Friday, October 13, 2017

Tokyo Kawaii Life order 59 - Liz Lisa sweet latte skirt & 3-strap pumps in bordeaux

I think this small order will be the last hurrah for bordeaux this year! There's still a cardigan I have half an eye on, but as the transition to winter appropriate clothing quickly approaches, I say goodbye to new releases that are practical to buy for me (although I know I'll still have to make exceptions for some).

Sweet latte skirt in bordeaux (175-4001-0)
This is an A-line skirt with a wide waistband and two small vertical lace and ribbon details. The print has vertical stripes and includes scattered chocolate pieces and bunches of flowers. The main feature is a horizontal panel of latte drinks and cupcakes. Just below that is text saying "Royal Sweets Labyrinth".
I really liked this sweet latte print in all three colors, but I was only able to commit to getting the OP in pink and brown during my summer trip. The skirt was something I liked but compared to the OPs, not something that I loved, especially because I knew the waist was a little big. I almost caved and bought it twice during the last few days I was in Japan, but I ended up getting the check pleated skirt instead (which I am really happy with!). As autumn was dwindling away, I took my chance to get this skirt from TKL. The pink and brown versions had sold out a while ago, but this was the only color I wanted for the skirt anyway since I didn't want color repeats of this print, and I already have the matching color collar top (and was getting the matching 3-strap pumps too! - see below).
with Liz Lisa color collar blouse and Liz Lisa 3-strap pumps + Liz Lisa quilting pouchette -

with Liz Lisa off shoulder ribbon blouse, Liz Lisa big ribbon beret and Liz Lisa lace up pom pom pumps + Liz Lisa heart frill pouchette -

with Liz Lisa fur collar cardigan, Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab pom pom ribbon barrette and Liz Lisa OTK boots -

with Liz Lisa bow tie blouse and Liz Lisa glitter pumps + Liz Lisa sweet latte cardigan and Liz Lisa quilting pouchette - it turns out, the skirt probably only felt big while I was in Japan bc even though I'm there for such a short time, I always do a lot of walking there (often around 8-10 miles/day) and had just done the Fuji hike. Anyway, the waist fits pretty well now as long as I eat before I put it on, and I really like it! Because of the print and especially the stripes, it matches easily with neutrals, golds and white.

3-strap pumps in bordeaux (175-9601-0)
These round toe pumps feature 2 mary jane-style straps and an ankle strap. There is a velvet double ribbon on the front and three vertically aligned faux leather ribbons on the back of the ankle.
I purchased this shoe in pink during my summer trip, but I didn't feel the immediate need to also purchase in bordeaux thanks to the lace up pom pom pumps I purchased last year. However, when I got home, I realized how many bordeaux items I actually have, and I told myself to wait and see about these shoes. I regret so much not getting the heart organza pumps from last year in this color too (bc, same reason, I was convinced 2 pairs of bordeaux shoes would be overkill even though I now know it's completely not) and I didn't want to miss out on these completely as well, especially because I really like the design.

with Liz Lisa choco dip cherry jumperskirt, Liz Lisa color collar blouse and Liz Lisa cherry ribbon barrette + Liz Lisa heart frill pouchette -

with Liz Lisa sailor collar blouse, Tralala ribbed cardigan and Liz Lisa bear book skirt-

with Liz Lisa english rose OP -

with Liz Lisa glen check cape OP and Liz Lisa big ribbon beret -

with Liz Lisa vintage rose OP and Liz Lisa momonga cardigan -
Even though they were available to me back in July, I was still enamored with these pumps after receiving them in the package. I think the design is so cute while still being reasonably simple, and I truly love the color, especially knowing I have a bunch of great items with which to pair them. I really don't think I could be happier with this product. Compared to last year's lace up pom pom pumps (my other bordeaux shoes), these will be much easier to wear casually, and I also like the heel height.

I'm receiving these items at what already feels like the "end" of autumn even though technically the season has only just begun. Fashion seasons always move quite a bit quicker than the actual seasons but I have a feeling I'll still be wearing bordeaux into November + trying to create a Christmas mood lol. There's something so nice and warm about the color, and I'm glad to have expanded this portion of my wardrobe just a little bit more this year.

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  1. So cute! Love the skirt (ofc) and I really like the shoes - the triple strap is super cute! This post is so coordinated lol.

    1. Yeah I actually kind of get a kick out of the items matching with themselves within the order lol

  2. Always nice to see more sweet latte <3 Everything matches so perfectly. The shoes are really cute, with the bows in front and back and the straps.

    1. The shoes are definitely my new fall favorites!

    2. Theyre great! Also, I see that you purchased some really cute jeans from LL. Would you mind doing a more in-depth review of their fit, particularly around the hips/thigh area, and the back of the knee? Sorry if that's bothersome <<;

    3. It's on my backlog list. Something I've been meaning to do but just haven't found the time yet. For a quick review right now, the material of the pants I bought are VERY stretchy and I think could accommodate a fair amount of different kinds of legs which I think is partially why they sold so well. For my body type, I have thicker/wider thighs and hips and it's snug but not suffocating. I didn't notice anything in particular in the back of the knee but there are creases there. Tbh they don't fit as nicely on me as they would on someone with overall thin legs and I haven't yet found the confidence to wear them out.

  3. STILL livin for these "Oxblood" tones! :p

  4. For the shoes, what would you recommend for a women’s US Size 8.5? L or LL?

    1. I'm not the best person to ask for these matters, but I can tell you that I'm a US size 7 and wear size L, so my personal recommendation for a US size 8 for comfort would probably be LL.