Thursday, November 9, 2017

Liz Lisa bordeaux comparisons

As many of you probably already know from experience, Liz Lisa's colors aren't always standard. Pink can be light pink, deep pink, bright pink, standard pink, etc. But what's really tripped me up lately is differences in variations in bordeaux!

These bordeaux items all come from Autumn/Winter in various years, but they don't all match. I wanted to do a quick side-by-side comparison with the items I have with any kind of bordeaux (or deep red) color in it to help show which I think are a good tone/color match.

This is not to say that I only think certain items can be coordinated with other items. It's simply to point out which items match in color better than others (in my opinion anyway), and you can make your own coordinate and shopping choices armed with this information if you so choose.

Since monitor/brightness settings can make a huge difference in how we interpret color, I thought it would be best to show these items in comparison to each other rather than to try and somehow magically capture the IRL color that would show up best on every single screen (impossible for me as someone with little to no experience in photography or photo editing).

I first tried to sort my bordeaux type items into groups of similar tones. I am in no way a color expert, but in my amateur opinion, the bordeaux color in the items within each photo are the best match to each other. I also included the stock photos when I could find them!

Purple/plum bordeaux -
 Check off shoulder top in bordeaux (2016), Check skirt in bordeaux (2016), Frill cut cardigan in bordeaux (2016)

Wine bordeaux - 
Frill embroidery blouson, Yui Kanno collab pom pom ribbon barrette, Big ribbon beret, Pleats tulle sukapan, Floral ribbon OP, Striped cut cardigan, Lace up pom pom pumps, Pleats puff OP

Red bordeaux -
 Check heart jumperskirt,  Color collar blouse, Sweet latte skirt, Quilting pouchette, 3-strap pumps, Vintage rose OP

(Included just for reference, since these items were never labeled as bordeaux but I think that sometimes can be incorporated with certain bordeaux items and just to how different it really is ~)
Deep red -
 Heart suede pumps, Tralala ribbed cardigan, Bear book skirt, Heart frill pouchette

There are, of course, some slight differences between some of the items within the groups which I personally think are attributed to the differences in material, but after staring at some of these items next to each other for a while, that's the best I could come up with!

I also wanted to do some quick color comparisons for these check items + a few other items that have a little bit of that bordeaux/deep red color incorporated . I put some of the primarily bordeaux items from the above groups next to it so you can compare it/decide yourself. 
 Check winding wind pleats sukapan, Glen check cape OP, Check skirt, Check pumpkin shorts, Check sukapan

with check winding wind pleats sukapan (AW 2017) -

with English rose frill OP (AW 2016) -
This should have been included in the wine bordeaux group but I completely forgot about this dress until after I had already reset my room and cleaned everything up, so instead it gets its own flat lay. I knew I was missing a bordeaux item but I just couldn't put my finger on what it was. -___-

with fukubukuro pumpkin shorts and sukapan (AW 2014) -

with glen check cape OP (AW 2016) -

with choco dip cherry jumperskirt (SS 2017)-

Again, all of the above is not to say that I only think the items within each group should be only coordinated amongst each other. If that were the case, I probably wouldn't have been able to create like 90% of the coordinates I've shown for past blog posts. When it comes down to it, something that's a pretty close color match is acceptable for most of us, but I know that I was really surprised in some cases to open a package and see the exact color of some of these items. I just wanted to share a little bit of what I've learned based on what I have, and I hope you can make the best choices for you!


  1. I feel like this post was almost like a little look into past seasons cause I kind of forgot some of these itmes/colours existed before this season lol. I found this post interesting though - I couldn't have expected such a variety in bordeaux.

  2. This post was eye candy!!! I love those deep red colors so much!

    1. Haha yeah, it really ended up being more a photo post than I initially planned!

  3. This was a really good comparisons post!

  4. Ooh lovely. I think red Bordeaux is my favorite LL "Bordeaux" color. This entire post is so aesthetic. Also those pumpkin fukubukuro shorts and skirt are lovely.

    1. Haha it's mostly iPhone photos but I'm glad it worked out!