Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tokyo Kawaii Life order 24 - Liz Lisa Cinderella OP & skirt, Sunflower OP, Ribbon off shoulder blouse & Rose lace sheer shoulder knit

This was meant to be pretty much my last order of summer stuff (unless something extremely grabbed my attention in a later release). So I basically went and grabbed whatever I wanted/thought I might like, so I wouldn't have any regrets about it. I actually made this order on the same day as TKL order 23, but since the Cinderella stuff wasn't released at the time of that purchase, and I had the last Yui Kanno collab stripe flower OP in pink in my cart, I knew I would have to do two separate orders if I wanted both items. Tbh I think it was worth it.

お城花柄ワンピース (151-6094-0)
Cinderella print OP in pink
I'll be really honest and say that I wasn't extremely sold on this from the beginning because I don't enjoy a higher neckline and a high back for whatever reason, but the print is super cute. I missed out on the frozen stuff because...idk lol. I just didn't have a good reason to buy it and by the time it went on sale, the color I wanted was sold out, so I decided to pass. Since this series released while I was online (aka sitting at the computer refreshing like mad), I decided to just bite the bullet and get it now. I picked pink because although I generally like Cinderella, she wasn't my main motivation for purchasing the dress, and I didn't care too much if the character was obvious or not. I think there are a few people who don't go for pink colorways because the print doesn't stand out as much (versus a white or lighter background), but since purchasing the My Melody 6th collab OP in pink, I realized I actually like that feature of pink versions lol.

with Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals -

with Liz Lisa clear pearl sandals & Samantha Thavasa 2-way bag

with Flag J pumps -
(I meant to have more photos here but the lighting came out really crappy, sorry :|)
It's super girly and cute, especially because it's all pink! The design is really feminine and not as suffocating on top as I thought it would be (idk why I had that weird misconception about it anyway). This OP would also be great with a white cardigan or in general layered under solid color outerwear, but it's been so hot lately that I couldn't bring myself to throw on a cardigan for the pictures even for just a few minutes, sorry LOL. I believe the lace-up ribbon in the back is actually removable completely if you wanted it to be (and just expose the shirring fully), and you can change the arrangement of the criss-cross "pattern" as well. Imo, the dress actually has quite a bit of room in the waist/top area, and I want to tighten the back more especially near the bottom, but it would look a little ridiculous. But overall, I love the girliness of this OP.

お城花柄スカート (151-4041-0)
Cinderella print suspender skirt in beige
As much as I liked pink, I also liked the other color options lol. As another impulse buy, I also threw the skirt in my cart in beige. I decided not to get white this time because even though I own quite a bit of white, I realized I don't reach for it as much to wear casually because I'm afraid it'll get dirty and it makes me not want to wear it lol. And I actually want to wear the clothes I buy, so I decided beige might be a better choice for me. I was also a bit concerned that the blue in the white version would look too wintery which just doesn't jive for Hawaii, so I was happy to get beige. All the color options for this print were amazing choices though tbh.

with Liz Lisa lace sleeveless tie front top & Flag J pumps -

with Liz Lisa lace sleeveless top & Flag J sandals -

with Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab vol. 2 blouse & Liz Lisa ribbon pumps
I'm super happy seeing this print in person in the beige color option. It stands out much much better than on the pink (which I knew ahead of time ofc, but the difference is very obvious in person). The print is super princess-y and girly and pretty and ugh (in a good way). I think I actually like how this skirt fits just slightly better than the piano skirt from the previous order. They're really similar in a lot of ways (in fact, when I ordered them, I was convinced they were essentially the same skirt in a different print with a ruffle on the straps), but I think this Cinderella one may be slightly shorter or just sits on my body slightly differently for some reason (maybe how they designed the strap length)? And the ruffles on the straps aren't as busy as I thought they would be and actually blend kind of nicely with some of the tops I have. Even if you're not a fan of the straps, they're removable anyway lol. Even though I'm supposed to be staying away from suspender skirts, I'm pretty happy with this purchase :)

