Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My room tour!

Someone on tumblr had first requested a room tour back in November but I wanted to get a few things organized first. In fact, a number of what you'll see now is quite different than what it was half a year ago. There are still a few changes/improvements I want to make but I have no idea when I'll get around to it and I didn't want to delay any longer, so here it is!

If shakey videos are not your thing, here's a picture walk-through!
A quick overview using my wide angle lens so you can kind of get an idea of general placement. I tried to take a photo at each "corner" and "side" of the room and went around clockwise starting from the door -

With a little more detail/"narration" -
Entering from the hallway, I have a Hello Kitty calendar on my door that my host mom sent me from Japan, and my clothes rack is sitting RIGHT THERE lol.

Looking into my room from the other direction

To the left of the doorway, I have some of my Liz Lisa shoes in their boxes. I want to find a better way to store them because I actually don't have any more room using the shelving this way, but for now this is actually the best I could come up with lol. I've actually only had them this way for a few months. Prior, they were on the bottom of my clothes rack and these shelves were used to store shoes from other brands.

Above the shoe storage I have two picture frames with Liz Lisa catalogs in them. They actually usually have personal things that I display in those frames from when I was a child, but I replaced/covered over all of those with catalogs lol.

On the left: Set of shelves I "converted" into a second Liz Lisa clothing area. It used to have a lot of odds and ends and 2 more shelves which I removed in order to have it house a clothes rail. On the very top are the wigs I'd be most likely to wear. On the top shelf is a Liz Lisa shopping bag with camisoles and inner shorts, a Juge Etta bag with knits/cardigans, 2 round plastic floral storage pieces from Daiso with socks in them and a hat on top and my three Liz Lisa side corset 3-way bags.
On the right: On the very top are some Japanese dolls (most of which I've had since I was a child). On the right side are all the Puffkins I used to collect and can't seem to let myself get rid of. They're two rows deep lol. And my TV which was a recent addition in the last few years. S's two stuffed sucker plecos are hanging out on it currently. On the left side is a Liz Lisa items shelf. Then my deco stuff under my Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab hand towel and my novelty mirror and pouch from my last trip. Behind those are more deco stuff and Disney eyelashes. My Liz Lisa eyelashes are in the pouch. Below that are just a few more knick knacks and things from when I was younger. I used to collect frogs lol. And then the bottom area is for my camera stuff and my laptop. This whole area used to look a LOT different last year because I hadn't touched anything on it in like 5 years maybe.
The 6 drawers at the base are stuffed full of most of my casual clothes that don't need to be hung. Underwear, bras, tshirts, sleep clothes, camis, general/off brand tops, tshirts, denim bottoms, athletic clothes etc.

I have a nail polish rack on the wall and then my Todd Goldman "This Sucks" lithograph next to it. I got the nail polish rack as a gift this past Christmas from my brother's girlfriend, and I really love it. The lithograph I purchased when I was like 12 or 13 during a trip on Maui because I was really into David and Goliath/Stupid Factory stuff. It completely clashes in color and genre with a lot of what I'm into now lol.

I still have the futon bed from when I was like three or four years old lol. And on the bed in this picture are 2 moose, 1 dinosaur, 1 dog and a hippo. Next to that, I have my Love Sac which my parents brought me back from Las Vegas. It has a rosette pattern on it and can also be used a double size mattress when fluffed to be flat. The big Hello Kitty pillow was a present from my brother's girlfriend's sister for my birthday a few years ago.

In the headboard area, I have all of my Japanese magazines, my Liz Lisa My Melody mooks and my Japanese and Mandarin textbooks/work books from school. Oh and the DVD set of all the seasons of Sex and the City lol. (It looks like a book so it kind of fits in I guess.) Hanging from my lamp is a chandelier hanger that my brother's gf's family bought for me in Japan. I already have a really sturdy one that looks like an octopus from Ikea for my laundry, and this one is a bit delicate so I decided to just use it as decoration.

Hiding behind the Love Sac is just a whole bunch of junk lol wtf. The "book shelf" is actually connected to the headboard, so I'm stuck with that but it's just as well because I don't see myself getting rid of a lot of that for awhile lol. On top and the top shelf are just display things that I like or was given. Second shelf mostly holds photos (there's a lot of old ones in piles back there that you can't see) and apparently a whole stack of different decks of playing cards lol. The bottom shelf has all the books that I don't want to give away/throw out yet. The whole book shelf used to be two rows deep each (like the bottom one is) for most of the time I was growing up, but I drastically reduced maybe 5-6 years ago and just kept certain ones that would fit on the bottom shelf lol. 
To the right of that is just more storage of random stuff I feel like I can't throw out yet. (Although actually those books on the top I should be getting rid of soon. They were just books I couldn't sell back to Amazon.) Top shelf has S's DVDs that he can't leave at his own house and then a few of my hair accessories. The pink box below that that is mostly empty but I didn't want to leave a hole there lol. The pink storage box next to it holds my electronics cables/charging cords and things like that. The one on the far right actually is storage for S like his fishing lures and reels. Bottom shelf is just shoes! Most of my shoes (besides the Liz Lisa ones) are actually outside in the garage but I keep some that are more in line with my current fashion style within reach for quick outfit photos.

