Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Larme 019 and Seventeen January 2016 scans

I purchased Larme 019 and the January 2016 issue of Seventeen during my Autumn 2015 Japan trip, and I wanted to share a few pieces of them with you that interested me/that I thought would be interesting for you. These scans are meant to be for personal use and I do not claim ownership of these images. Please do purchase the magazines/book if you are interested in seeing more!
This is a supplement to Part 8 - Liz Lisa & Other shopping purchases, but that post was getting too long and there are quite a few scans, so I decided to make this into a separate post :)

Larme 019


Seventeen January 2016
I do not claim ownership of any of the scanned images. Please purchase and support where you can!


  1. Larme's aesthetic is always A+++++++++++++++++++++++
    The mix & match section is always my favorite, they're the most inspirative while being wearable at the same time.

    1. Glad to see it develop over these past few seasons!