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Japan trip Spring 2015 part 7 - March 26, Day 6: Tennoji MIO, Nara Deer Park

Day 6 is our first full day in Osaka! My big plans for the day included going to Tennoji MIO and trying to get the Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab OPs that I wanted. I had confirmed with a shop staff the day before that I would be able to buy it, so I knew that it should be worth my time to go late to the morning activity my family was doing in favor of this. They were going to the aquarium first thing in the morning when it opened which is 10:00am. Tennoji MIO doesn't open until 11:00am and is about 20 minutes away, so right from the start, I knew I would be a bit behind them.

S decided to hang back and go to Tennoji with me even though there wasn't anything for him to do there except wait for me. We ate "breakfast" at Osaka station which consisted of two Auntie Anne's pretzels (S's was actually a dessert pretzel lol) and some other pastry-like things from a nearby bakery.

Then, we got on a train to go to Tennoji. We arrived just at MIO was opening and went straight to the fifth floor. I really wasn't sure what the scene was going to be like, but when I reached the top of the escalator, there was a neat line of girls waiting (to go in to the store?) and talking to the shop staff.
The line definitely wasn't as long as the line I had waited in for the Yui Kanno event, so I felt pretty good about it and was hopeful that I could make it to the aquarium soon.

There was a display of the Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab OPs and cardigans that they were releasing early that day that we could easily see while in line. The reason for the early release was the Tennoji MIO Liz Lisa's anniversary! They also had a limited set up (jumper skirt and top) and special backpack novelty for their anniversary event as well. I looked up the line at what was going on and it seemed like one of the shop staff was handing out cards that represented the items you wanted to purchase for both the LLxMM collab clothing items and also the anniversary set.
I liked the anniversary set, but the LLxMM OPs were my priority at this point, and my plan was to purchase the set later so I could get another novelty with that purchase. (I'm really trying to take advantage of the opportunity to do some shopping in store by getting as many novelties as possible wtf.) I told the shop staff (Yamada san) that I wanted the MM collab OP in white and pink by pointing when I finally got to the front of the line and she gave me the cards that said 3 (for the white) and 6 (for the pink). I guess they were only releasing a specific amount that day so they had to keep track like this. (It's not that I'm getting 3 of white and 6 of pink but rather than I'm getting the third white and sixth pink.) Luckily, I was able to get both though. There was maybe like two people behind me after I got in line and no one behind them by the time I got to the front. I guess everyone who wanted something actually came early and only a few people didn't show up until the store actually opened like me lol. After I got my OP "cards", I quickly grabbed an accessory (so I would reach the jewelry box novelty minimum - I was so close to it anyway) and got in the line to check out. I guess there was quite a hold up with the line, so the shop staff handed out numbered cards which represented what number you were to check out at the register. There's only one register I guess, so only one guest can be served at a time. I was #13.

Meanwhile, we (me and #2-12 and beyond) were all just browsing in the store. Here's what I wore that day. The Osaka hotel doesn't have very good lighting where the mirrors are, so I didn't get to take one that morning in the room.
OOTD - Liz Lisa riders faux leather jacket, Liz Lisa tie front lace sleeveless top, Liz Lisa check ribbon tie skirt, Liz Lisa rose quilted bag, Liz Lisa lace up back pumps and off brand OTK socks. 
This was not the OOTD I really intended to wear this day, but when I packed my bags from Day 4 before we did the luggage forwarding, I didn't know for sure if we were going to have our baggage in the hotel the next day (Day 5) or what until we actually dropped them off, and we didn't end up getting it until this (Day 6) morning, and this was essentially all I had to wear, so this is what I wore...lol.

Anyway, I ended up waiting "in line" while browsing the store for literally AN HOUR AND A HALF. It took 1 hour and 30 minutes for the 12 customers in front of me to check out wtf. While I was waiting, I got really bored just looking at the clothes (I mean, the store is not super small but seriously it's not so big that I'm going to be entertained for 1.5 hours, and I was already super familiar with the stock), so I took some pictures.
I finally got to the register at around 12:30pm. By this time, I actually kind of felt exhausted tbh...Just standing and walking around a tiny store which actually has a lot of other people in it, trying not to look annoyed or tired actually took a lot of energy. S was still waiting for me the whole time outside the store too. Thankfully there's a few chairs over there. He actually fell asleep for a bit. What took so long? There were at least 1 person who took at least 1/2 hour by themselves. No freaking joke. And this is JUST to check out. That was the #4 or #5 person. And they purchased a LOT. Like at least 4 huge linen shopping bags worth (maybe it was more, I'm not sure). Not the regular size linen shoppers that comes with your TKL order. I mean 4 of the XL ones. And each was stuffed. I didn't want to be too nosy or annoying and really crane my neck to look at her items, but I saw that she purchased at least 10 of the anniversary sets (maybe more). Some in each color (white and pink) and also some of the regular merchandise as well. I'm really not sure what took so long, but let me tell you, it seemed like forever that no one else could check out. It's really too bad that they only have one register. A few other people took 15 minutes each or so to check out as well, but most of us had a really simple transaction that took more like 5 minutes each.
woohoo. I waited what seemed like forever but at least I got them

