Sunday, July 26, 2015

Buyee purchases 2 - Liz Lisa flower wedge sandals

Second "order" received through Buyee. Technically this is like the 6th transaction though. I'm really not sure how I should be organizing these Buyee posts wtf, sorry.
For more information about Buyee, check out my first post about it here

Liz Lisa Flower wedge sandals in beige; Condition: New -
I tried my best to find a few shop staff/blog photos of the shoes, but there weren't a huge amount unfortunately haha. (Click through for the source links for each.)
Tbh I wasn't actually anticipating winning this auction. The price was pretty low and I thought for sure someone would outbid me (especially bc without all the fees, the price would have been excellent for a Japanese customer), but anyway, to my surprise, I won!

I won the auction on June 3, (payment was transferred to Buyee on the same day,) and received the alert that my package had arrived at Buyee on June 10.
I actually won this just as I was about to ship out the first batch of Buyee items, but I didn't want to ship these with the rest of the things because my bf's lure needed to arrive by a certain date and I just didn't want to wait so I decided to ship these separately. And I'm usually really impatient about shipping things after they arrive, but somehow with Buyee, I don't mind waiting as much since they're all single items? I think I waited about 2-3 weeks to ship these in the end because I had just been hit with customs fees my previous packages and wanted to see if I wanted anything else (to possibly consolidate) but I ended up just shipping them solo lol :|

I actually have a somewhat similar pair of t-strap sandals in white which was my first shoe purchase from Liz Lisa from summer 2012 -
I wore them a lot when I first got them, and they're really buss now lol. These poor shoes. But they were well loved. I don't wear them a lot now because of the condition, but I remember considering ordering the summer 2013 version two years ago. I ended up passing because I didn't feel like paying for the shipping for shoes, but I did like the style. When I had another opportunity to get the summer 2013 sandals new/unused through yahoo auctions, I set a limit for myself and just decided to give it a try, and it ended up working out! I had just been thinking that I don't have any brown summer shoes anyway (mostly white and pink), so now having these is great.

While the summer 2012 t-strap sandals have a (removable) bow, this summer 2013  pair has flowers instead -

I really like that a lot of Liz Lisa(/Japanese brand) items have these removable features! It definitely allows for further customization, and I think this way, they can appeal to a much larger audience.

Sandals with 1 flower on the ankle strap with my Liz Lisa web-limited faux jumper skirt OP -

Sandals with 1 flower on the front strap with my Liz Lisa web-limited faux jumper skirt OP (+ other flowers in my hair wtf) -

Sandals with no flowers with my Liz Lisa floral romper - 

Sandals with no flowers with my Liz Lisa peekaboo stripe OP (+ Liz Lisa pork pie hat) -

To be honest, I think I plan to wear these without the flowers the most. When I purchased them, the idea was to have a basic brown sandal, and the flowers make them a lot less basic lol. But I do like to have the option to add the flowers if I want to! And actually I can probably also stick them on other shoes/items besides just these sandals lol.
All in all, this was another simple but successful purchase made from Yahoo JP auctions with Buyee :)


  1. They are really cute, i prefer them without the flowers to ^^ Thanks for the guide :]

    ❤ Sann

  2. The shoes are so cute - I would totally just wear the flowers in my hair on on a bag or something instead of on the shoes because I'd be scared they'd fall off while I was walking XD

    1. Actually I almost had trouble getting them off. There's a claw-like grip in there haha.

  3. They are really cute, i prefer them without the flowers to ^^ Thanks for the guide :]
    wedge sandals