Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Liz Lisa lace up pom pom pumps in bordeaux

Continuing the bordeaux shopping trend, of course I had to get these pumps! Actually, I had first pre-ordered these back in early August so all the other bordeaux items were actually purchased in support of these even though I received them so much later.

Lace up pom pom pumps (S162-9601-1)
I loved the design of these but wasn't sure if I wanted to order them right away. Once the promotional autumn photos started to come out and they were heavily featured, I really warmed up to them. They sold out on the TKL first autumn preorder but returned during the second set of preorders. I knew I didn't want to miss the opportunity to get them, so I picked up the last pair in that listing. They were due to be shipped in mid September. They ended up shipping from TKL on Sep 1, and I received them in early September via SAL.
Shoes with a zipper at the back of the heel usually fit a little big on me, but I figured it would be better to size up than size down and went with my standard size L. When I wear these without socks, the fit seems to be a little looser (as expected) and I need to adjust the ribbon tightness depending on that. That being said, overall, I can tell these pumps are just very slightly bigger than usual as I expected them to be but I'm almost certain that getting M would have been a mistake and too small. Even with a super small gap at the heel, the abundance of lace up detailing certainly keeps my foot securely in the shoe. The ribbon used is a slightly different color (red base versus purple base again I think) than the faux suede material for the shoe but it doesn't make much of a difference to me, especially because of the different kinds of bordeaux items I just got in my last order lol.

with Liz Lisa floral ribbon OP + Liz Lisa scoop neck cardigan -

with Liz Lisa pleats flare OP, Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab ribbon barrette and Liz Lisa pom pom earrings + Liz Lisa round tulip bag -

with Liz Lisa pleats puff OP and Liz Lisa fur collar cardigan -

with Liz Lisa cut cardigan, Liz Lisa corset tutu sukapan and Liz Lisa beret + Liz Lisa picnic rabbit purse -

This pumps were a great purchase and I'm glad I didn't miss my chance to get them. I think that if there wasn't a pom pom at the end of each ribbon, these might be a little more versatile for me, but that also makes them really cute of course. My Liz Lisa shoe inventory is kind of overfilled with pumps (compared to sandals) but these are certainly different enough in color and style that they certainly aren't redundant. The pom poms and lace up detail are so fun, and I really can't wait to wear these with more and more outfits, especially with Liz Lisa autumn 2016 items!


  1. Whaaah. These shoes are so amazing with your clothes and look so, so beautiful! Buy allll the bordeaux! ^-^
    When I see these posts, I always get a little sad that my feet are too long for Liz Lisa shoes. T_T
    But then again, if their sizing fit me, I'd be seriously broke from all the LL shopping. Well, more than I already am from buying the clothing, ahem...

    1. Every time I buy shoes, I know how lucky I am that I can reasonably fit a Japanese shoe size consistently! But yeah the cost of the shoes + the international shipping is not kind at all :|

  2. I like the pumps with the Floral Ribbon Op! They look so cute together. Actually I didn't even think to pair the pumps with that particular dress O.O But it looks really nice!

    1. Haha I had to try it with whatever said "autumn" to me :D