ひまわり柄ワンピース (151-6072-0)
Sunflower OP in white
I already have an OP in this same cut/silhouette, pretty much exactly. I love it to death. That kind of had to do with the print on it but in general, I liked the fit of it as well. When I saw that Liz Lisa was releasing another OP in the same cut, I knew I would want to try and get it if possible. I'm not a huge "loud prints" kind of person, but sunflowers usually make people happy (or idk they make me happy anyway), so I made an exception for this lol. I mean, I already got the set up anyway from before lol. Tbh I almost didn't get it because I had convinced myself to save money + I already had the set up, but I saw that there was only limited stock for this in white so that pressured me into it lol wtf.

with Flag J sandals -

with Flag J pumps & Liz Lisa dot mesh pork pie hat -

with Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals, Liz Lisa t-strap bow wedge sandals & Liz Lisa seashell pouch -
I have no regrets. The fit is pretty much the same as my other floral shirring OP but I think there might be a minor difference in the hem of the sleeves if anything (like it's slightly roomier there?). Tbh I would prefer for the sleeves to be like half their length anyway lol. Definitely a great summer dress imo. Bright and cheerful and easy to wear.

 透かしドルマンニット (151-3028-0)
Flower lace shoulder knit in white
I was really looking for a thin knit like this for awhile from Liz Lisa. Or any brand for that matter but since I don't do a lot of shopping besides Liz Lisa these days, I was mostly looking at Liz Lisa lol. In my previous attempts to find a thin knit, it's either not fit the way I wanted, wasn't exactly the color I was looking for (once I saw it in person) or actually a lot thicker than I thought it would be lol. Yeah apparently I'm really bad at shopping online for knits. But this one was released during summer, had a rose/sheer shoulder detail I liked, seemed like a decent length (aka not cropped like a lot of recent releases have been) and the tie in the back neckline meant I would be able to adjust how the sleeves could be worn. It seemed like a good bet that this would fit the bill!

with Liz Lisa floral sukapan & Flag J sandals -

with off brand floral lace chiffon sukapan & Flag J sandals / pumps -

with Liz Lisa check ribbon tie skirt & Liz Lisa ankle boots -
It's pretty much exactly what I was looking for. If anything, I might hope that it's a little more white than beige irl but that doesn't bother me much. It's definitely not tan and a reasonably neutral color in general so I'm not going to fuss over it. The length hits just around where I wanted it to. I really wanted to wear it over (not tucked in) shorter bottoms like sukapan with the bottom hem of the top reaching more toward the bottom hem of the skirt rather than stopping closer to the top of the skirt if that makes sense (like in the first two coordinates). But it also works tucked in (like in the last coordinate) as well! In terms of weight, it's definitely on the thin side, and I think it's about as good as it can get lol. I'm really pleased to add this to my wardrobe after having a hole in this area for so long.

肩リボンブラウス  (151-1033-0)
Ribbon off shoulder blouse in white
I had some huge regrets about not purchasing this in Japan during my March trip wtf. My brother's gf actually purchased it (when she had been shopping separately) and when I saw it on her, I wanted it even more lol. I really liked how Rima had styled it with a suspender skirt (above) and knew that it would be a pretty reasonable basic and should easily match with multiple other bottoms. The lace up front and lace detailing + the bows on the sleeves definitely keep it from being boring. Since this would be my last Liz Lisa summer order hopefully, I knew it was time to nab it - especially with white selling out quickly!

with Liz Lisa floral chiffon sukapan & Liz Lisa ribbon pumps / Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals -

with Ank Rouge mermaid print skirt, Liz Lisa clear pearl sandals & Kate Spade New York purse -

with Liz Lisa floral suspender skirt & knot wedge sandals / lace-up back flower wedge sandals -
I'm really glad I got this! I personally love off the shoulder tops/dresses and this is a great basic-but-still-cute blouse. I see it matching with quite a few bottoms I have already and will be a great alternative instead of just wearing them with button down collared blouses. Why I didn't buy it in store...I do not know, but it doesn't matter because I was still able to purchase it, so it all worked out in the end lol.

