Friday, April 1, 2016

Liz Lisa My Melody mook 2016 spring collection (vol. 6) scans

I purchased my copy of the most recent Liz Lisa My Melody mook from Amazon JP as a pre-order item with my own Amazon JP account and had it shipped directly to me. Even though I had an issue with the payment (my fault), it still shipped on March 28 from Japan and arrived at my door via DHL on March 30.
I scanned portions of the magazine to share that I personally found interesting or that I thought would be helpful to others. I definitely encourage you to purchase and support the magazine directly where you can. These scans are meant to be for personal use and I do not claim ownership of these images.
[Amazon JP link]
There has been a giant break between the 5th Liz Lisa My Melody Gakken mook and this one, but I'm just happy they're continuing it! I'm a little hesitant to call this "vol. 6" but it's the 6th mook even though it corresponds to the 9th Liz Lisa x My Melody collab and I think that's going to get confusing. The mook itself is labeled as "2016 spring collection" so I'll also use that for reference.

Included with this edition of the mook is a small pouch with My Melody and floral bouquet print that matches with the print of used in the magazine. It seems like the My Melody characters in the print are from the past and current iterations of the collaboration! The stripe and bouquet portion of the print is also featured on a jumper skirt and set up from spring 2016 as well :)
(I also scanned the pouch for good measure lmao.) It's not as big as the totes and bags of past mooks but still really cute and useful as a basic item. Great for just organizing things in a purse or in general.

I do not claim ownership of any of the scanned magazine images. Please purchase and support where you can!

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  1. aww thank you for the scans! i've been looking for any updated j magazine scans <3
    is it just me ,seems like this year liz lisa's collection is a bit toned down.not too decorative frilly and princess-y as usual but still very feminine as their signature styles

    but i like the newest trend of liz lisa better :))

    1. I wouldn't necessarily say toned down, but as always with fashion, there's just new trends and different styles evolving. There are still plenty of classic "himekaji" items in addition to some great otona kawaii items and other pieces that work well with larme kei which is quickly growing in popularity. Since Liz Lisa is a brand that produces many, many items each season (heck, even each week), I really enjoy seeing the variety.
      I personally love a lot of what has been produced for Spring 2016 although I wouldn't necessarily style it all the same way for myself (based on the weather here!)

  2. Thanks for sharing the scans - I feel like they already shared a lot of these images on various social media already but I guess seeing something printed vs. on phone is different.

    1. Tbh I was a bit surprised there wasn't more substance but I guess I wanted the pouch anyway lol. And I also liked the small spread with the LL Gals hair tuts!

  3. Ahhhh I want to get the older MOOKs! I luckily found the 3rd one at Puroland last year randomly. This recent MOOK was so cute <3

    1. Lol I had to pay a pretty penny for some of the older ones but do check out Amazon JP because the shipping to you probably isn't unreasonable haha.