Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Liz Lisa Tokyo Kawaii Life-limited summer vacation lucky bag

I promise - I wasn't planning on ordering this because I had already pre-ordered the more expensive 109net shop one back in late June thinking that would be the only happy bag this season.
I was really surprised in mid/late July to see that TKL was doing their own version but was determined to just let it slide. However, when I woke up 5 hours after the release for work, I was surprised to see that there were actually 2 left, and I put one in my cart to just give myself some time to think about it. When I finished getting ready, there was 7 minutes left in my cart and now only one left, I figured, well, OK, why the heck not lol. 6 items for 5400yen...what can really go so wrong? YES I'M THAT SUCKER. (And clearly I didn't do as much research or give it as much forethought as I did for the 109net shop version.)

Just like for the 109net shop one, I tried to do another unboxing video (if you're interested!)

Floral browsing top in blue (151-1021-0)
Similar to the floral fitted skirt from the 109net shop summer fuku, this item was immediately recognizable to me and I was quickly able to recall how many shop staff had styled it. The main color is blue but there are nice hints of other colors throughout the print as well that creates a nice, almost watercolor-like effect. There's an elastic neckline that can be worn on or off shoulder and there's also a bit of elastic around the ends of the sleeves. There's also elastic at the waistline of the top which gives it a nice shape for the cropped length.
with Charlotte Russe tulle skirt and Liz Lisa clear pearl sandals + Liz Lisa seashell pouchette -

with Liz Lisa corset tutu sukapan, Liz Lisa paper kan kan hat, Liz Lisa bijou necklace* and Liz Lisa flower wedge heel sandals + Liz Lisa faux denim jacket -
[Also shown with moko moko shorts below.]
No sense in trying to reinvent the wheel - ofc I tried the top with a long tulle skirt! I think this top would pair pretty nicely with anything high waisted and neutral colored (white/beige/denim). I personally prefer it off shoulder and felt that it was a little tight otherwise but that just means that the elastic is doing its job lol.

Shoulder ribbon pom camisole in white (152-2030-0)
Camisoles like this are typical lucky bag items and never something that I really personally want since I don't enjoy unnecessary layering in Hawaii weather, especially in this material, but can be a cute detail to any outfit! I've had one similar to this before and the pom poms are super fun. It's great that the straps are adjustable as well and you can tie them however you want. The bodice of the cami is stretchy but there isn't really any true shirring, so it's best for a smaller bust/maybe a US size XS or S. The color is slightly off white but reasonably close to true white (especially compared to the beige items that Liz Lisa sometimes passes off as "white" lol).
with Liz Lisa floral houndstooth skirt and Liz Lisa lace-up back pumps + Kate Spade New York quilted purse -

 with Liz Lisa constellation OP and Liz Lisa pom pom pumps -
[Also shown with moko moko shorts below.]
The fluffy material makes this cami very opaque and you could wear it on its own if you really wanted to without revealing anything underneath. Otherwise, it just seems to provide a bit of extra warmth as a layering piece, especially nice with spaghetti strap dresses/tops or off shoulder dresses/tops.

Sweet big flower OP in white (152-6012-0)
You know, it's really funny because I had just put on the navy version of this dress a few days before receiving this lucky bag and thinking about how much I loved it and how much I enjoyed the fit and wondering if I should have ordered it (or looked for it secondhand) in one of the other colors. Lo and behold, the white version! How weird is that? So needless to say, I was super excited to find this as the OP in my summer lucky bag even though it's an autumn item. The base color for this dress is more of a beige color and the only truly white part of it is the collar. There's a side zipper and button at the back of the collar and a panel of elastic at the back of the waist that helps create a wonderful shape.
with Flag J sandals + Ank Rouge quilted handbag -

 with Liz Lisa OTK boots + Liz Lisa fur collar cardigan -

Also a quick look at it with Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals (but the yellows don't match well irl) -
[Also shown with 3D flower cut cardigan below]
As expected, I totally love it lol. The fit is fantastic and I think I'm really going to enjoy being able to choose between the navy and white versions because they're visually very distinct and yet both equally cute and great for a number of different occasions.

