Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tokyo Kawaii Life order 28 - Liz Lisa Lace color scheme set up

This was a small order that I made just after coming back from my November trip after I had spent a lot less than I expected. Because of that, I didn't hesitate too much to purchase this set up when I saw that just 1 top was restocked in white after being sold out for quite a while.
Before you scroll down, I have to just say that I purchased a new wig that I was intending on using for blog photos since the one I usually use is getting quite ratty since it was cheap and is several years old now. I liked the style of that one a lot and tried to find one that was similar online. I do not like this new one lol. I thought maybe it would pick up different in photos than it looked in the mirror, and that's why I figured I'd give it this one chance, but I'm just not a fan. There's something about how bulbous it makes my head look on the top. And not like in a good way with volume. Idk if I need to mold it to my head or something more, but just for the record, I know I'm not looking my best in these photos with this wig and I probably won't continue to use it until I figure out how to make it work for me better. I think it does something really unflattering for my face shape too. But I already took all the photos for this post with it so I have to move forward lol.

Lace color scheme top & Lace color scheme skirt (152-1015-0 & 152-4014-0)
レース配色ビスチェトップス & レース配色スカート
I'm really not sure about the naming convention for these items, but that's what Google translate says and since I can't read the kanji myself, that's what I have to go with. If you can offer a better translation, please let me know lol.
For some reason this set up reminded me of a combination of the first Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab set up & the third Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab set up -
It's obviously not exactly the same as either, but maybe its the color along with the silhouette and layering that's reminiscent. Or maybe it's just because Yui Kanno is wearing the set up in some of the stock photos lolol. But I think most people will agree that there's some kind of similar trend among all three of these. I didn't purchase the other two but I did like the silhouette and wanted the chance to try it out if there was a sale, especially after seeing this set up on a few other people.
The top (inner and outer) & skirt together with Liz Lisa web/EST limited pom pom pumps (minus pom poms) & Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab rose barrette + Liz Lisa rose quilted purse -

Top (inner only) & skirt together with Flag J pumps-

Top (outer only) & skirt together with Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals, Liz Lisa flocked cardigan + Liz Lisa porkpie hat-
I quite like the top and skirt as a set up and that's definitely how I intend to wear it. Since the top is actually two pieces, I decided to also try out the "set up" with just the inner piece with the skirt and then just the outer piece with the skirt as well. And it still works pretty well imo since the color theming and material is fluid throughout the outfit but each is slightly different. I actually particularly like the look with just the outer top and the skirt + the cardigan! Since it is a bit see-through on it's own, I'm wearing a nude cami underneath, but imo it doesn't distract from the details of the top.

Top separate -
Top (inner only) with Liz Lisa floral sukapan in pink and Liz Lisa ankle boots + Ank Rouge handbag -
Because of the deep pink piping details on the top, it doesn't match with everything as a neutral, but I see it easily pairing with a number of my sukapan and skirts and also as a good layering piece. It matches especially well with the floral chiffon sukapan in both white and pink imo (although here I am only showing it with the pink version). The outer part of the top can also be worn without the matching skirt but I'm thinking I'd probably just pair it with denim bottom and didn't find the look particularly worth sharing. On it's own, the outer top could also be used kind of like lingerie imo because of the sheerness and the lacy details!  

Skirt separate -
Skirt with Liz Lisa ruffle sleeveless ribbon tie blouse and Liz Lisa ribbon pumps in pink + Liz Lisa side corset bag in pink -
I think I have to watch out for these skirts that are part of a cropped length top set up. This is the second one I've purchased recently that just doesn't fit right on the waist in a sense that it is too big. And even though it has a waist ribbon tie, it just doesn't help the same way that a ribbon tie does on a dress because it has to be tied a certain way in order to avoid bunching or affecting the length. And for some reason I didn't even realize this skirt even had a ribbon tie wtf. Tbh I would rather it be without it but I kind of need it to keep the skirt sitting at the right height on my body lol. But other than the fit on me in particular, the skirt itself is quite nice and I love how it matches with the top. I think I'm going to look for more skirts around this length in the future but hopefully the fit will be better (maybe closer to the wagon skirt length and fit!).

The items are actually pretty versatile amongst themselves and individually. I was able to pretty easily create 5 slightly different coordinates with the two items purchased. It helps that the top is technically two separate pieces that can be worn independently if desired. Although I didn't show an example, I could probably also wearing the outer lace piece of the top by itself as well if I found the right bottom and inner to match it with since it is sheer on its own.
It may be important for some people to note that these items are not truly "white" or even really off white imo. I'd definitely call it more of a very light beige or ivory with a tinge of light yellow. Kind of hard to explain but it's certainly not bright/true white despite that being what the color option is called! The top I'm wearing in the "skirt separate" coordinate is also color option "white" but essentially the same ivory-ish yellow color. Imo the pictures I have here and even the stock photos represent the color pretty well but it definitely depends on your computer screen. It doesn't bother me either way, but keep this in mind if you're looking for a pure white item!


  1. The 3-piece set is really cute! I like that they items work so well together but they actually seem really versatile on their own as well. The skirt seems to be a great length as well which is nice.

    1. Overall, not bad right? Do you consider it similar to your YK collab set up?