+ Also a short coordinate video & gifs -

Overall, quite a satisfactory order! I like the Cinderella print a lot more than I thought I would and I'm glad I got the OP in pink but also got the suspender skirt in beige. The sunflower OP wasn't too hard of a choice, and I'm sure it'll be useful as a easy, cheerful dress. The two tops, while kind of basic with cutesy details, are both great for matching with numerous bottoms, and I finally got the thin knit I was looking for! Not a bad way to (possibly) end summer online purchases, although I did end up having to pay (imo) a hefty customs fee for this and the previous order together. 
I ended up shipping them separately (2 different packages) from Tenso but that didn't stop CBP from combining them for duty fees lol. US customs fees are real. They are not a myth. People pay them if they want to receive their packages, even goods "for personal use" (not intended for profit). I'm really tired of people advising others that these fees are avoidable or nonexistent. This is like the fifth or sixth time I've had to pay customs fees. I'm not making it up. It's not a lie. And there is a significant amount of money missing from my bank account because of it. Package size (big or small) or weight (heavy or light) makes no difference. Goods being under $500 makes no difference. Declared as "gift" doesn't matter. They will charge you at whatever weird rate they want to (it's not just "10%"). There is no transparency. It's part of the reality of ordering internationally, and I'm fine with that. But I'm just irritated with people who brag about their purchases worth thousands of dollars or hundreds of packages (for profit or not) who tell other people "nah, never happens" even after I've spoken up that they do happen. *grump face*

As a small reminder (and I'm sure those of you who actually read my posts are tired of reading these blurbs, but I am constantly getting blamed for not warning people of this, so here I go again) - I am extremely uncomfortable with my personal photos being used for the profit of others especially without a simple source link. In general, I would prefer for my photos not to be reposted without my permission at all, but if you feel the extreme need to do so, I simply ask that you just include a simple link back to my original post. Regardless of whether I watermark every single photo, I do still own the copyright to these pictures and you finding them on Google Image does not mean I do not own them anymore?? (There has been some confusion on that front apparently. And to be clear, Google does even warn you when you click on a photo that the image may be subject to copyright, and Google does not sever the photos from their original pages, so it's easy to find their source if you choose.) I do not blog and post these photos so that others can sell their products that are not associated with me in the slightest. And the response I get when I just ask for my photos to be sourced really discourages me from sharing and continuing to blog. I mean this in the least aggressive way possible, but I'm not just going to throw 80 smiley emojis in this to "soften the tone" because I am serious, and I honestly feel like you should be able to read a paragraph like this without emoticons and not be offended by its message.


  1. Awww, I love the Cinderella OP on you so so much <3 I mean I like everything but.... Cinderella is so niceeeeeeee~ I'm glad you finally found a knit you like as well. ^.^

  2. I love the Sunflower OP!! And the color of that Kate Spade purse! ♡

    1. Thank you! I'm really glad I decided to get the Kate Spade bag. I was really unsure about it in the store, but I super happy with it :)

  3. You ordered so wonderful pieces and you look so pretty in everything <3 But the first OP is my favorite *^*

    1. Aww thank you! I'm really glad I ended up getting the first OP too :)

  4. Because of your post I ordered the Cinderella print OP in beige :) I don't like the picture of the online shop and I can barely see a difference between the white and the beige one. On your pictures of the skirt I saw how beautiful the color is. <3

    1. Haha yes the beige's print is really nice imo! I had a hard time deciding myself but at least I had shop staff pics/other stuff besides the stock photos as well which, I agree, don't always showcase the items in the best light.

  5. very nice haul! : ) They look so nice on you! I really like the sunflower dress! I tried that on at the store but i didn't think it suited me! I have the sunflower top though!! : ) There are sales at the Liz Lisa stores now! But i have to resist as i need to save my money for the trip to the UK!!! Enjoy wearing your new LL clothes! : )

    1. Haha yes I'm so jealous of sales in store right now :)

  6. Love the cinderella OP <3 Everything looks so cute on you *_*

    ❤ Sann