Thursday, August 4, 2016

Liz Lisa 109net shop-limited "summer fukubukuro"

I have an account for the 109net shop from a few years ago when I thought I might want to make a purchase. Apparently, they didn't used to accept forwarding service addresses so I kind of just let my hopes from ordering from them fall to the wayside and didn't consider it a primary resource to order online since you'd need a more expensive SS to make an order. But, as a matter of fact, about a year ago, someone noticed that they were now accepting Tenso addresses and even pretty much promoting it wtf. My 109net shop emails have been falling into my spam folder for quite some time now but every so often I just look around the site so I can get a general idea of what some brands are carrying and then go look to their specific webshops in case there are different promotions. (And then I still don't order anything wtf.) I was casually browsing the 109net shop at the end of June (6/23), when I was surprised to see a banner for "夏の福袋" including listings for a number of brands including Liz Lisa!
Non-New Years happy bags are not uncommon in general, but I personally haven't seen Liz Lisa label a non-new year's one as "summer fukubukuro" specifically before. (They usually use the term "happy bag" for the other seasons and don't always regularly release them.) All listings were still "coming soon" so I didn't have to panic about ordering one immediately and tried to see if I could find any more information about it on Liz Lisa's social media. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything else that day, but I later saw an IG post from shop staff @___mikipon___ and realized that this specific summer fukubukuro was 109net limited! (This is also later confirmed by a tweet from @LIZ_onlinestore a few days later.)
The description for Liz Lisa's 109 summer fukubukuro was "ショルダーBagが必ず入って総額約40,000円相当!トップス、インナー、ワンピなど人気アイテムが約7点入った超お得夏袋です★" Basically, I was expecting at least a shoulder bag, a top, an inner and an OP among 7 items with a total original retail value of 40,000yen. Since I liked most of what was released for this past summer season, and I was sure the fuku would be mostly (if not all) stock that didn't sell extremely well, I figured I might as well go for it in case some of those summer items would be in it. However, I was very nervous that I'd be getting a lot of early spring stuff which just isn't seasonally appropriate for me no matter how much I like the items + tend to add a lot of weight which increases shipping cost. The 109net shop Liz Lisa section also has an assortment of stock that's from over a year ago, so there was no telling what else could be in there! I was just really crossing my fingers that at least the majority of the items could be used for "summer" >,<.

It turns out that Tokyo Kawaii Life released their own version as "summer vacation lucky bag" (again, see? "fukubukuro" term wasn't used in this case) on July 22.
However, there does seem to be a difference between the 109net shop and TKL version, even without directly knowing the specific contents of either. 109net shop bag was advertised as having 7 items whereas the TKL bag would have 6 items. The 109net shop bag was 10,800yen and the TKL bag was 5,400yen. The "value" of the 109net shop bag was 40,000yen and the TKL bag was 35,000yen. From the beginning, it already seems like the TKL is a better deal, but as I had already pre-ordered the 109 version, so I was stuck with it! Lol.
I've never ordered from Shibuya 109net shop before, so I got a little nervous when July 20 (estimated release date) rolled around and I didn't get a shipment email. On July 22, looked back to the original purchase email and noticed that it could take up to 4 days for the package to be sent out and that I should make sure I check my spam folder because apparently the shipment email comes from a different address. Sure enough, the shipment confirmation was sitting there in my junk mail folder and it had gone out just a bit earlier in the day (still within the 4 day time frame). Tenso registered the package on July 23 and I paid for shipping the same day. Due to the weight, EMS was my best option and I received it in Hawaii on July 28. 

I wanted to try something a little new, so I took a stab at doing a casual unboxing video which shows a quick overview of the contents! -
Scalloped ribbon shoulder bag in navy (161-9402-0)
The only 2016 item in the order and in the promo photo with Shibuya 109 shop staff Miki! This was the item I was definitely expecting, and I'm not displeased with it. The size is great because I should easily be able to fit my wallet in there + a number of other necessities. It's very structured and holds its own shape. The chain is removable, and you can adjust the length of it by just configuring the clasp in a slightly different arrangement. The color is a nice deep navy, and the material is faux suede.
with Liz Lisa cotton frill ribbed top, Liz Lisa handkerchief skirt and Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps -

with Liz Lisa big flower faux 2-piece OP, Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab rose drop cardigan and Liz Lisa ribbon pumps -
I wasn't super excited to get this item at first, but once I thought about my wardrobe a bit more, I realized I really did have a need for a navy bag and I was a lot more happy to get it lol. Navy is one of my favorite colors to wear and I think having the bag is going to be great in a number of coordinates, especially matching with my navy ribbon pumps!
Margaret tight skirt in blue (151-4023-0)
This was the second thing in the package and extremely recognizable to me due to the print and being decently familiar with the outlet. It definitely isn't something I would have made the move to purchase of my own accord but this was one of the items I was most excited to coordinate because of that. The overall material has some stretch in itself and the waist of the skirt also has a section of shirring in the back. I believe this should easily fit a US size M and would definitely be a good choice for taller girls. The buttons and zipper on the front are fully functional but the lace-up side details are not, and there are 4 functional pockets (two at the hips from the front and two in the back).  
with Cecil McBee bijou pearl strap blouse and Flag J pumps + Liz Lisa long cardigan & Liz Lisa scallop ribbon shoulder bag* -

