Monday, August 15, 2016

Liz Lisa in Popteen September 2016 (scans)

I knew that the September 2016 of Popteen would feature some of the items from Liz Lisa's Autumn 2016 collection, so I ordered it for myself! [Amazon JP link] This is a product that can be shipped directly to international addresses by Amazon, but you do have to pay for DHL shipping. I ordered it on Aug 2, it shipped from Japan on Aug 3 and I received it on Aug 8. I definitely encourage you to purchase and support the magazine directly where you can. These scans are meant to be for personal use and I do not claim ownership of these images.
To my surprise and delight, there were actually quite a few SS16 Liz Lisa items scattered throughout the magazine! The spreads shared below feature at least one Liz Lisa item, but most have more than that. (Not every page has something from Liz Lisa bc I wanted to include the spread in its entirety since it makes more sense to see the story as a whole.) See if you can spot them all! I have the "answers" in the click through link. The "fuzzier" lines indicate that the Liz Lisa item is an inner piece.

This "ゆらちょぱなちょるん" Fashionable Magic spread includes Michopa wearing "cool" looks, Yurayura wearing "fancy" looks, Nicorun wearing "harajuku/casual" looks and Nachosu wearing "GAL girly/girlish" looks. Nachosu's inventory includes the a lot of Liz Lisa and One Spo items and it was interesting to see the different combinations. There were definitely some unexpected combinations for me. Yurayura's includes a Liz Lisa bag as well as items from typical Larme brands like monLily, Honey Cinnamon, Rose Marie Seoir and Crayme. Their outfits were the most relatable for me.

This is just a solo page but I wanted to include it because of the two Liz Lisa set ups in the top middle! It focuses on the latest boom of summer Disney character outfits! The white Liz Lisa set up on the left on is Marie/Aristocats themed and the light blue one on the right is Cinderella themed. Other outfits are for Wendy (Peter Pan), Mickey (Mouse), Alice (in Wonderland), Rapunzel, Daisy (Duck) and Donald (Duck)!

I love all the variety in this "Summer Vacation LOVE Style" spread. Yurayura is wearing "neo princess" looks. Nicorun is wearing "colorful monster" looks. Michopo is wearing "show skin" style (this is probably a poor translation but I think it gets the point across). Maenon is wearing "pinup girl" style. Hinatan is wearing "feminine/girly" style (with a ton of Liz Lisa, monLily and Ank Rouge items!). Reipoyo is wearing "colorful ulzzang" style. Noanyan is wearing "sweet casual" style. Chanena is wearing "sexy" style and Charuhina is wearing "sport" style.
(P.S. If I'm not not mistaken, there's a misidentified item on page 28 for the 8/6 outfit. The sandals are Ank Rouge, not Liz Lisa!)

It's probably pretty difficult to find the one Liz Lisa item in this Autumn Trend Make-Up spread, but could you do it? I didn't notice it until I saw the item descriptions lol.

This fall fashion merry-go-round spread includes lots of different kinds of looks. The intro page calls out 10 different kinds of things from all different genres that represent autumn - all over white mokomoko, THE PINK CLOSET, lace-up blouson, "neo princess", cape type outer, "neo lolita", skinny jeans with lines, long pleated skirts, long sleeve lace and leopard print - and the spread continues to 100, including not only clothes and make up but also a variety of other items that might interest students. There was an abundance of Liz Lisa items throughout and I also enjoyed seeing how a couple of One Spo shoes were styled in 15 and the set up in 44. My favorite fashion look was probably ...okay well 5 ofc, but 48 stood out for me as a non-Liz Lisa outfit too!

渋谷系だって可愛いカッコしたっていいじゃんってことで、最近めきめき人気を上げているなちょすが辛ロなロリータSTYLEを提案 !
フェイバリットブランドは、女の子らしさを前面に押し出したLIZ LISA、アンクルージュ、Swankiss, みんプリュムetc。幻想的ながーりーコーデを渋谷系GAL がいつものヘアメイクのまま着こなしたスタイル。とにかくハデな可愛さが魅か。
This spread presented "Nachosu's GAL Girly" style and highlighted 8 key elements - fruits pop pattern, cute mini length bottoms, flashy red, princess silhouette, showing a little skin, fetish/casual mix, pink coordinate and printed dress. Favorite brands are Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge, Swankiss and Minplume, etc. There really seems to be a lot of dark and light in this. I especially liked the 4 alternative "monochrome versions" in the layout for the mini length bottoms page.

This two page Liz Lisa "European Time Trip" spread was basically the reason I purchased the magazine without really knowing what to expect lol. Tbh I was hoping there would be a little more to it, but aesthetically it is very nice and I think it's presented very nicely. My favorite is still the cape dress, but the more I see of everything else, the more it grows on me lol. Most of these items have already been released (or released for pre-order) and I just can't wait to see more.
The new keywords for autumn are "retro", "rose" and "pink".

 As far as I can tell, this is highlighting a new girl group called "Sugar Dolls" with members - Noanyan (in Honey Cinnamon), Shuririn (in casual mix), Kuretan (in colorful fashion), Meruru (in seiso/polished style) & Ranya (in dark fashion). I was happy to see the sunflower parfait print make another appearance in the magazine and a major spotlight on a Liz Lisa set up + bag as well.

I wanted to include this section just purely because I love the red Liz Lisa gingham swimsuit so much, but as someone who lives in Hawaii, I loved seeing all of the different swimwear. It seems like ruffle is popular in a huge way, both for top and bottom pieces for all kinds of different styles, from sweet to sexy. 

Moist Diane tho

Popteen features such a variety of different kinds of looks/style genres now. It seems a bit disjointed at times for overall aesthetics, but I still really enjoy seeing coordinates that are outside of what my current interests are. As its target audience is a younger girl, I think it really works to show that there's nothing wrong with changing things up or trying a few different kinds of looks. Fashion should be fun and style experimentation should be encouraged!
I very, very painfully tried to translate written portions of the magazine, but I already know what I presented isn't verbatim, and it's just kind of what I personally got out of what I could understand. I know that I likely missed a lot of the nuances within the language, but I feel like the basics still come through. Feel free to offer a correction!
I wanted to try something a little different than my usual scan posts and offer a bit more focused topical (aka Liz Lisa) commentary but it's not so easy in some aspects. I have very limited Japanese reading skills so I can't do a lot of analysis of the written content, but I can read most of the outfit item listings lol. Let me know - comments/concerns/crit ♡


  1. woow thankyou for the scans!
    i've searched for newest japanese magazine scans but found none
    glad that you made it and I followed this blog <3 ^^


    1. I don't buy them all the time myself, but I would definitely encourage you to purchase the magazine if you're interested in seeing more! Amazon JP has pretty reasonable prices and fast shipping.

  2. urgh, Moist Diane. Lmao. Super love the looks in the magazine and I love that popteen includes so many different styles and looks. It's nice to see stuff you wouldn't normally style personally.

    1. Yeah and there's a lot more that I didn't post because it just didn't include Liz Lisa lol. I love the variety.

  3. I love how you turned this into a seek and find game xD

    1. Haha tbh it's something I do on my own anyway whenever I look through this kind of magazine, so I figured that maybe others would enjoy it a little as well lol. Otherwise, it's just an image dump.

  4. Thank you for the scans! I would really appreciate it if you could tell me which skirt Nicorun is wearing in one of the first pictures! It's the pink and mint coloured one!

    1. The kind of floral-ish one is from Adidas and the check/plaid type one is from Bubbles Harajuku.