm turning over a new leaf wtf.

  4. Omg so many cute items! I was after the picnic rabbit series but I wasn't sure if the purse was a good size. Can you fit a bit in there or is it really thin? Thanks!

    1. I feel like I would be able to fit my essentials but it depends on the size of your personal items. The measurements are provided in the listing if that helps you.

    2. Ah! Okie! Thank you ^^

  5. I love how the Ribbon print OP looks on you! For some reason I didn't like how it looked in the stock photo. It looks pretty big and ill fitting for some reason..Maybe I'm just picky lol. I kicking myself for not purchasing that op.

    1. Haha I actually really liked it from the shop staff photos and I knew the back would have full shirring so I wasn't too concerned except for the usual problems I have with free size (proportionally, the waist of the dress doesn't hit my natural waist) but actually it's a really decent fit and the flare of the skirt is great!