with Liz Lisa off shoulder ribbon blouse, Steve Madden sandals and Liz Lisa margaret choker* -
Once I put this skirt on, I knew I would have some trouble with it lol. It's much too big for me and not really fitted at all except maybe on the lower part which doesn't matter much if the waist is incredibly wonky and creates a very unattractive and unflattering shape on me. I tried to remedy that in the pictures (and video) with a quick fix by not-so-discreetly pinning the back, so if you see a weird lump or bump over there, that's what it is. I'm really sad because if this skirt fit well on me, it would be a great piece! Sadly, I don't even think it's worth altering because there's just so many other details to consider when trying to take it in several inches all the way through. On the right body/with a solid fit, I think it could be reasonably versatile and even possibly be used in a larme kei summer coordinate with the right styling.

Flower motif lace blouse in beige (151-1018-0)
I didn't immediately recognize this top in the package, but once I went to go search for the stock photo, I was able to recall it a little better. This all lace long sleeve blouse is definitely out of my personal "average range" for clothing but despite that, still a reasonably basic piece when you look at it as a whole. The top is sheer and you'd be able to see any undergarment you wore underneath it very clearly without an inner shirt. The main length and the length of the sleeves is average for a collared blouse (easy to tuck in and not cropped or 3/4 length) but due to the lace material there's isn't much stretch at all.
with Liz Lisa bow shorts and Liz Lisa ankle boots -

with Liz Lisa plaid A-line skirt, Liz Lisa 2-strap ribbon pumps and Liz Lisa wide brim fedora hat + Liz Lisa riders jacket -
In the first coordinate, I'm wearing a nude/beige colored spaghetti strap camisole and in the second coordinate, I'm wearing a bright white sweetheart neckline tube top. I think both are reasonable options for layering/modesty without taking away too much attention from the blouse itself. I essentially tried to create outfits the same way I would have if the shirt were a solid beige color while trying to be mindful of the lace to avoid the whole thing being too busy. I particularly like it under the beige riders jacket!

Organza jumper skirt in pink (151-6065-0)
This was another item I was pretty familiar with and had actually considered purchasing it from the outlet a few times while browsing. Even though I personally consider this type of item more as a "bottom" piece (since you absolutely need to wear a top with it imo), this is fulfilling the role of "OP" in this lucky bag. The print on the organza outer layer is a solid silhouette of a flower/small bunches of flowers which adds a little more dimension to the skirt. The color is a bit more peach/light beige rather than pink but still very girly. The straps are adjustable via buttons on the inside back of the skirt with two different button holes to allow a slight variation in length. There is no side zipper but the waistline has a decent amount of stretch and I don't have any trouble putting it on or taking it off. I also didn't have too much trouble fitting in on my mannequin, so I think it could also fit a US size M.
with Liz Lisa sailor blouse and Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps -

with Liz Lisa plain browsing top, Flag J sandals and Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab bow barrette + Liz Lisa x My Melody 9th collab tote - 
The skirt has some really nice volume due to the material and actually fits really well on me due to the amount of shirring in the waistline. I think that if I wanted to tuck the straps into the waistline, it would still be able to support itself. Overall, the piece is really light and airy and pretty easy to wear. I love that the color matches really well with my 3D flower pumps in pink.  

Ruffle tank top (150-2004-0)
I really don't recognize this item and thought that, based on the item number, it would be from the 2015 fukubukuro. However, I looked back at the contents from that year, none of them matched this! If anyone has any hints about it, please let me know! Thank you Kieli for letting me know that it's actually from the 2016 fukubukuro, duh lol. It's a basic, lightly ribbed tank top with a small ruffle detail at the neckline and armhole areas. The color is bright white. Although the material for the main body of the tank top has some stretch, the ruffle fabric does not. Although it could fit a US size M, I don't necessarily believe it would be comfortable and would recommend more for a US XS-S.
with Liz Lisa floral chiffon sukapan and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals + Liz Lisa flocked cardigan -

with Liz Lisa monochrome flower skirt, Liz Lisa clear pearl sandals and Liz Lisa paper can can hat + Liz Lisa My Melody vol. 2 mook bag -
When I first put this on, I thought the ruffle design was strange and really out-of place, but once I adjusted it a little better and paired it with a skirt, I think it actually works as a small and simple but cute detail! It would be good for days when I really want to tone down my looks and make them much more casual or when it's hot and I want to have a more lightweight top (since typical himekaji tops usually have a lot of fussy details and components). I think this kind of thing is more traditionally seen as an inner piece, but it seems to stand pretty well on its own imo!