During the time that I was just standing around in the store, my mother had texted me to tell me that they were essentially done at the aquarium wtf. Okay, I guess I'm not going there lol. They were thinking of coming over to Tennoji to do their own shopping. But first they were going to eat lunch. That was around the time I was checking out. So S and I decided to eat lunch on our own too. We went up to the restaurant floor in MIO and ended up finding no other than my father's favorite pasta restaurant from Ikebukuro Parco that we had eaten at on Day 4 lol.
So S decided that's where we should eat to make my father jealous wtf.
S ordered the pasta that my dad usually orders and the same dessert he had last time which he enjoyed. (We texted my dad the picture on the left.) I ordered the exact same Margherita pasta from last time. There's really only one thing I eat there, but at least it's pretty good.

By the time we (S and I) finished eating lunch, we (everyone on the trip) actually decided to head to Nara and the deer park instead of having them stop in Tennoji to shop. Tennoji is on the way to Nara anyway, so the plan was for us (Sand I) to meet up with everyone at Tennoji station and for all of us to get on the same train to Nara together. S and I still had a little time to kill, and I had to purchase these slippers that my mom wanted to purchase for my grandma at this store in MIO on the same floor as Liz Lisa, so we headed back down. I purchased the slippers, and then S decided he wanted one of these drinks from the Moomin store nearby lol.
I think it was the sakura milk tea? Something like that. He drank it pretty fast and has little patience for my picture taking, so I was lucky to get the picture on the right at all even though it's blurry wtf lol.

We easily met up with everyone at the platform for the train we were catching, and then we were all off to Nara on the Yamatoji line! It takes around 40 minutes to get to Nara station from Tennoji. We visited the deer park on our last trip (and actually this ended up being my fourth visit there wtf. Apparently every time I visit Japan, I go to the deer park), but the other family hadn't been there before and wanted to go, so we decided to tag along since it's pretty fun anyway. We stopped by the information/tourist center before heading out to the park since it's about a 15 minute walk, and we wanted to get a few maps.

Walking to the park is so much more pleasant in the spring than in freaking summer wtf. We were drenched in sweat during summer and actually caught a cab back from the park to the station because we were so tired lol.
Unfortunately, I don't remember all the proper names for everything despite being here so many times. Each time, I mostly just like to walk around and enjoy being in the park rather than try to memorize all the names. That being said, it would likely take just a little effort to remember them so maybe I'm just being lazy. I think we entered near the five-story pagoda.
There's always a few nice, reasonably tame deer in this area, so you can adjust to being in the park before getting attacked lol.

We headed towards Todaiji Temple along the park of the park that's across from the Prefectural Museum (I think). This is where my mom first got to feed the deer last time, and they were pretty aggressive. This time, it seemed like they were already really full or something and they didn't immediately jump at people when they bought food. We were there at around 03:00pm, so it seems pretty likely that they had already had their fill.
cautionary sign about deer
There were still a few that wanted to eat near there but they just seemed a lot more docile and friendly rather than hungry and aggressive. I think it's the season that the deer are shedding or something like that? so their coats are not as nice as they were during the summer. (Sorry I don't actually know that much about how deer function.)

We continued on our way to Todaiji and passed this area that had a few cherry blossom trees that actually had flowers. (Sorry I don't remember the name because we didn't go in.) There was only one tree that seemed to actually be somewhat in bloom and everyone was crowded around it lol.

Just after that, we made it to the stretch before Nandaimon gate.
I feel like this is where there are always hungry deer. It's a huge tourist area, and I guess those deer who hang out there know where to go if they want to be fed lol.
this guy had a deer investigating his kangaroo pocket
After getting through the deer, we arrived at Nandaimon gate which is so impressive to look at.

And just beyond that is the entrance to Todaiji Temple.
Lots of people were using their selfie sticks so I wanted to too lol.
It was a really nice day!
Todaiji Temple. Entrance fee is about 800yen I think, but I took this through the fence lol.
We didn't want to pay to go in so we just hung out in this area outside the temple and fed the deer over here. FYI in case this is important for anyone to know: there's also a bathroom by the entrance of the temple where you pay to get in.
I took a few more pictures but they really get repetitive after awhile lol. I'm sure the deer pictures are boring by this point anyway. After we had finished feeding the deer, we had to walk all the way back to the station lol. If you are going to the deer park, be prepared to walk lol. Unless you want to catch a taxi (which actually doesn't end up being very expensive if you really are quite tired. Imo, it can be worth it lol).

Took another selfie while I was waiting for everyone else to catch up -

Another shot of my OOTD in a store we stopped at on the way out of the park -
I actually took an OOTD shot in this same store last time so I thought I'd try and take one again lol wtf. Even though this wasn't really the outfit I had wanted to wear today and it's pretty boring, this was the best choice for the deer park. 1. The skirt is dark brown already so no need to worry about deer bite leaving a mark. 2. The material for the skirt is quite sturdy to help withstand tugging. 3. Not a lot of loose ends and tails on this outfit for deer to bite on as long as I watch out for the belt on my jacket (but it doesn't wave around much anyway). The only thing wrong with it was the shoes. The ground at the park is not even/paved in most places which makes it really hard to walk in heels. If I had been wearing the sneakers, it would have been best.

