Sunday, May 8, 2016

Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps in white [TOM purchase]

I've introduced my new affiliation with TOM and why I chose to use them over TKL for a pair of pumps in my previous post but here's the actual product!

3D flower pumps / Flower motif pumps in white [Available through TOM] [161-9605-0]
立体フラワーパンプス [TKL]
I've wanted these shoes since I saw them in the first promo photos. I've been dying for a sleek white pair of pumps for a while now and these definitely fit the bill. I recently purchased the Liz Lisa Web/EST-limited pom pom pumps in white which I love as well but IRL they're definitely more of an off-white color. These 3D flower pumps are a much truer white which is exactly what I was looking for. I also love the flower applique modestly placed near the rear of the shoe which serves as a cute but still elegant detail.

with Liz Lisa flower dot OP -

with Ralph Lauren Kids check romper -

with Liz Lisa (x My Melody 2016 fukubukuro) pom pom coat and Betseyville bow dot handbag -

with Liz Lisa floral romper and Samantha Thavasa handbag -

with Liz Lisa lace fit & flare flower fade OP and GAP cardigan -

with Liz Lisa x My Melody 9th collab cherry OP -
These last two are from previous blog posts featuring the OPs, but I wanted to include them in this one as well despite being a little repetitive because these two OPs were part of the reason I really wanted these pumps! (And obviously why I had to use the pumps in those blog posts as well.) The shoes fit really well and are going to be great for both cute and more mature coordinates!

I also purchased these pumps in yellow from Tokyo Kawaii Life (see post) because I loved this style of shoe so much. If you had any doubts about TOM that weren't cleared up in my TOM introductory post, here's a brief side-by-side comparison between the two -
You can easily see that aside from the obvious and intentional color difference, the shoes are virtually the same from the inner sole and item number all the way to the shoe box. (The desiccant from the shoe box of the white pair had become unstuck and the tissue from the box stuck to it instead but the pouch was still in the shoe box upon arrival!)

Although I was hesitant to purchase from TOM (since this purchase was made before many of my concerns were cleared up through the affiliate process), I'm really glad I took a chance and got these shoes for a really decent price before they sold out from both websites! As much as I loved them, and because I knew I wanted the shoe in at least two colors, I couldn't imagine paying full price + international shipping for both pairs and TOM was a fantastic alternative for this.

Considering purchasing from TOM yourself?
Quick links: [My TOM link] [Coupon code: EMICHAN2018 for $5 off a minimum $5 order. Valid until Feb 9, 2018] [TOM's Liz Lisa page] [My recommendations page] [My referral link for further discounts]

My laptop has actually chosen a really inconvenient time to completely fail me. Essentially, I can't use it for more than just a few minutes before it overheats and dies. I have the majority of my files and photos on there as well as most of my editing programs. I was able to get them transferred off the hard drive (thank goodness) and while creating this post, I'm using an old laptop with just basic software and running Windows XP right now lmao. Because of that, the portable hard drive with my files can't be accessed so unfortunately I've had to reshoot what I didn't already upload and some things don't match up as well as they could have with the original files. Please be patient with me as blogging may be affected by my loss of laptop!


  1. YAY! Shoes are cute and a really great purchase IMO - They go with so much! ^^

    1. Really quite versatile! I think so too lol.

  2. Wooow its so veryyyy beautiful |( ̄3 ̄)|
    Great review (^∇^)(^∇^)
    Hugs from Brasil (⌒▽⌒)