Saturday, January 23, 2016

Tokyo Kawaii Life order 29 - Liz Lisa floral wedge pumps in camel

A quick post about a one item Liz Lisa order :) These took forever to arrive! Shipped from Tenso on 12/24 and didn't arrive until 1/9. This is likely partially due to the holiday season and idk...what else lol. Mid-December to mid-January are not good times to ship, especially with SAL since that makes it pretty low priority lol. But it was worth it to me to pay the lower price because I wasn't especially in a rush to get it anyway but I was getting antsy about them getting lost.

Floral wedge pumps in camel (152-9601-0)
I already own these in ivory (purchased from Hep Five during Japan trip Summer 2015), but I couldn't resist getting another pair after seeing the sale price. Shoes are a pain to ship internationally because of the weight, and I knew that with the shoe box, it would weight about 1kg. However, I had a 500yen coupon from Tenso that would expire soon and nothing else in particular that I wanted to spend money on, so sale shoes it is!  I picked "camel"/brown because I don't have another pair of Liz Lisa pumps in this color. The closest ones are from Autumn 2012 but they're a bit lighter in tone and a different shape. Since they're on sale, I figured that I might as well go with a color that's not something I would usually buy but would still help enhance my wardrobe.
I almost got a matching purse (either to match with the ivory pumps or the camel ones), since the sale price for that was quite good too, but I haven't had the best luck shipping bags internationally in the past, so I decided to pass.

Here are a few coordinate looks with the pumps!
with Liz Lisa floral romper + Liz Lisa double breasted coat -

with Liz Lisa Cinderella theme blouse and suspender skirt + Disney ShellieMay pouch -

with Liz Lisa sunflower OP -

with Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab blouse and Liz Lisa plaid skirt + Ank Rouge handbag -

with Liz Lisa plaid peplum top and skirt + Liz Lisa riders jacket -
Sorry it seems like I had some weird lighting issues there in the middle. I insisted on shooting these photos even when the sun went behind a cloud for a bit, and it turned out that it was darker than I thought it would be wtf. I tried to lighten the photo and ended up with an unintentional, slightly weird sepia effect somehow. The shoes fit reasonably well. I don't personally notice them being particularly big or small compared to other Liz Lisa shoes and the two straps help keep my foot firmly in place.

Although I'm only showing 4 options here, there are a decent amount of things in my wardrobe that can easily match with these pumps, and I'm really happy to have them. Sometimes you want to have the variety that a darker (but still on the neutral scheme) shoe gives. I actually particularly like this last coordinate with the riders jacket and also quite like the Cinderella set up coordinate as well. I think that these could easily also be paired with a lighter shoe, but the brown gives it a slightly more classic look imo. The shoes can also easily work between seasons particularly thanks to the "cork" wedge bottoms. Tbh I'm not sure why these haven't been selling any better considering the sale price it's been running at for over a month now! Maybe there were other shoes this season that were a bit more exciting, but the classic pump look is paired well with girly addition of the removable flowers and lace details, and this is definitely a great basic in any of the colors it was offered in!


  1. The price of these is seriously tempting. The shoes look really nice though - they match a lot!

  2. ...but I haven't had the best luck shipping bags internationally in the past
    > Whoa, what happen?

    I personally like it better without the flower, also because I'm afraid the flower will be dirtied/damaged, it's so dainty.

    1. Just customs fees. Most of the times when I've been assessed customs fees, I have a bag type item declared. Even if it's just $150-200 worth of items, the fees are $45-55. Not really worth the risk imo.
      I like it both with and without the flower. The good thing is that if the flower gets dirty, you can just take it off lol. But the material it's made of is pretty plasticy (versus like cotton or a soft fabric that absorbs well) so it might hold up pretty well.

  3. Ok that's it, I'm gonna buy these and ship them out later

    1. Honestly Catherine. I don't know what you were waiting for lol.

  4. The shoes are so cute!The "cork" part of the wedges matched your flooring. I thought you were wearing regular pumps in some of the photos. lol