After we all met up at the station, we decided to head back towards Osaka and then eat dinner. Apparently my father suggested his favorite pasta place to the other family (now that he knew there was another), and so that's where we decided to eat wtf. S and I ate there for two meals in a row and ended up eating the exact same meal both times lol but that's okay. (I didn't really bother to take more pictures because it's seriously the same dish lol.) We could have chosen to eat at another restaurant, but we decided to just eat with everyone together.
Since we were back at Tennoji MIO, I wanted to try and get the anniversary set and a second novelty, but actually I had been checking the blog throughout the day and at around 02:30pm they posted they sold out of the set wtf. I actually suspect that they ran out earlier that morning (and just updated later) when I was in the store though because they had taken it down from the display while I was there which to me meant they sold the last one. Unsurprising since one person bought like 10. I'm not sure how many store had to begin with though (or actually how many that one girl purchased). AND they no longer had the anniversary novelty backpack wtf?? I honestly didn't expect them to "sell out" of those as well but, at the same time, I guess the minimum is quite low for it, and I didn't know how many they started with. Since they were still having the double point promotion, I decided I may as well make a purchase anyway and wanted to use my filled point card (#1) for credit. I decided to take my chances and get one of the anniversary happy bags because I thought the tote was quite nice and figured if I didn't like ANY of the clothes, I paid a decent amount for a tote bag lol. My mom also wanted to get a purse from the 30% off sale. 
Since I still hadn't gone back to the hotel since that morning, I then had two giant Liz Lisa shopping bags lol. Everyone else was thinking about going to Namba, but S and I decided to just go back to the hotel. (In the end, everyone ended up going back to Osaka station as well.)

My Liz Lisa purchases of the day -
Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab OP in pink and white, Pearl and flower double chain necklace + Liz Lisa heart sticker from the gatcha machine and Yui Kanno collab print jewelry box novelty in pink

In the anniversary happy bag - Bow off shoulder shirring (summer) OP in blue, Striped cropped logo top in pink, cami in white. And 2-way small scalloped bag in pink for my mother.

One of the daughters in the other family with us actually decided to get two happy bags as well after seeing what I got in mine for the price, but hers had the exact same items in both of them! And essentially the same items that I received except her OPs were both red. It didn't make sense for her to have two of the same OP if she could help it, so I ended up trading my blue OP for one of her red ones. I didn't mind either way anyway :)

Also purchased on this day from the aquarium -
A stuffed capybara!!! I didn't get to go because I spent so much time in Tennoji MIO's Liz Lisa store wtf but my parents bought it. I took a picture of the capybara display last time we were there, and wanted to buy one this time so they did lol. It's so soft and cute!

These decisions I made concerning Liz Lisa on Day 6. Aiya. How do I spend so much of my time during this trip waiting in/outside of Liz Lisa stores wtf? Hard to complain because I got both of the dresses I wanted (and early/before the release date, no less), but still 1.5 hours for 12 people to check out seems wrong and insane to me. Also, I was so surprised to find the novelty backpack gone just 5 hours after I left the store when it seemed there were plenty.  It's my fault, ofc, for not just getting it earlier. I was being greedy with the jewelry box novelties - thinking I needed so many. But I regret a little not picking the backpack novelty instead of getting a third jewelry box wtf. I really hesitated about it while I was at the register too...But for some reason I just didn't seem to think the backpack was worth it. I do have three 3-way bags now that can easily be turned into backpacks, and I don't even WEAR backpacks anymore (which is what was going through my mind at the time and made so much sense), but for some reason, I have regrets(??) lol. And I also missed out on the anniversary set lol. I just did that all wrong, I think. Oh well though. Saved money by not buying the set tbh. It was still a good day because I got the dresses I wanted, even though it ate up so much of my morning :)


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  1. you got some nice Liz Lisa items! shame you had to wait sooo long to check!! I want to go to the LL store as soon as I recover from the stupid cold and fever!! : ( Trust me to get ill when it's the holidays!! : ) But reading your blog and seeing what you got cheered me up! : )

  2. sorry i mean 'check out'!! The meds are messing with my head! being sick sucks! : (

  3. Everything is so cute I am dying of how beautiful everything is.

    1. I know, right? I'm always sad to come home lol

  4. Capybara~ My friend was looking for capybara for a friend this trip and it was really hard to find even though it's the 10th anniversary. XD The day you went to the deer park was nice than the day we went (it was rainy for us,)

    1. What really?? There's a ton at the attractions where you can see a live one lol. I guess that makes sense though. It rained? Really? That must have been soggy!

  5. hi emii, i love all your liz lisa collections! do you by chance in the future selling any of em cuties from your wardrobe ? i would buy whole lot !!!

    1. I sell my clothes that don't work out (for whatever reason - sometimes it's size or the fit or the color or style that isn't right for me personally but I don't know in advance because most of the time I purchase online) in my storenvy! emiiichanshop.storenvy.com The link is also in my sidebar ^^^ up there on the left