3D flower cut cardigan in white (151-2034-0)
I was really surprised to see this cardigan in the bag! I wear a cardigan almost every day (or at least I bring one with me almost everywhere), so I can't get enough of these because I enjoy having a variety and this length matches easily with a lot of Liz Lisa items. The design seemed a little busy for my taste online, so that's why I never considered ordering it outright, but after seeing it in person, I really don't think that's the case and the details add something nice to an otherwise basic item. It's not bright white, but something a little closer to ivory.
with Liz Lisa lace sleeveless blouse, Liz Lisa picnic skirt and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals -

with Liz Lisa opal floral OP and Liz Lisa glitter pumps + Samantha Thavasa purse -

with Liz Lisa sweet big flower OP*, Liz Lisa ankle boots and Liz Lisa flower applique beret -
When worn, the ruffle adds a lot more volume than I initially anticipated so I think it pairs well with other items that help balance it out a bit. The snap buttons are easy to use and the flower applique matches with the 3D flowers on my beret, so I think I may be pairing the two of those together more in the future!

Moko moko short pants in white (151-5001-0)
These shorts were a welcome sight because despite being made in a warmer/faux-wool(?) material because I had a feeling they would fit reasonably well and the color appears very neutral. It's quite heavy but feels sturdy in a good way. There are two front pockets at the hip and two back pockets, all functional. There are also functioning belt loops at the waist in case you want them as well! There is a small panel of elastic at the back of the waistband which has some decent stretch. The front zipper is quite deep, so I had no trouble slipping over my mannequin's hips (which is typically a struggle for free size bottoms), but I would probably suggest this for a US size S.
with Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab blouse, Liz Lisa flower wedge pumps and Liz Lisa pork pie hat + off brand bear backpack -

with Liz Lisa butterfly sleeve floral top and Liz Lisa t-strap wedge sandals -

and in an attempt to unreasonably shove as many of these pieces into one outfit as possible: with Liz Lisa floral browsing top*, Liz Lisa should ribbon pom camisole*, Liz Lisa ankle boots and Liz Lisa bijou necklace* -
Honestly in the first outfit, it looks like I'm doing a weird, awkwardly girly cosplay of like an outdoors researcher like Jane from Tarzan. I'm not sure where I was going with that. But anyway, the material is truly quite warm when worn, even just for a little while, in Hawaii weather lol. I really can't fathom an occasion for when this might be useful for me just based on the weight of it, but there's nothing wrong with them in a general sense. Although it would have been easiest to pair them with a long top from a set (with just the hem of the shorts barely sticking out), I tried to figure out if there was any other way to style them to make the shorts the star of the outfit a little more, but I'm not sure these are the best ways to wear them.

Bijou necklace in beige (152-9115-0)
I am happy to be very slowly building my Liz Lisa necklace inventory with this piece as a new addition! What's most surprising about it is the weight imo which is extremely light. It's quite obvious that the gems aren't real but they do have a nice effect and will be a nice little touch of elegant glam to a number of otona kawaii type outfits.

with Juge Etta floral OP, Liz Lisa momonga cardigan and Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps -
[also shown with the floral browsing top and mokomoko shorts above]
When I was wearing it, I noticed that because the gems really don't have much weight associated with them, it really almost feels like you're not wearing a necklace at all - something I'm not very used to for costume jewelry pieces lol. Even though this is the beige color option, it's really more of a yellow gold type color which makes it's pretty easy to match!

Coordinates video !

Although I really like the contents of this lucky bag, it somehow seemed a little less "exciting" to style the items and a little less of a "challenge". But that's probably because the items were so likable already. I tried to come up with some outfits that are a little out of my comfort zone (or my usual go-to type of silhouette) to make up for that, but I'm not really sure it worked. That being said, I don't consider any of these items as difficult to coordinate on a surface level and maybe when there's less pressure without the self-imposed blog post deadline looming over my shoulder, I can come up with something different lol. I'm truly quite pleased with everything I got and I have no regrets about ordering this.


  1. Really like the contents of this bag - I really like OP (ofc, I also have navy) and I really like it styled. The shorts are actually cute and seem like a nice fit too.