Friday, June 5, 2015

Liz Lisa novelty selfie stick - Thank you, Sachiko!

I received a package from Sachiko (blog, tumblr, IG, twitter), last week!
When I heard that Sachi was going to be traveling while Liz Lisa was offering the selfie stick novelty, I somewhat jokingly asked her to get me one (without expecting anything because I wouldn't expect her focus to be on me during her trip) and amazingly she followed through! So kind and generous :) I knew that I wouldn't have the opportunity to get one without her help, and she was so so nice to actually nab one for me.

Liz Lisa selfie stick - May 2015 novelty
This selfie stick is too cute! (^^ click the pictures for their source links) It was offered during "Summer Fair vol. 1" with purchases of at least 15,000yen.

The packaging is pretty cute too #typicallizlisa where you can clearly see the product.

The cell phone attachment can be used two different ways or you can not use the attachment altogether and just screw on a compatible camera to the base to use the stick as a monopod.

Closer details

My iPhone 5s fits super snugly in the attachment. I can hold the stick horizontally or vertically or any angle really and don't really worry about my phone falling out. It takes maybe a few extra seconds to actually initially place my phone there (because I want to be sure not to force the attachment and break it wtf), but I'd rather do that than have super easy initial placement and my phone falls out lol.

Comparison with my Ipow selfie stick (previous blog post) -
Okay well there's no contest - the Liz Lisa one is obviously cuter lol. 1. It's pink, 2. It has the Liz Lisa logo on it even if it's just a rubber heart attachment. They both have the same functionality with the earphone jack connection and button built into the stick for ease of use (no bluetooth, self timer or remote necessary). One thing I don't love about the Liz Lisa one is that the earphone jack goes to the left though lol. It's probably just because of the phone I have, but I have to stretch the plug to either go all the way up to higher side of my phone or stretch it around the stick to the opposite side if my phone is positioned the other way. It's not a big deal ofc because it still works, but it's just a noted difference. I'm sure if your phone's earphone jack is located on the right side of your phone, you'd prefer the Liz Lisa stick's cord placement lol.
In terms of the attachment that actually holds your phone, I highly prefer the Liz Lisa selfie stick. My phone feels exponentially more secure in that one. However, if you have a much larger phone, you may have a hard time using it. The Ipow one came with a little orange rubber attachment thing that I would guess is supposed to be used for smaller phones, but it's an entirely separate/independent piece and not easy to use (the design is a bit weird imo) but easy to lose. For the iPhone 5s in the Ipow selfie stick, it fits easily but not securely. If I tilt the stick to the right (away from the side with left side with the extra "arm"), my phone will and has fallen out lol. So I have to remember to only tilt it to the left lol. It's mostly a problem when I use it fully extended, and then I'm trying to bring it back in and accidentally tilt it to the right haha.
The handles are actually different as well. The Ipow one is made of rubber and is skinnier with a rubber button. The Liz Lisa one is completely plastic and a bit wider. I actually personally prefer the handle on the Liz Lisa stick. It's much easier to hold and control, and while the button is easily accessed on both, I actually think because the Liz Lisa one is plastic, it responds a little better. Or maybe I just like the feel of it better.
If I had to choose between the two, I think I would pick the Liz Lisa one. Mostly because I like the handle and feel like my phone is most secure on that one. Seriously I've had my phone fall out more times than I'd like with the other. If you have a much bigger phone though, the Ipow one might be a little more practical. However, both do function and work very similarly, so neither is especially bad.

What selfie stick post is complete without a few selfies? Lol
Me and my messy room wtf
Me trying to get a picture of the back of my dress but also wanting to include my face. Why is it so hard to take pictures of your back? Lol
Okay better
Unnecessarily using selfie stick to take mirror pictures lol. But actually the angle can be changed/manipulated a lot better with it tbh. Especially for the right picture. How weird would it be for me to get my hand holding the phone in that position??

Sachi was so sweet and also included this carousel pop-up in the package -
I super love little display pieces like this!
and these face products! -
I haven't used any of them yet, but I look forward to it! I actually purchased some of the doughnut point pads during my last trip but gave them all away as gifts. I've been trying to try a few more beauty products lately (instead of being so lazy about my beauty/skincare routine) so this will definitely be useful!
Thank you so much again, Sachi! She started blogging about her trip on her blog, so please check it out. She includes a lot of great photos!


  1. The Liz Lisa selfie stick is so adorable, I want one too! I didn't know you could get ones that didn't need bluetooth, that's cool.

    { }

    1. Yup! Actually when I bought my first one I tried to do "research" to figure out what kind was best! That's how I figured out that the earphone jack one would be best for me :)

  2. It was so nice of Sachi to get the selfie stick for you :D It looks so cute - too bad it's only iPhone....

  3. Oh my gosh that selfie stick is gorgeous!

    1. So cute, right? and great as a novelty item!

  4. I somewhat jokingly asked her to get me one (without expecting anything because I wouldn't expect her focus to be on me during her trip) and amazingly she followed through! So kind and generous :) I knew that I wouldn't have the opportunity to get one without her help, and she was so so nice to actually nab one for me.

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