On the final side of my room is my closet and where my Liz Lisa (and sister brands) clothes rack will be if it's in my room. Clothes are mostly arranged by color with some additional pieces in the bags below and in the other "rack" space earlier introduced in this post. Tbh for about half a year now, my clothes rack has been semi-permanently moved into my brother's room because, especially with the addition of the Love Sac, I just don't have enough maneuverable space with it in mine LOL. You can see that I don't have easy access to my closet at all with it there. It's on wheels, of course, but since there's more clothes on it than there should be, it's really difficult to shift sometimes and I worry that it'll just fall apart with constant movement. I think if there was half the clothes on there, it would be no problem to move around everyday. It also has to be placed just right such that I can still open my main room door all the way and not brush my shoulder against it when I'm going into my bathroom as well (that's why it's off center). Also...I have a hard time using my mirror (which is directly to the left) with the clothes rack there lol. My brother is away at school anyway so he doesn't even need his room lol.

In my actual closet 

On the left side, I have old stuffed animals on the top. There used to be about 5x the amount dispersed around my room, believe it or not, but I downsized in the last year essentially down to just these. Stuffed animals are another one of those things that I have a hard time giving or throwing away for some reason. On the top rail, I have my non-Liz Lisa tops and bottoms and outerwear that I prefer to be hung. (The rest is in the dresser.) On the bottom rail, I have all of my dresses or longer skirts. These are mostly for work or church or things like that. I wore a lot of black before I got into wearing Liz Lisa regularly and still buy and wear a lot of work dresses in darker colors. This was also reduced a lot recently when I redesigned my closet. (See my Dayre post about it if you're interested, including a before and after without the sliding doors!)

On the right side! I like looking at this lol. It's so much better organized than it used to be before we changed the structuring in my closet. Top shelf has my Swankiss 2015 fuku bow bag. Behind that is also my Liz Lisa 2013 Royal Rose fuku tote as well that I usually use for travel. Next, are my darker color purses. There's two rows of it and in the back of them are lesser used ones. Below that are my pink/neutral color purses (and behind them are my Kate Spade New York purses in their linen bags). Then, there's my stationary and "craft" or "art" supplies in the plastic storage case with the drawers. Next to that is a plastic hanging file bin. I actually specifically ordered nice pink hanging folders for it, but you can barely tell because the papers and other folders and stuff inside it all clash lol. The bag on the right is actually a Tralala shopping bag that holds my shipping supplies. The next row has my Thirty One deluxe utility tote with more odds and ends and some of S's clothes that he leaves at my house. Another floral bag thing with my rarely used wigs and more of S's things hiding behind it. And in the reddish bin are more totes and other big bags that can lay flat. And the bottom area is for my Liz Lisa trunks (2015 --> 2014 --> 2013)! And my OTK Liz Lisa boots :) I knew I wanted to keep them in the closet, so I asked my dad to make that area that specific height during the redesign (although at the time I had only two trunks wtf).

Next to my closet is the door to my bathroom.  
(My room is actually the master bedroom in the "original" house and that's why I have an en suite, but my parents extended and added a second story, and that's where the "real" master bedroom is now, and it's much bigger lol. But when my brother and I were little, my current bedroom was my parents' until we were old enough, and then they moved upstairs to the nicer, bigger bedroom, and I got to move into this one.)
I used to just have whatever linen and what color mats and things in here, but I recently decided to make it more cohesive and just make everything pink lol. I would also really like to get a nice floral shower curtain, but I haven't found one that I like yet. Oh, also I've been meaning to do something about that Blue Bear clock as well but I just...haven't lol. It hasn't even worked properly in at least 7 years, but I haven't replaced or moved it. In fact, I literally have 0 functioning clocks in my room (not counting my cell phone or wristwatches) lol. I either got rid of them, or they don't work wtf.