String off shoulder top in blue (151-2019-0)
This was a much unexpected item because I don't any world in which this would really be appropriate for summer lol. It's from spring 2015 and not a terrible item, but just not suitable at all for summer weather in my world. The top portion and sleeves are made of a knit material that definitely provides some warmth and would be really nice in chilly (but not frigid) early spring. The color is a soft, pale blue with ivory lace-up details. The knit portion does have some stretch that's common for the material and the waist is also elastic. There's no side zipper.
with Liz Lisa corset tutu sukapan and Liz Lisa OTK boots -

with Aimer Feel tiered ruffle shorts, Liz Lisa ribbon pumps and Liz Lisa flower beret + Samantha Thavasa purse -
This top was part of a top + sukapan set up and even though I don't own the matching bottom, I wanted to try and replicate the same kind of look with pieces I do have and am pretty happy with what I was able to come up with. The Aimer Feel ruffle shorts are actually roomwear but the color just matched so well and you don't see a lot of it anyway so I felt like it could pass lol. This top fits very well and looks okay with an off shoulder or on shoulder sleeve imo. If it wasn't so warm/if Hawaii had more seasonal variety, I would definitely find this piece easy to wear.

Margaret choker in pink (151-9111-0)
I was relieved to find this remaining at the bottom of the protective plastic. I was just so worried that the bag only included 6 items instead of 7 (as advertised) based on what Tenso determined the package contents to be and I didn't want to worry about emailing to try and correct or resolve an issue like that. It seems like whoever inspected the package just seemed to miss it on accident. The ribbon used for this is translucent and delicate with the flower being the main weight of the necklace. Like most Liz Lisa necklaces, there is a little extra chain length so you can adjust where you secure the clasp to suit your needs.

with Liz Lisa frill cotton top, Liz Lisa frill cotton shorts and Liz Lisa flower lace-up back sandals -

with Liz Lisa margaret cherry OP, Liz Lisa t-strap wedge sandals and Liz Lisa corsage actress hat -
Once I tried the choker on, I liked it a lot more. Due to the material of the ribbon and the color, it practically blends in with my skin and doesn't look as cheap or tacky as I initially feared, and I was able to find two outfits to incorporate it into without much trouble. It fits without being too tight or too loose thanks to the adjustable chain. This is definitely an item that I never would have directly ordered myself but am now enjoying thanks to a lucky bag.

Another video but this time for the coordinates (in case you didn't get what you wanted out of the photos lol) -

Tbh, I'm a real sucker for these stupid things because I feel like it's fun not to know the contents but still get a good deal. However, a major drawback is that I have to pay for international shipping. If that wasn't an issue, I'd always buy these things - in a heartbeat lol. But the unfortunate reality for most of us is that shipping will often add an additional $50-70USD for something like this (depending on the exchange rate and exact weight of the item + what shipping method you choose). And if you get a majority of items that aren't remotely useful, it's really a let down. A $100 gamble for 7 items isn't terrible if you find 2-3 main ones that you like, but when it gets to $170, it starts to weigh a little heavily on your wallet as a "waste of money". But, then again, fukubukuro are what you make of it, and I'm almost always determined to be positive and realistic about the contents lol.

In a weird way, I really enjoy the "challenge" of trying to style items I wouldn't usually choose for myself and sometimes even find something surprisingly great. (I occasionally find things that are ridiculously not meant for me as well, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?) Plus, I need a little "excitement" in my life once in a while. The only sucky thing is that I had to wait until July 23 + 5 days for shipping to see what I'd get! AND I had to hope that I wouldn't be double buying anything during the sales in the meantime (since I had preordered it in June). Overall, I knew what I was getting myself into and how much "risk" I was assuming by not knowing what the contents would be, and I was okay with that. I'm reasonably happy with what I received and I definitely had fun creating the coordinates for this post ♡


  1. This was a cute assortment! I kinda like this one better than the TKL one. At least from what I've seen people get.... and that ruffle tank looks a lot like the one from the TKL winter bag from last year. The one with the white bag and sweater dress.

    1. Ah I think you're totally right! I don't know why I was thinking it would be from the 2015 fukubukuro. The item number totally threw me off but now it all makes sense lol. Thank you ♡

  2. The more I see your contents - the more I kind of like it especially the blue top. It's not my style but I really like the way you styled it and wore it! A+

    1. Yeah I really warmed up to them as well! I think maybe the challenge/"working for it" makes them more worthwhile somehow haha.

  3. You really did well styling these items! <3 I thought the navy bag was a good deal(I am a sucker for navy, plus I immediately had to think of your pumps and how well it would go with it, hehe) albeit a little bit small. The light blue sweater-like top looks much better on a person than I initially thought it would be like when you pulled it out of the bag, really cute! Too bad about the blue skirt, though. It actually looks really great on you singed in, maybe it is worth altering to fit you better after all? would make a good piece for work as well. Kieli is right by the way, the tank/cami top was in the lucky bag with the sweater dress, I own it and, judging by your photos and close-ups, it's identical. The only item I somehow don't like in your summer fukubukuro is the lace blouse, I don't know why but I just don't feel it, lol.

    1. I really love the size of the bag because I actually have a fair amount of larger bags already and not as many in this range. And yes, I should edit the post. I was foolish not to also check the 2016 fuku contents.