Monday, May 4, 2015

Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab vol. 2 jumper skirt and blouse (Tokyo Kawaii Life order 20)

I'm really a sucker for the Liz Lisa x My Melody collaboration clothes. (Apparently.) I already purchased two dresses from vol. 1 of the 6th collab, but I really liked this jumper skirt and blouse set as well in vol. 2, so I just went for it.
Risato can sell me anything
The Liz Lisa x My Melody jumper skirt and blouse together -
  + Liz Lisa ruffle ribbon large handbag

I really like how the gingham in the sleeve matches with the gingham in the skirt. I mean, that's especially why I didn't mind the gingham on the sleeve lol. I love to match. And that small detail made me even more sure that if I was going to get the jumper skirt, I should definitely also get the blouse.

Liz Lisa x My Melody gingham flower jumper skirt (151-6034-0)
☆LIZ LISA×My Melody☆キュンキュン☆ギンガム花柄ジャンスカ
I really like the combination of floral and gingham. It's not for everyone but I quite like both separately and if anyone could put them together, Liz Lisa could. There was a sukapan released with this same print that wasn't part of the collab (wtf? idk) but I knew I still wanted to get the jumper skirt because I liked the length...and I kind of just had my heart set on it from before I knew the sukapan would be available (horrible reason). Just officially being part of the Liz Lisa x My Melody collab made me want it. #suckercustomer. The 2 lace ups in the front are small and not super in-your-face but are still there to add a little bit of detail which I'm quite happy about.
  with Liz Lisa cropped cambric puff sleeve blouse and Liz Lisa bow t-strap wedges

  with Ank Rouge blouse and Liz Lisa lace up back pumps
  + Ank Rouge blazer

  with Liz Lisa knit (just to quickly show how it looks as a "skirt")
When I first saw images of this (before the stock photos came out), I thought it was a suspender skirt rather than a jumper skirt, and I really liked the suspender skirt idea but apparently the pictures just weren't close up enough. That being said, judging from the fit of this, I guess it's good that it's a jumper skirt (because I would have to wear the suspender skirt with the suspenders all the time anyway). The waist area is much bigger than a number of other free size bottoms and definitely stretchy. I have at least an inch or two of extra room that I wish wasn't there. That being said, it's not awful and I guess it's always good when free size clothes can accommodate more people.

Liz Lisa x My Melody chiffon blouse (151-1028-0)
☆LIZ LISA×My Melody☆シフォンブラウス
I know that there were a few people who were really turned off by the gingham on the sleeve (which weren't obvious in the first promo photos), but I really like it! I think it's a subtle detail (I mean it's not like the checks are hot pink or anything) that makes the top a little more special and slightly different than just a regular white collared top. I've said this a few times before but I'm not a fan of this sleeve length but it seems like it's here to stay, especially for the MM collab stuff wtf. That's okay, I'm getting more and more used to it I guess lol. I also really like the detailing along the center on either side of the buttons which weren't apparent to me until I saw it in person! I really enjoy the slight details in things that can usually be basic. Also, the bow at the collar is not a ribbon tie. It's a already constructed bow that attached with a pin.
  with Liz Lisa check ribbon tie skirt and Liz Lisa 2-strap bow pumps

  with Liz Lisa floral sukapan and Flag J sandals
  + Liz Lisa seashell pouch
I really don't like to purchase basics like this (essentially a button down top with a collar) at full price but...the collab wtf. That being said, I really do like this top a lot, especially after seeing it in person. If it wasn't part of the collab, I probably wouldn't have purchased it at this price, but I don't really regret it since I really wanted to get the jumper skirt and blouse at the same time. Even though the sleeves have the gingham print, I still think it works reasonably well with both non-gingham and gingham/check bottoms since its really quite subtle imo. I look forward to reaching for this top as a great basic for future coordinates.

I ordered during the Tokyo Kawaii Life anniversary novelty item promotion so I received this free cosmetic case with purchase. I believe this was originally in one of the 2013 fukubukuro totes but I haven't received one before so I'm happy to have it.

Overall, I'm really happy with this purchase. I wish the jumper skirt was a little smaller in the waist, but it's not horrible and I'm glad more people will be able to fit into it without struggling, so I'm not going to dwell on that. I really like the gingham in both the blouse and the skirt and that they're both cute but it doesn't shout it in your face lol. I'm really not sure if I would have purchased these at full retail if they weren't part of the Liz Lisa x My Melody collab items, but they're great pieces individually and together so I'm glad I went for it.

I put together a short coordinate video with my Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab items. Usually I only purchase an OP but this time I had 2 OPs, a jumper skirt and blouse set and a small hand towel, so I decided to just go ahead and make the video lol.

I also created a short "haul"-like video for the Liz Lisa purchases from my recent Japan trip! (Posting it in this blog post as well since I created the video much after publishing the actual blog post related to the content even though it's not really related to this post's content lol.) 

As a small reminder (and I'm sure those of you who actually read my posts are tired of reading these blurbs, but I am constantly getting blamed for not warning people of this, so here I go again) - I am extremely uncomfortable with my personal photos being used for the profit of others especially without a simple source link. In general, I would prefer for my photos not to be reposted without my permission at all, but if you feel the extreme need to do so, I simply ask that you just include a simple link back to my original post. Regardless of whether I watermark every single photo, I do still own the copyright to these pictures and you finding them on Google Image does not mean I do not own them anymore?? (There has been some confusion on that front apparently. And to be clear, Google does even warn you when you click on a photo that the image may be subject to copyright, and Google does not sever the photos from their original pages, so it's easy to find their source if you choose.) I do not blog and post these photos so that others can sell their products that are not associated with me in the slightest. And the response I get when I just ask for my photos to be sourced really discourages me from sharing and continuing to blog. I mean this in the least aggressive way possible, but I'm not just going to throw 80 smiley emojis in this to "soften the tone" because I am serious, and I honestly feel like you should be able to read a paragraph like this without emoticons and not be offended by its message.


  1. omg love everything you got <3 you put a lot of effort in your blog posts <3 <3

  2. Aww man, I can't wait to receive mine now. I really like the pattern on the sleeve though.

    1. You're going to look fabulous in this!

  3. Ugh, your whole wardrobe is so pretty! I need to be more dedicated to being kawaii.. lol

    1. Haha you *are* living the cute life!