I have these wavy shelves above the toilet that my father let me pick out when I was like 8, and I thought they were the coolest thing wtf lol. Little chubby bean bag girl that I bought in Japan in seventh grade and a mini pineapple on the top shelf on the left. Little Japanese couple (one elderly and one "young" and a Harajuku girls perfume(?) on the right. I bought the elderly couple on the same trip in seventh grade (they wobble around a bit bc of their round bottom) and then my mom found the matching younger couple when she went to SF or something in the last few years so now they hang out together lol. Other sprays/perfume on the bottom shelf on the left with a sea star and shell and some smelly soaps and other sea decor on the right. I think originally I had a "sea/ocean" theme in mind for these shelves lol.

On my sink is an octopus soap dispenser that I actually brought back from my dorm room from freshman year. It had a matching toothbrush holder with seahorses but that got old so I had to discard it. I want to get a new soap dispenser, but I have high standards and low budget so it's proving a bit difficult to find one that is just right lol. I also have a pink plastic holder with cotton pads and my make up remover wipes in it. Next to that is my "make up pouch" with the items that I use everyday in it (and a few other useless items as well) and below that is actually and old watch box that now holds bobby pins and clips and things like that.

On the wall to the right of the sink, I have a necklace rack that I got a few months ago from Icing that holds the majority of my necklaces and the few bracelets that I own. Then to the right, I have my headbands/scrunchies on what is supposed to be a hand towel holder but has actually never held a hand towel and has always had accessories stored on it lol. Before I got the necklace rack, my necklaces used to be on that thing too, and it got messy and tangled a lot. Somehow it works for me though.

Inside my mirror vanity (is that what this is called? sorry I just realized I don't know the name of it lol), I have a whole bunch of junks I rarely use tbh and several things I use every single day lol. All mixed together. My most used eyelashes are in the left section in the middle row. That used to be all filled but I stopped buying (and rather just using) so it's a bit depleted. I also have a few more eyelashes from other brands below that in the boxes and above it as well lol. I just started using a few Naris skin care products so that's on the bottom shelf as well. On the right side, I have a my face masks and old glasses, travel size products and just other storage for things I feel like I can't throw away yet lol. I'm not really a beauty/make up person so this area isn't very interesting tbh.

A closer look at my "deco'd" cotton ball and q-tip holder and toothbrush holder.

& a few gifs (since I made them for tumblr, may as well post them here as well lol. But sorry they're kind of hard to look at all together like this I think) -
General overview
Liz Lisa clothes rack
More Liz Lisa
Liz Lisa accessories/items shelf
Magazines and chandelier hanger
Left side of my closet
Right side of my closet

It's been a long time coming, but I finally got around to doing this post and video lol! This is my first time trying to do a video/post like this, so I'm very open to feedback. Is there something you'd like to see more (or less) of? Unfortunately there isn't much I can do about the lighting (a constant problem in my room tbh), but actually with a little editing, the wide angle overview shots came out pretty nice I think! And I would have liked to do a few more shots from farther away but I was surprised how small my room seemed when I was trying to film and kept bumping into things lol.
If you have any questions about where something is from, please ask and I'll do my best to answer :)


  1. your plushie ollection holy gosh!!

    1. Haha I just kind of end up with them. It's not on purpose :X lol.

  2. Hi emi! Im going to japan soon and i dont know whether to use a credit card or cash at liz lisa! And how do you get tax free at liz lisa? Thanks! :)

    1. You can use whatever payment method you'd like as long as they accept the credit card company that you have. It really has to do with whatever your personal preferences are. Generally, Japan is more of a cash country though.
      I've never tried to get my items tax free from Liz Lisa specifically (in other stores, yes, but not yet in Liz Lisa), but in general, I believe you just have to let the shop staff know that you want to do that and present your passport. It involves filling out paperwork though and isn't super fast, so I wouldn't recommend it if you're in a rush.

  3. The first thing I thought of when I saw your video was "where is your bed?!"
    LOL it's completely taken over by your plushies.

    1. Haha yeah it's pretty hidden >,< plus it's super low lol.

  4. OMG you have more plushies than me!! My family complains that I have too many plushies. My sister (Wendy) even told my boyfriend "Do NOT buy her anymore plushies!!" I only have a lot of plushies because they're gifts, not because I spend a ton of money on them lol

    1. I used to have a lot more because my parents never made me get rid of any since I was a child lol. I only recently got rid of most of them because I needed to make room for my Liz Lisa stuff lol wtf. But same, most were gifts!

  5. weee room tour - blog edition :D Man.... so many pushies <3 <3 <3 I like the picture frames with the Liz Lisa catalogs in them <3

    1. hahaha those are literally only there since like two weeks ago because I had to cover anything with any personal information lol >,<