Sunday, July 19, 2015

A package from Berri - Australian chocolates & Liz Lisa surprises!

Berri [blog - Tumblr - IG - YouTube] and I were paired together for a snack exchange! This basically means that I would send her some snacks from Hawaii/America that she doesn't have in Australia that I think she might like and vice versa from her to me. This was actually a great opportunity because I had some other things to send her that she was buying from me anyway lol. Check out her Dayre post about the package I sent her here .

Meanwhile, in the package she sent me ....

Berri y u so generous one?? Omg I was so surprised when I picked up the package and felt how heavy it is! Some of them look a little misshapen because after all the travel time, some of them melted and then reformed lol. But no matter because chocolate still tastes the same no matter what shape it is lol.
My family is already most of the way through all of the Tim Tams. I can see why they're so popular. The original chocolate is my favorite though because I'm boring that way. We're still making our way through the rest of it - taking a "bite" here and there and letting everyone try everything lol. It's all delicious!

Also in the package !  
A few unexpected things! - Liz Lisa summer 2015 Girls in the Sun tabloid, My Melody mug, Liz Lisa Oshare Note, Liz Lisa summer 2015 novelty towel & Liz Lisa flower necklace!

During my last Japan trip, I literally left Japan on the first day of the earliest summer releases which I was slightly bummed about lol. However, that was when Berri's trip was just starting! Lol. She was able to get a Girls in the Sun special tabloid and one of the novelty items that I was unable to get because of the timing and had extras, so she very generously included them in the snack package!  

The Girls in the Sun special tabloid is also available online at, so I'm sure a lot of us have seen it already, but tbh I love to have a hardcopy lol. Here's a quick look if you're visiting from 2017 and forgot what it looks like haha - [click images to enlarge]

The Liz Lisa pink fruit print towel was a summer novelty starting from April 4 with a minimum purchase of 15000yen -
There aren't any real surprises about the item itself lol - a towel is a towel is a towel and does what a towel does. However, of course the special part is the "Liz Lisa aspects" of it like the super cute fruit print on it that went along with the early summer tropical theme and the lace on the edge! I essentially only had access to one main novelty during my trip, so I've very lucky that Berri is generous to share an "extra" one of these with me!

This mug is from the My Melody pop up cafe in Tokyo!
Apparently it was open while I was there, but I'm really not big on food things and hadn't really bothered to look up if anything of even a a similar ilk was happening, so I completely missed it. Not that I think I would have gone myself tbh since I'm super picky and wouldn't have been able to find anything to eat or drink wtf. Berri had gone with her friends, and this is the mug that her friend received that she didn't mind giving to me!! I expected that it might be plastic but actually it's a nice, hardy ceramic mug and super cute!

This multi-flower necklace is a pretty common design for Liz Lisa, but I've never purchased one myself!
Berri, on the other hand, is great at accessorizing and probably easily owns like 20x more accessories than I do. She gifted it to me because I had purchased the earrings in a similar flower design a bit ago. I don't know if I'd wear them both together, but I do love matching lol. And I've really been meaning to step up my accessories game lately so I hope to make good use of this necklace! It's cute but still simple enough to just add a little extra to an outfit and matches with a lot of my existing wardrobe. Check it with the Liz Lisa mermaid OP

The Liz Lisa Oshare Note originally came out in summer of 2012.
I believe it was available on Liz Lisa's online store for a little bit (this is way before it was Tokyo Kawaii Life), but I never really understood enough of what it was to actually purchase it. Essentially, it's a Liz Lisa themed dress up/coloring book which is really really cool! I feel like these are more for children (which makes sense because Liz Lisa also used to have a really cute children's line) and really reminds me of the kind of "doll dress up" sticker books I had as a child.
Here's a quick look of the book as it comes originally/out of the packaging -

Dress up layouts -

Coloring section -

The stickers -

(These images are for personal use and all credit goes to the artist and publisher. Please purchase and support where you can.)
I haven't used it yet beyond just staring at the gorgeous illustrations, and I'm really not sure if I will end up using the stickers lol. I'm one of those people who isn't good at putting stickers on straight or puts stickers on with a bad wrinkle or something, and I can easily see that ruining a whole page haha. But when I first opened it, I was totally obsessed. It's so cool to see a sticker book with clothes and accessories that Liz Lisa actually created and were very popular that I instantly recognized!

Thank you Berri for the generous amount of items in this snack exchange package + all the fabulous extras! I was so excited to receive and look through all of it and taste all these new chocolates and things. And since I wasn't able to get my hands on the early summer novelty or the catalog, those are such a treat to have, not to mention the necklace, mug and Oshare Note too! Omg lol. I feel so spoiled and lucky to have a friend like you

I also published some scans from the Liz Lisa My Melody Gakken mook vol. 3 the other day, but something weird happened and it published on a back date, (I ended up fixing it by the time I got around to publishing this post, but anyway!) if you're interested, check it out here.


  1. Hehehe, I'm glad you liked everything! I didn't want to tell you all the extras so it would surprise you - lolololol! XD I'm so glad the mug didn't break - I realized once I got home I should have requested a fragile sticker for it. Thank god you got in it one piece!

    1. Yes it was totally fine! Thank you so much <3 <3 <3

  2. Omo, the mug is so cute!! A snack exchange sounds like a lot of fun, haha - I've never done one, but it sounds super interesting c:
    Junniku blog

    1. It was just something kind of casual that a group of us put together! If you know a few people in different areas (doesn't even have to be a different country), it might be fun to try!

  3. All that chocolate <3
    Love the my melody mug ^^

    ❤ Sann